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   Chapter 25 Meeting his relatives

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6209

Updated: 2019-07-08 14:50

Madi's POV:

"Why do you have to pick me up? I can go to the airport on my own. I have my own feet, you know?" i asked Gabriel for the third times this morning.

We're going to his parents' house in Belleville. It's 4 hours and 52 minutes of drive by a car but he said we're going to take his private jet so we can only spend 47 minutes of rides.

"You know what, you should be thanking and not complaining. Atleast we can go together and we can save time."

I just rolled my eyes. Do you know where he is right now? He's in my room! Can you imagine your boss at work has no shame in barging in his assistant's room! And he's really sitting pretty at the edge of my bed.

"And forgodsake, what are you doing inside my room? Who gave you permission to entered here?" i asked putting my hands on my waist.

"You.""he pointed his finger on me. " You opened your door, so i walked in. And ohh love.. I'm here to get your things." he chuckled and laid on his back to tease me more.

"Oh yeah, love.. thank you so much." i rolled my eyes again. I pushed my suitcase to where he seats.

"I'm done, love. Let's go."

He immediately get and grabbed the handle of it, but he still doesn't reach the door when he turned around.

"What's inside of this suitcase? It's very light."

"Ohh love.. you should be thanking instead of complaining." i smiled as i mimicked his words. "And of course, it has four wheels that's why it's easy to pull! duh!" i just said the last word to myself.

"Yeah, I know it has four wheels! But also know what is real heavy or not!"

And to my surprise, he put it down and without asking.. he opened my bag.

"What are you doing?" i asked him while trying to stop what he's going to do.

"I'm checking your bag, what else?" he asked me in 'duh' tone.

"But it's my personal things!"

"And I'm not taking it, I'm j

restraining myself not to. Because you already know.. he's kinda bipolar sometimes, and i don't want to sit hear in our whole ride with a grumpy man in front of me.

"Now, my first question! Does your parents know that we're coming?"

"Yes. I already told them. And they're very excited to see you. So be ready for some question and answer, especially with my sister."

"You have a sister?"

"Yes, younger than me. She's working in a detective agency."

My eyes widened from his information.

"Oh my! If she's working in a detective agency, she might-----"

"No, love. Relax okay? We will portray our role and just answer her question so she will not suspect anything and even my mom."

I sighed and leaned back to my seat.

"That's why I'm telling you to call me love from now on." he's grinning again.

"Hehe." i said in a teasing tone before flipping my hair while rolling my eyes.

We already talked about our 'fake story' when we still in his car. And he gave the ball to me so it's up to me on how would i play the role later. A naughty thoughts came in my head and an evil smile formed on my lips as i looked on his direction.

He crunched his eyebrows but didn't say anything.

-'Be ready... my love..'-

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