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   Chapter 21 Future Mrs. Wilsons

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 9581

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"Hey you! You left me hanging on your story!"

Sandy's booming voice bounced in the four corners of my office. I left my focus on the monitor to look at her.

Although we're both feel disappointed.. but in a different situation, i still need to compose myself not to show her how upset i am.

"It's not my fault, you know that!"

"Hmp!" she rolled her eyes and seated on the chair infront of my desk. "So, what happened in your lunch meeting?"

"Well, it's fine. They just talked about business and the project." i shrugged my shoulders. I avoided her stare. I don't want her to suspect that i am just lying. The feelings i have for now is something that i just want to keep for myself.

"I see. By the way, why are you here that early, where's Mr. Wilsons?"

"I left him in the restaurant." i answered casually.

"You left him.. but why?"

"Uhm.. he still busy, so i just take a cab back here. Besides they don't need me there."

"So, why did he take you?"

"I don't know. Maybe to listen to some important details. Ahm.. Sandy, you remember Jamie, my flat mate?" i asked to change the subject. I don't know how long i can take not looking to her eyes.

"Yeah. The bank manager?"

"Uhuh. She actually going to move out, I'm not sure if tomorrow or the next day. Uhm.. do you want to share an apartment with me?"

"Oh.. sure, why not? That's great! Just inform me when i have to take all my things. Yay! This is so exciting!"

"Ms. Davis!"

We both snapped from where the mad and cold voice coming from. And there he stood, Mr. Gabriel Wilsons himself wearing his signature demeanor.. cold, rude and arrogant. His eyes were focused on me. And we never really had a chance to greet him when he speak again.

"To my office, now!"

And without any second, he disappeared in our sight.

"What happened to him, Madi? His nostrils were flaring!" Sandy's question with widened eyes.

Actually, I already know his reason, but i just shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know. You know your boss is kinda bipolar, so don't be amazed." i cleaned some mess on my table.

"Don't you feel afraid with him?"

I looked at her and smiled. "Why would I? He's not a monster, he won't eat me. And he won't even bite."

"Oh yeah, because he's now your boyfr-----"

"Sandy!" i glared at her.


"Go to your office now, if you don't want to lose your job!"

"Aww! Mrs. Wilsons?"

"Sandy Aguilar!"

And she ran outside while laughing at me.

-'Mrs. Wilsons.'-

I smiled bitterly at the thought.

I sighed before i decided to follow him in his office. I knocked three times before i pushed the door.

I found him standing near the large glass window behind his desk, concentrating with the view outside while his both hands on his pockets.

My heels were clicking on the white-tiled floor as i walked inside towards his desk.

"Mr. Wilsons."

"Where have you been? I've been calling your phone since i left the restaurant, but you haven't answered any of my call!" he turned around and walked infront of me, without taking his hands inside of his pockets.

I gulped when i saw how serious his face and how his eyes were boring holes on mine.

"I turned it into silent when we left the office, so i didn't hear your call. And, I thought you don't need me there, so i decided to go back." I answered casually.

"What? I didn't need you there? What happened to you? Didn't i told you to wait for me?"

Thank you to the sound proof system in this room, i don't need to worry if someone outside of his office might here him. For sure they would think they're something happening between us. Because by the way he raised his voice, he looked like my husband shouting at me because i left him in the restaurant.

"I did." i simply said while shrugging.

"Then where were you when i came back? I asked the waiter and he said you already paid the bills! Why did you do that?"

"Why did i paid the bills? Because i -----"

"Why did you leave?"

"Ohh, that one? Like i said, i thought you don't need me. I saw you and your ex.. kissing. So, i thought i need to go back because i felt like a third wheel between you two." i don't know how i maked it sound so casual despite the heaviness i felt inside.

"You saw us?" he looked surprised.

But i laughed at his expression. It pained me to think back of what happened but i managed to show the opposite.

"Yes. And by paying the bills, it's okay. Don't worry about it." I waved my hand to show him it's really fine.

"Madi, it's not what it looks like. The kiss you saw..." he hold both of my shoulders but i moved out from his hold.

"Hey Gab, you don't need to explain. I understand." i said with a light chuckle. "It's just that.. you know.. i - i wished you warn me be

fore you kissed me or atleast before you kissed her. I don't have a problem with the kiss...."

-'Liar!'- i heard my heart shouts.

"'s the word i gave to your ex. I looked like a bit fool, you know. I was proud to say, you won't cheat on me and when you turned around you're kissing her already."

"Madi, listen. I didn't kiss her. She's the one who kissed me but i pushed her back."

I wanted to laugh at our current situation. We looked like a real couple, where the wife found her husband kissing his ex-girlfriend and the husband trying to explain that his ex-girlfriend was the one who kissed him.

"Gab, wait! Wether you kissed her or she kissed you and you kissed her back or not, it's nothing to me. You loved her, right.. so it's okay... we're just pretending here.."

-'Liars go to hell.'-

"...i just want you to warn me by next time so i can put myself into place the way i wouldn't look like a fool again."


"Gab, it's okay, i promise. Let's just forget about this."

I need to laugh even if it's fake so i can convince him and myself more that it's really okay.

"So, what happened between you two? How about Ray, did he also know that you talked?"

"No." he said walking towards his chair.

"Why did she kiss you?"

He looked me once the question came out from my mouth.

"Ohh, I'm sorry. I'm just curious."

"She wants to go back."

I stopped breathing for a second. "Go back where?"

"She wants us to get back together!" he said gripping hard the ballpen on top of his desk.

-'I'm sorry for you .. ballpen.'-

"Great! So you don't have to do this act! We don't have to pretend anymore!" how terrible actress i am if i would be.

"No!" he looked at me like the things i said was something stupid. "We're going to continue the plan!" and he gripped again the ballpen.

"But why... if she's now willing to go back to you? Isn't it the perfect opportunity get her back? You don't need to-----"

"No, Madi! I already set this plan. And how would i know if she's that willing to leave her boyfriend in just one kiss? I need to make sure everything is going into place before i stop!"

I am speechless right now. Somehow, i pray this would end very soon so i don't need to find out anymore this new feeling that started to grow inside.

"Okay. Just inform me the next plan." i said nodding.

"By weekend, were going to my parents house."

"What?" my eyes widened in surprise. Parents? His parents?

"Yes.We already talked about this, right? I'm going to introduce to them as my girlfriend and I'm also going to propose to you infront of them."

"Y-Yeah.. but.. isn't it too soon?"

"Madi, i need to grab every possible opportunity that comes infront of me right now, especially that Stacey is just around."

"Okay, but.. why do you have to propose? Why do we still have to get married?"

"Madi, i explained this to you already!"

"Yeah. But explain it again 'cause i don't get it! Why do you have to marry me if she's here right now and you said she wants you and her to get back together?" while i am rambling my questions, he stand up and walked towards me. "Isn't a waste of time? You're going to spend-------" i was cut off by the lips on top of mine. He cupped my face with both of his hands so i can't protest.

My eyes were wide open when he stopped and pulled back.

"Gabri------" i didn't finish mentioning even his name when he kissed me again. But this time in a passionate way.. but there's a knock on the door so i pushed him.

"Gabriel!" i glared at him but he just smirked at me.

"Way to stop you from rambling, future Mrs. Wilsons."

"Huh!" my jaws dropped with his words. The second time i heard that words after Sandy.

"Come in!"

How dare he... my eyes widened again and i have to fix myself before someone on the outside enter the door.

He turned back to his chair with a smirked while i was left fixing my hair while glaring at him. And in a while, the door opened and the manager of finance came to our view.

"Good afternoon Mr.Wilsons, Ms. Davis." he greeted us both with a warm smile and i also smiled at him When i looked back to the man behind the desk, he now have his old signature self. Cold and serious.

And i found this a better excuse to go back to my office.

"Excuse me, Sir. I'll go back to my desk in case you don't have anything for me to do?"

"Sure, Ms. Davis." He said in his cold voice, and since the manager is not looking at me and to him.. I raised my eyebrow and rolled my eyes on him.

I smiled when i know he can't change his face expression. He can't smirked or whatever because there's someone inside watching him and can see his naughty Gabriel side.. who always kissed his assistant to stop her from rambling.

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