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   Chapter 23 Classmate from College

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 10132

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Madi's POV:

"Where are you going?"

"To Marketing department." i answered Sandy's question when we met at the elevator.


"Picking some files."

"Okay. Lunch later?"


I entered the lift and pressed the marketing department floor. There were some employees inside who knows me and they smiled for acknowledgement. I smiled back before i face again the stainless door.

After getting some documents who asked by our boss himself, I am now heading back to the Executive floor.

While waiting for the elevator door to open, there's someone from the same floor who called my name.

"Madielyn Davis?"

I turned around to see a very familiar man approaching with a genuine smile on his face.


When he's already in front of me, i finally recognized his face.

"Greg? Greg Anderson!" i squealed in excitement. He's my classmate from college. "What are you doing here?"

"The same question I am about to ask you." he smiled and he's two cute dimples showed on his face.

"Well.. I'm working here. What about you? Wow! It's been a long time, you've changed a lot!"

I can't believe what i am seeing now. From a thin and shy type guy in college to now lean, muscular and good looking man. He's one of my best companion back then.

"I can say the same. Look at you, you looked so beautiful today."

"Ahh.. so you're saying I'm not beautiful before?" i playfully narrowed my eyes.

"Oh no, no. What I'm saying is.. you looked more beautiful today. You looked gorgeous to be exact."

I smiled as i rolled my eyes. "Tss! Sweet talk, Greg."

"But I'm serious!" he chuckled at my comment.

We were both laughing when we entered the elevator. There were few employees inside who also smiled at us.

"By the way, you still haven't answered my question. What are you doing here?"

"Oh sorry. I'm going to meet my cousin. He's also working here."

"Wow! Really? From what department or which floor?"


"Nice! Big time!" i nudged his arm and he just laughed again.

"How about you, which floor are you in?"

"Same as your cousin." i winked at him as i proudly answered his question.

"That is what we called a real big time, Madi! Nice, my friend from college is working at the most biggest company in Chicago and take note.. at the executive floor!"

"Of course." i sneered proudly. "I am 'Madi'.. the ever beautiful and confident Madi. What do you expect!"

Take note, i really wait for all the remaining employees to stepped out from the lift, before i throw that line.

"Oh my! You haven't changed. You're the same Madi I know back in college. And yeah.. the ever proud and narcissistic Madi that I've ever known." he said while laughing and clutching his stomach.

The lift stopped in our designated floor, but before we stepped out, I give him a fake scowl.

"I hate you! I'm not narcissistic! I'm just being myself!.. duh!" i tried not to get affected by his infectious laugh.

"Yeah.. yeah.. of course, you're not!" but he laughed again

at her scowl face.

"Excuse me, Ms.Aguilar. I'm not screwing my boss, the truth is.. he's the one screwing me and trapping me with this deal. And Greg-----"

"Wow! First name basis again?"

I playfully glared at her.

"You want me to slap your soul?"

"Haha.. No, not my soul. You're so harsh!" instead of being warned, she just laughed more.

"He's my classmate back in college." I said walking behind my desk. I put the folder on top of my table.

"Tsk.Tsk.Tsk. There's nothing to compare to you, Madi." she started teasing me again.

"What do you mean?"

"The CEO is now your boyfriend---"

"Sandy! It's fake!" i throw her the crumpled paper i get from the side of my desk.

"Fine! Whatever you may call it! But take note, you also have connections with his cousin.. great!"

"Oh, you're crazy bitch! I told you he's my classmate in college."

"Okay.. from which course?" she sit on one of my visitor's chair.

"Hotel and restaurant management."

"Oh.. so he knows about your business?"


"So what will happen now? He's our boss cousin, what about your secret?"

"He said its safe with him."

"Uhuh... i see. I bet he had a crush on you."

She raised her eyebrow at me.

How did she know that?

"You seemed so sure about that, huh?"

"Of course! The way he looked at you. Tsk.Tsk.Tsk, Madi. It's so obvious, hello. 'I'll text you'."

I chuckled when she mimicked his words.

"You're really crazy. Go back to your office! You're just distracting me here."

"Wow! I'm so shy.."

"Get out, Sandy!"

I glared at her again.

She immediately stand up and to my surprise, she maked a hand salute on me while grinning.

"Aye..aye.. Mrs. Wilsons." and she run towards the door with her laugh echoing the corners of my office.

"Sandy Aguilar! You're so dead! Argh!"

I tried to throw my ballpen on her back but she's too fast and it just landed on the floor.

-'Crazy woman!'-

I muttered under my breath, but you know honestly, I am laughing inside..

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