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   Chapter 31 Am I falling inlove with him

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7735

Updated: 2019-07-11 20:48

Madi's POV:

"Ahh.. that's so sweet, honey. They're so sweet." his mother walked closer to us while clapping her hands.

They both have a genuine and happy smile on their lips.

"I'm happy for you son, you finally found your woman." Mr. Wilsons patted his shoulder while Mrs. Wilsons hugged me tightly. Nancy is also smiling and she already stopped her recording.

I can't help not to swallow the conscience surged inside me. I wish i could say the same. I wish i could say proudly..'yes i am his woman' but no. These are not real. These are just part of an act.

"Thank you so much, Madi. You were an angel sent from above to my Gabriel." Mrs. Wilsons take both of my hands. And i gulped, i looked at Gabriel but he's not looking at me.

"Angel? What do you mean, Mrs. Wilsons?" i asked her trying to relax myself.

"Oh come on, let's cut that formalities. Just call me 'mama'." My eyes widened in surprise.


"And don't call me Mrs. Wilsons, because you're just also calling yourself by that."


"I know someday you're also going to call me mama, why don't we make in advance? I heard my son, calling you his 'future Mrs. Wilsons', why don't we start it today? Right honey?" she called the attention of her husband.

And they all looked at me. I bite my lips when i glance at Gabriel, but the jerk.. always the jerk himself, said nothing but just smirked.

"Yes, Madi. I also want you to call me Dad from now on."

My eyes widened and a light chuckled came from my mouth. I don't know how my face look like in that moment. I wanted to laugh but i also wanted to kill Gabriel.


"Yes. That's better than calling me Mr. Wilsons everytime."

"And call me Mama." i smiled at her wife.


And she hugged me again. "Thank you, Madi. We're always here to support you and Gab." and when she looked at me again.."And regarding my condition, forget about it. If you two wants to make more babies in the future, then it's okay for me. You can start it now."

"Hehe..." i smiled again. I don't know what to say. And when the jerk noticed the situation is getting more awkward, he finally choose to open his mouth.

"Ma, don't pressure Madi. Let us planned it for ourselves." he pulled my hand and brought me to his side.

"Okay fine. By the way, y

r, Son. She's one of a kind. Even you search for another like her in this world, you can never find someone like her again. Try to love her son."

I didn't hear Gabriel's answer. I was left wondering on my thoughts. What does Mr. Wilsons meant by 'stay with him' and his word with his son..'try to love her'? Does he know everything? If yes, why was he still pretending?

"Are you okay?"

I was pulled from my thoughts, when Gabriel stand beside me. I just nodded.

"Can i ask you something?" I gulped before i nodded and looked at him. He's also looking at me.

"Earlier in the kitchen.. before i kissed you, did you.. uhmm.. already know that they were watching?"

My breath stacked from my throat. "That's why so said I love y-----"

"Yes." i answered faking my happy tone. "I already saw them, that's why i said I love you." that's a lie. A big lie.

"Hmm." he said nodding and turned his look outside the garden.

"Why? It's part of the act right? So, i just played my part." i said turning my eyes away from him.

"Yes. That's only a part of the act. And it's a good job, Madi."

I didn't say anything. I just smiled bitterly. I hate this feeling... Lying. I am not just lying to everyone, to him.. but also to myself. I don't know what's happening to me. Am i falling in love with him? Or is this what they called 'love? But i thought love is a happy feeling? Why am i hurting?

I glanced at him and he also glanced at me. His eyes held so much emotions and for the first time.. i can't even read anyone of them.

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