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   Chapter 26 I'm so happy you came in my son's life

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8230

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Madi's POV:

We haven't got out of the car yet, but we we're already surrounded by his relatives.

"Stay here." he said before opening his car door?"

"Huh?" i didn't understand what he said.

"I said stay here. I'm going to open your door."

"Ohh... okay." i said nodding. -'Slow.'- i muttered to myself.

But as soon as he exited the car, he was pulled and hugged by five boys and 4 girls and let's add the two cute little boy and girl. Maybe they are siblings.

I waited for him to open my door, but he's now busy exchanging his stories with the boys while the girls are also waiting fot him to open my door.

"Okay, let's start this game, Madi. Breathe in, breathe out.. you can do this. You are Madi, the ever beautiful, confident and strong Madi." i exhaled loudly before i decided to pushed the door.

And then all eyes were instantly turned to me. And i smiled.. completely ignoring Gabriel's hard stare.

"Hi." i said while looking to them one by one.

"Oh my! You're so beautiful, honey." and i didn't wait any seconds and all of them were in front of me.

I bet the one who's hugging me right now is his mother. They have the same eye color and shape of lips.

"Gabriel, come on.. introduce us to your beautiful woman here." the woman called him but she's not looking anywhere but to me.

And he walked closer to me and put his hand on my lower back.

"Didn't i tell you to stay and i will open your door?" he whispered in my ear that sends goosebumps all over my body. I gripped his jacket hard but i still managed to wear my sweetest smile.

"Ma, Dad.. this is Madi, my girlfriend." He said smiling to everyone. Sometimes i hate myself for being a mind reader, because i can easily read if he's just lying or not.. or if his smile is genuine or fake.

"Love, this is my Mom, Beth and my Dad, Jonas."

"Don't forget about me!"

"And this is my sister Nancy." he referred the woman in her early twenties.

"Finally Brother! You met someone more beautiful than your sluty ex-girlfriend!" she said smiling and also hugged me.

But we noticed all the people around us stopped their trance and some are glaring at her.

"Opps! I'm sorry. I'm just excited you finally moved on."


Her mother glared at her.


"I'm sorry, okay." she maked a peace sign on using her two fingers. "By the way Madi, I'm so excited to finally meet you. My brother here can't stop talking about you this past two months." she take my hands and i can say she's really happy. Maybe we will get along with each other, I think she also has a bubbly personality.

"I'm looking forward to it." i said smiling.

"Madi, I'm so happy you came in my son's life. He changed a lot since he started to talk about you." Mr. Wilsons the senior, pulled me from Gabriel's hold and hugged me.

I wanted to laugh at his statement. Yeah, your son have changed a lot.. since he asked me to portray as his girlfriend to get his ex back.

"He talks about me?" i asked raising my eyebrow on my 'boyfriend'.

"Yes. A lot-----"

"Nancy!" Gabriel glared at her and she immediately stop. "Uhm.. by the way love, this is Uncle James and his wife, Aunt Morgan. And the couple from their left side.. Uncle John and his wife Aunt Cindy..."

I walked to them and kissed them one by one. They were all looking at me like i am an alien.. not in a bad way.. but in a good way. Maybe they were all surprised that their nephew had already moved on from his ex.. Tsk.tsk.tsk. little did they know.

"If you noticed, love.. my uncles and my dad starts their name with letter J. Well they were all siblings. And my two aunts too."

I'm a bit confused.

"What? I - I didn't get what you mean."

"Okay.. my Dad, Uncle James and Uncle Jhon were siblings.. while Aunt Morgan and Aunt Cindy were sisters too. Except my Mom."

"Oh, I see." i nodded.

"And these are my cousins, Phillip and Justine.. Uncle James kids, and these two cute little girl and boy." he bend his knees to hugged the two children. "This is Savahna and Christian, they are twins.. fraternal. And they are A

unt Cindy and Uncle Jhon's children."

"Hi Sav, hi chris.. how are you?" i asked the two and they both kissed me on my cheeks.

"We're fine." Chris answered with a toothy smile.

"Madi, are you also going to marry Gabi? But please, don't leave him like what the bitch did."

My eyes widened and i gulped with what has Savahna said.

And then suddenly, all their eyes turned to Nancy again. I giggled when she glared the two kids.

"What? Why are you looking at me? I'm not doing anything!" she defended herself.

"Sav, don't say that again. That's a bad word, okay?" Aunt Cindy, take Sav's hands.

"But it's true mommy. We saw how that sluty-bitch slapped Gabi!"

We all gasped at Chris' words. He actually defended his sister.

"My God, Nancy! What were you putting inside the kids mind?" Mrs. Wilsons pinched her arm.

"Ma, i told you.. I'm not doing anything." she rubbed her sore arm.

"Okay guys, let's just continue this inside. For sure Gabriel and Madi were exausted from their rides here."

"Yeah, and we already cooked for lunch, so Gabriel, after showing Madi her room, come down in the kitchen so we can start to eat."

"Yes, Ma. Let's go love." he hold my hand and pulled me inside.

"Wait! Our bags!" i stopped from walking.

"Love, don't worry about it, the maids will bring them to our room." and he pulled me again.

"What room?" i asked confused.

"My room, but now.. our room." he winked at me.

My face turned horrified with the thoughts.

"No! Show me my own room!" i whispered-yelled at him.

"Sorry love, but i thinks all the guestrooms were fully occupied by my Aunts and Uncles, and don't forget my cousins."

We entered in a room painted and furnished by color Black, gray, cream and blue.

"This is my room, love."

-'I know.. because the colors suits well to your personality. Cold and serious.'- I just muttered to myself.

I looked around the room and my eyes landed on the picture frame in his bedside table. And i gulped in the sudden unexplainable pain i felt inside, after seeing who is on the frame.

It's him and his ex Stacey, kissing each other.. with a beautiful sunset as their background.

I averted my eyes away from the frame, but that's the time he followed where my eyes were looking at.

"I'm sorry, love. It's been a year since i slept here, i didn't notice this photo is still here." he take the photo frame and shoot it on the bin near the door.

I smiled in a half and shake my head.

"You don't need to explain, Gab. It's your room, it's your life, it's your decision. And by the way, I'm going to sleep on the couch."

I pointed the L-shaped sofa infront of his 50 or 55 inches television that's hanging on the wall.

"No! What are you talking about? You're not going to sleep there, you're sleeping with me."

"Huh! No way!" i walked towards the door. It's okay to have conversation with his family and his sister than to be in the same room with this naughty side of him.

He followed me outside, and because his room is the first room in the hallway, you can already notice the staircase.

"Hey, you're just thinking naughty, love. Don't worry, i won't touch you unless you ask me, too."

He laughed with his carefree laugh.

"You're pervert!" we're now at the beginning of the steps of the long and high stairs.

"I'm not going to sleep beside you! If you want you can sleep on the couch and me in your bed." i said wiggling my eyebrows. We started to step down, and because we're busy bickering on who is going to sleep where, we both didn't notice the amused stares of the people downstairs.

"No way, love! You said.. it's my room, it's my life and it's my decision, so i decided for you to sleep beside me." and he started to laugh again.

"No!" i glared at him.

"Yes, love!"


"Yes love!"

"No your-----" and i didnt finished my sentence when he pulled me and kissed me right after our final step from the stairs.

We're still oblivious of the people in the living room waiting for us to go to the kitchen. And their look of surprise and pure happiness.

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