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   Chapter 22 Does it hurt

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6129

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I heard someone calling out my name, and when i turned around i saw Troy waving his hand on me. I just smiled at him.

"My good heaven, Madi! Why is he here?" asked an annoyed Sandy beside me. We're having our thirty minutes coffee break at the cafeteria.

Actually I'm used on not having this second break of the day.. but Sandy has another reason why she pulled me here, so i didn't have a choice.

"Because this is a cafeteria and the same hour of his break." i said laughing at her crunched face.

"Hi, Madi." Troy is now infront of us and sit on the vacant chair.

"Hi Troy, how are you?" i asked him smiling, but i can also see at the corner of my eyes how Sandy giving him a hard stare.

"Well, now that i see you... even better." and he really winked at me that caused me to smiled more. Sandy muttered something under her breath but i still heard it.

"Old style!.. Hello, I'm also here."

"Oh, hi Sandy."

"Wow, you noticed me? Congratulations.. you still have a clear vission." she said faking her smile and I kicked her leg under the table.

Troy just scratched the back of his neck.

"Troy, can i have a favor?" she blurted out after a while.

"Yeah, sure.. anything." Troy answered not having any clue what would Sandy's going to ask him.

"Are you sure anything?"

"Huh.. yeah, as long as i can." he said scratching the back of his neck again. I'm sure his really doubting himself now.

"Okay.. can you please change your seat on the other chair, I mean on the other table?"

"Huh?" his mouth's dropped, maybe he wasn't expecting this would be Sandy's asking for favor.

"Sandy?" i nudged her arm but she just ignored me.

"It's just that Madi and i, have something important to discuss with. You know.. girly things, girly issues and girly problems."

"Oh, okay." he said with down shoulders.

"Thank you, Troy."

"No problem." he stand up and take his snacks not before giving me a smile. "Madi, see you around."

I just nodded and smile.

When he's finally not infront of us, Sandy let out a loud sigh.

"You're such a bitch." i exclaimed while punching her arm slightly.

"Well, isn't it a good idea? Besides, the reason why i pulled you here is for you to share your unfinished story, which was always cutted by a certain someone!"

"Fine. Fine." i said smiling while shaking my head.

"So, where are we?"

"At the cafeteria." i laughed when she glared at me. "Okay.. okay." i put my hands up in a surrender position and i started to tell her everything. From the time i saw Stacey inside the boutique, then Gabriel, to the coffee and to the kiss.

"And then by at night-------"

"Wait! He....He kissed you?" her eyes were wide like saucers.

I nodded.

"Oh my God, Madi! You're such a lucky bitch!" she loudly squealed which catched the attention of some employees.

"Your voice, Sandy!" i whispered-yelled at her.

"I can't believe this! I mean the cold hearted 'Mr.Wilsons' kissed you?" she whispered the part of his name. "You're so lucky, girl. I can't imagine

what would be his fans club reactions, especially their bitch leader Jenny and her second in command Ailene. Haha."

And we laughed together. But after a while when she finally recover, she continued her interview again.

"So, how's the reaction of his ex when he kissed you infront of her?"

"Well.. based on her reaction, she can't believed that he now have a new girlfriend."

"Really? By the way, how's her look? A.pretty, b.gorgeous, c.sophisticated a model, or e.all of the above?"



"All of the above."

"Ohh.. poor pretty Madi. Tsk.Tsk Tsk." she leaned on her seat while shaking her head.

"And how's my name being connected with her?" i asked her wondering.

"Ohh.. because that's maybe the reasons why 'your' boyfriend-------"


"Fake boyfriend' as you were saying... still can't move on from his pretty ex-fiancee."

"Huh? I highly doubt that! I mean.. just by physical appearance?"

"Then, who knows what was his real reason."

"Because he still loves her. That's it."

"Ahh... does it hurt?" she asked faking an emo face.

I don't know if she's just teasing me or what...

"What? What do you mean if it does hurt?"

"The truth, that he's still inlove with his ex. Does it hurt?"

"Hurt who?"

"You. Does it hurt you? My God, so slow." she rolled her eyes and i realized i was the one she's referring to.

"Oh my God, Sandy! No! Where did you get that?" i know my face turned from shocked to nervous. Nervous to know that it's true and for her to know that she was right.

She didn't anwered my question, she just shrugged her shoulders.

"So, what happened after that?" she asked again after a while.

"She picked me up and we discussed some matters in a restaurant."

"He even picked you up and you had a date?"

"It was not a date, Sandy. It's just like the first time we talked. A boss and an assistant talk. That's all."

"Wow! Since when that happened a boss brought his assistant in a restaurant and eat....'alone' and talked about 'something' which was not related to their work.. was only a boss and an assistant talk?"

"Uhm.. let's just say it was a casual talk!" i tried to defend.

"A casual talk? Okay... but since when a boss and his assistant ate in a restaurant and discussed about their engagement and marriage, a casual talk? Haha, very funny! Madi, you're not a comedian, so don't make me laugh." but she laughed instead.

"Haha.. yeah, very funny!" i faked my laugh. "Since when.... are you going to stop, before i decided not to invite you in my apartment?" and it's my turn to laugh when her laugh died and she crunched her face.

"See? Such an obedient child. Good job."

"I hate you!" she huffed while crossing her hands on her chest.

We finished our coffee break in a minute before we walked back again to our offices.

I decided to skip some information and just keep it to myself. I don't want her to know that i am confused with what i feel right now. Maybe someday, when it's already clear and i am ready for it to share.

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