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   Chapter 29 You can't or You won't

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6212

Updated: 2019-07-10 20:32

Madi's POV:

We left the group with our hands intertwined with each other. He pulled me to the kitchen where there's a backdoor that sent us to the huge mango shaped pool.

"Whoa! So cute!" I said in an awe while referring to the pool.

We stopped at the bench near the swimming pool.

"What did you tell them?" the first question he asked me once we were seated. I can't figure out if he's mad or what, because his face looks so serious.

"You heard the last part, right? Why do you want to hear it again?" i answered but my eyes were not on him but to the small glass garden house on the other side of the pool.

"What's with your 'i didn't apologize' to you and we met in a trade conference?"

"You said it's up to me on how would i make a story? You gave me a ball, and i threw it. What's your problem with that?"

"The problem is, I'm not attending in any trade conference. My dad will know if you're just lying!" he whispered-yelled at me brushing his hand on his hair.


I gulped and composed myself.

"So it's my problem? You left me alone with your Mom and your Aunts! They asked me on how did we meet, what would i supposed to say? That we just met three months ago in the office because i am your assistant?"

"You should've said anything other than a trade conference!"

"Then tell me what i should've said! Gabriel, how would i know those important details regarding your family and personal life when you haven't told me anything!"

"You should atleast asked me!"

"Wow! So you mean to say.. when the time they asked me on how did we meet, i should've run to you in the bar and asked you what i supposed to answer, is that it?" my voice laced with sarcasm.

He didn't say anything after that, he just formed his fists.

"Come on, Gabi-----"

"Don't call me that!"

I was a bit shocked when he shouted at me this time.

-'What's with this man?'-

"Why do you need to shout? I just call you Gabi-----"

"I said don't call me that!" the look on his eyes sending goosebumps all over my skin.

-'Why is he so mad?'-

"What's wrong with that name? I heard Nancy and your mom called you that!"

"Just don't Madi! You can call me anything, but not that nickname!"

"Oh, fucking shit, Gabriel!"

I said stomping my feet away from him when I realized the reason why he doesn't want me to call him that nickname. Because that reminds him of his beloved ex. I remember Stacey called him by that name when we had a 'lunch meeting' as he said, but the truth was we only followed them inside the restaurant.

"Madi, where are you going?"

I heard him shouting behind me.

"I'm going to tour myself around! Just find someone to talk to!"

"Madi, let's go back inside!"

But i didn't listen to him. -'Then go back with yourself!'- i muttered which only i am can hear. I continued to walk along the side of the pool and to where the garden house located.

But he followed me and continued to shout my name.


"Wow!" I stopped in front of the glass house. There were lots of flowers outside and a long bench inside.


is mom's favorite place, when she's feeling bored inside the house. She likes to plant everytime she's not in the mood for cooking."

"Hmm..." I nodded, giving him a side glance and found him smiling. I also smiled. Maybe that's how he appreciates his mom and her works.

"Can i ask you something?" I opened my mouth after a moment of silence.

He exhaled loudly before he nodded.

"Why is it mentioning Stacey's name is off limits to your family?"

The moment that question came out from my mouth, he became tensed.

"Ask another question. I can't answer that."

He said and clenches his jaws.

"Huh!" i sneered. "You can't.. or won't? Because 'can't' implies that you do not have the ability to answer that question, while 'won't' implies that you are choosing not to answer that question. So, which one?"

"Madi, just drop it!"

And he started to raise his voice again.

"Fine! Then why you don't want me to call you Gabi?"

Being persistent sometimes is not that good and can possibly bring you into harm and danger.

Because i am telling you, if the look on his eyes could swallow me.. I'm sure you can find me whole in his large intestines.

He didn't answer me again. But he still have clenched jaws and balled fists.

"Is it so difficult to answer?"

I asked slowly to myself, but i was surprised that he has an ear like a wolf.

"It's not that hard to answer, i just don't want to!"

" you won't." I concluded.

"Can you just drop this topic, Madi? You're talking too much!"

"Huh!" i gasped and pointed my myself. "Me, t-talking too much? Well, if you think I am talking too much, let me know and we can talk about it." i raised an eyebrow on him. "And yeah, sometimes i also talk to myself if i need an expert advice." i added to annoy him and rolled my eyes.

"Do you remember what parents teach their children when they're still young?"

I turned to look at him. I got intrigue with what he asked.


"Parents spend the first part of their children's lives teaching them how to walk and talk. And the rest of it is telling them to sit down and 'shut up!"


My eyes widened in shock and my mouth hangs open with his last words.

"Close that mouth of yours, i won't ever kiss you if flies get inside on that."

I gulped and immediately closed my mouth. I wet my dried lips with my tongue and i missed how his eyes darkened with my action.

"Let's go back." he take my hand and started to pull me again.

"But you know what...." he stopped and turned around. "... i prefer those flies touches my mouth than touches by yours!"

He raised his eyebrow then smirked.

"Okay, with what you said.. I'll kiss you more open just to shut you up."

"Gabriel!" my eyes widened again.

But he just laughed at me. "Madi, if you don't close that sweet mouth of yours, I swear I'm gonna kiss you right here, right now. And i won't stop not until you beg me to."

And with that, i choose not to speak again. Even i heard him laughing, i remained quiet until we reached the backdoor and saw Nancy in the kitchen.

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