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   Chapter 24 Take care of her for me

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7153

Updated: 2019-07-07 23:49

Gabriel's POV:

"Hi bro."

I smiled when i saw Greg's smiling face entered my office and walking towards my desk.

"Greg." I stand up to hug him. "What's up, man?" i patted his back.

"Still single, not like you." he winked at me before he take a seat in one of my visitor's chair.

He's my cousin from my mother's side and my bestfriend since childhood. But his family transferred from Chicago to Florida after we graduated our high school from the same school.

But our friendship never stopped there. We shared everything, and knows everything.. secrets.. including what happened with my past relationship with Stacey and my plan to get her back and make her suffer for what she did.

"You know, it's not a real realtionship." i shake my head and go back to my chair.

"Okay... not a real relationship, I see." he said nodding his head. "By the way, guess who i bumped with before i entered your office?"

I crunched ny eyebrows.


"Your beautiful assistant. What's her name again.... ahh.. Madi. She's nice man, and beautiful."

"Don't approach her again! Don't come near her or better don't talk to her!" i said in my serious tone.

"Whoah! Jealous are we? I thought it's a just 'fake' relationship?" he asked grinning.

"Yeah, i-it's just fake. But still, i don't want you talk to her again." i avoided his stare when he raised his eyebrow.

"But why.. i mean no harm, bro. And don't worry, i just said she's beautiful."

"I know you too well, Greg." i leaned on my seat.

"Ohh, really Gabriel?" he also leaned on his seat. "Tsk.Tsk.Tsk. Can i ask you something, bro?"

He become serious in a moment.

"Sure. What is it?" i asked with my eyes focused directly to him.

"Why do you want to get Stacey back? Are you still in love with her?"

"Tss! What kind of question is that? I already told you my answer on that."

"Yeah, but i want to know the real reason."

"I told you, just to punish her."

"Okay..." he brought his fingers on his chin. It's his mannerism when he's thinking about something serious. "But you said she asked you to get you back together, right?"

"Yes." I alre

"So, since you already met her, what can you say?"

"She's perfect."

"I know." i stated proudly.

"She's perfect to be my girlfriend." he added grinning.

"You better get out from this office before i forget that you're my bestfriend!" i said as mu smile died.

"Ohh.." he immediately stand up. "Bro... I'm also your cousin."

"Yeah, and you really should get out now before I forget that you're related to me and you've been a part of my life!" i stand up and glared at him.

He stepped backward one by one.

"Wait! Can i get her number?"

"No, you dickhead! She's going to be my wife, so back off!"

"But you said it's fake! She s just going to be your 'fake' wife. So, sorry... I'm still going to get her number!" he's already at the door, still grinning like an idiot.

"Fuck you, Greg! Fuck you!"

I am starting to get really annoyed with him and regretting my decision on telling him about Madi.

"Gabriel, you're becoming too possessive, bro. Take it easy. Take care of her because someday.. when your deal with her ends, I'm going to get her by that time.. whether you like it or not. Whether you approve it or not. But for now, take care of her for me."

And with that he exited my office. I was left dumbfounded. Why was he sounded like he already knows Madi? He seemed more sure, I'm going to her go in the future.

I sighed and shake my head to get away those thoughts from my mind.

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