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   Chapter 27 Madi, how did you meet our Gabriel

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6259

Updated: 2019-07-09 16:21

Nancy's POV:

"I am planning to have a family picnic-------"

We all looked at my mom when she suddenly stopped talking.

"Can you hear that?" she asked instead.

At first, we're all confused of what she's asking about, but later on we understand why did she stopped.

"No way, love! You said.. it's my room, it's my life and it's my decision, so i decided for you to sleep beside me."

We all heard Gabriel's laugh. All our eyes snapped from where his voice coming from. And then we saw them having a little fight from the top of the stairs and while going down.

"No!" It's Madi.

"Yes, love!"


"Yes love!"

And he chuckled again.

"Oh my God, honey! Can you see that?" my mom asked my dad while tears are forming on her eyes.

I understand where those tears coming from. Because that's exactly how i feel right now, after hearing my brother's laugh.

He seems so happy while teasing his girlfriend.

"It's been a long time since we heard him laughed like this." Dad said smiling.

"Yeah. It's been a long time since he showed this carefree side of him." Mom agreed.

A smile formed on my lips. Well, thank you to Madi. She brought my brother back again.

We just stood there, watched them on how they were exchanging their 'No and Yes love' to each other.

But then all our eyes turned wide when Gabriel pulled Madi and kissed her on her lips. Aunt Cindy and Aunt Morgan immediately covered Chris and Sav's eyes.

Since when does my brother become affectionate and a fan of PDA? Honestly, i never saw him kissed Stacey on her lips especially in front of us.

"Argh! Why did you always do that?" asked an annoyed Madi and she punched him on his arm.

My brother noticed us already but Madi is still oblivious.

"Because you keep on arguing with me." he laughed while taking Madi's hand.

"No! It's because you don't want to listen.!"

"Ohh love.. no matter what you say, we're going to sleep together in 'my' bed."

I arched my eyebrow when he emphasized the word 'my' meaning his own bed.

"No! I'm going to sleep on the couch."

"Okay, we're both going to sleep on the couch." he shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey, you two! Arguing on where you sleep..really?"

I saw how Madi's face turned into the shade of red.

"Madi, if you want you can share a bed with me. I have a queen size bed in my room."

Her face lightened up.

"No!" Gabriel disagreed immediately.

"Why? It's just one night. Can't i borrow your girlfriend even just for a night?"

"No Nancy! You're just going to plant something on her head."

I gasped."Wow! I am planter now to you big brother! But i don't even know how to plant a single rose."

All in the room laughed at my joke including Madi... well except my brother who just glared at me.

"And what do you think am i going to plant on her head? She's no longer a kid, Gabriel!"

"I said no, Nancy!"

He pulled Madi on his side as he continued giving me a hard stare. But i just arched my eyebrow. As if i am going take her from him. I glared back, but we were interrupted by our mom.

"Kids. Kids. Stop these nonsense

arguments of yours. And please, stop that glaring competition Gabriel, Nancy. You're both no longer a kid! Let Madi choose where she wants to sleep. And Gabriel, you should not pushing Madi to sleep in your room and in your bed!"


I laughed at Gabriel's protest. Our mom is a bit conservative.

"What? You're not yet married!" she narrowed her eyes on him.

Gabriel chuckled and scratched the back of his head.

"Ma, that's from the 40th century. It's now the 21st century. And I'm marry her soon."

We all gasped at his statement. But as long as I want to agree with him, I turned to my mother's side just to annoy him.

"Mama is right, Gabi. Madi.. I'll tell the maids to bring your things directly to my room." I winked at her.

"No! Stop this. You're not going to win Nancy!" he said and then turned to Madi. "Okay fine, love. I'm going to sleep on the couch, just stay in my room." he said completely annoyed but he still kissed Madi's forehead.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Madi's POV:

After our lunch, all the girls seated in the living room while the boys went directly to the mini-bar that can be found when you turned left, right after the kitchen.

Nancy seated beside me.

They were all sharing Gabriel's childhood to me. His school days, his first wound he got from practicing their softball play in school, how he got his first trophy, his first crush.. but then they stopped when someone's mentioned Stacey's name. I noticed how sensitive this topic for them when it comes to her.

And i put a reminder in my head to ask Gabriel about her, one of these days.

I was just listening to them while sharing their stories when Aunt Cindy suddenly asked me.

"So Madi, how did you meet our Gabriel?"

I looked around to see all their eyes were on me, waiting for my story.

-'Where are you Gabriel? You said you're going to help me?'-

I smiled and inhaled deeply.

"Well, our first meeting was in a coffee shop near his office building. I remembered him getting his order from the counter, while i am just about to buy my favorite cake and my coffee. Then.... it's an ordinary story. I bumped into him and his coffee flew over his coat. And to my surprise, he shouted at me, although i already have my apology."

I chuckled in nervousness.

"He was so mad by then. But of course, i didn't let it pass so easily. I shouted back at him and he got more mad. He said he's not going to forget my face. But i just laughed at him. I said 'So what? I'm also not going to forget your ugly face, jerk!' I swear if just looks could kill, I was buried six feet under the ground by that moment."

I bite my lip when they all laughed together.

"Ohh, Madi. That's not just an ordinary story. That's awesome!" Mrs. Wilsons said while still laughing.

"I agree with mom, sissy." I glanced at Nancy when she mentioned the word 'sissy'. "You know, you're so brave by shouting Gabriel as a jerk. Now i know why he loves you."

I gulped at her words.

"But, back in your story.. it serves him right! Because my brother was a total cold and jerk by that time."

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