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   Chapter 28 Best Actress

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6431

Updated: 2019-07-09 17:28

Madi's POV:

"Hey! Who's cold and jerk?"

Nancy's eyes widened and. she stiffened on her seat. We all turned to where the voice came from. It's Gabriel and all the boys.. and they're now walking towards our seats.

-'Uhuh.. here's the king himself'-

I smiled inwardly. -'Be ready love, Madi is coming.'-

"Nancy, i heard you. Who's that cold and jerk that you're talking about?"

Nancy's face turned pale.

"Ohh.. the jerk? Nothing! We're just talking about Madi's favorite movie which happened to be my favorite also. Right Madi?" she smiled at me, with her eyes pleading silently.

I chuckled but i nodded after.

"Hmm... the movie." Gabriel nodded and he turned to me.

"Hi love." he kissed my forehead and i smiled.

"Excuse me, Nancy. Can i sit with my girlfriend?"

"Argh! I hate you!"

She stomped her feet and walked to where Mrs. Wilsons seated. But her dad stopped her.

"Uhuh.. little girl, where are you going? That's my seat." and Mr. Wilsons take the vacant seat beside his wife..

We all laughed when Nancy pouted like a child.

"Argh! Dad? Mom?"

"What?" but her mom just asked innocently.

"You don't love me anymore!" she pouted again and sit beside Aunt Morgan.


I saw Gabriel shook his head.

"So, back to the story!" Aunt Morgan get our attentions by clapping her hands.

"What happened Madi after that?"

Gabriel looked at me after hearing Aunt Morgan's question. I smiled at him sweetly before i continued my story.

"And then.. we saw each other again after a month in a Trade Conference, he was one of the speaker. But this time, the tables have turned, because he accidentally poured his wine on my dress. And guess what..." i looked at Gabriel to see him frowning. "...he didn't apologize. He just smirked at me."

I shook my head to maked my act look real.

"What?" all the girls asked in unison. And Gabriel eyes widened.

"Yes. He

to see the whole house." he stand up and take my hand.

"Where are we going?" i asked him confused.

"We're just going to have a tour around the house." and i gulped when he winked at me.

"Gabriel, just around the house and not in your room!" Mrs. Wilsons warned him with a sharp look.

I blushed and gripped his hand, but he just laughed at his mother.

"Ma, don't worry. We're not doing it in my room. We're doing it outside."

"Gabriel Wilsons!" Mrs. Wilsons face turned horrified. But her husband joined the laughing men in the room.

"Honey, they were both adults. Let them do what they want." he put his arm around his wife's shoulder.

"Okay, fine! In one condition! I want them to give us a grandchild before the end of this year."


Thanks God, i catched my jaws before it fall to the ground.

"Ma! In an instant? What do you think of Madi's womb, a super womb?" I swear Nancy's face can't paint even by the best painter in Belleville.

"Why? Since they started on doing it, so let them be. I gave you my permission to sleep in one room! Just remember my condition!"

-'Great! Nice Gabriel, good job!'-

I just smiled at them, but deep inside.. i really wanted to kill the man who holds my hand right now.

-'Oh dear God, help me!"

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