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   Chapter 20 I looked like a fool

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6870

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When our food arrived, we started to eat.. well me, since I'm hungry, i chose not to speak for a while and continue to eat my food.

"Love.." i heard him calling me, but i chose to ignore him.


"Hmm?" i looked at him as i swallowed my food.

He chuckled a bit when he saw my serious face.

"Are you really that hungry?" he asked amused.

"Don't ask me that question, Gabriel. This is your fault!" i glared at him as i bring the slice of steak to my mouth.

"You want some more?" i don't know if he's just teasing me or what... but let's see.

"Why? Are you willing to give me your food?"

He smiled before he nodded.

"Sure. Wait up." he said and he started to slice the rest of the steak on his plate.

"Hey, I'm just kidding."

"Well, I'm not." he put all the sliced steaks on my plate.

"You don't like the food?" i asked him as i started to eat again.

"No. They're good."

"So, why did you give me?"

"Because you asked for it."

"Excuse me! I didn't ask you to give me your food."

"Come here." he said motioning something which i don't get.

"What do you mean?"

"Sit beside me." he said but not looking at me, but to the two who are now walking towards our direction.

And in an instant, Gabriel is on my side with his chair.. but the most i didn't expect him to do, he pulled me and kissed me on the lips.

-'Oh God!'-

I know it's for an act, but i don't understand why do i feel excited inside. I kissed him back. At first.. it was just a light kiss, but it got deeper as soon i let his tongue invade my mouth. He cupped the back of my neck as he kissed me deeply.

And then there's a figure behind him that catched my attention and i pushed him slightly. Our breaths mixed together as he attached his forehead with mine.

I don't know if he also noticed the two figures behind him.. but as to my peace of mind, i just think that he knows about it and he's just acting so sweet right now. He kissed me on my forehead before he said a bit loud.

"I love you."

Then i realized... yeah, he's just acting. I closed my eyes for a while as i gulped the lump that formed in my throat.

"I love you, too."

I said smiling and he also smiled at me. He touched my face before he turned to look at Stacey.

I sighed as he hold my hand under the table.

"Gabriel." Stacey called his name. Ray were no longer beside her.

"Stacey." he greeted her casually. "You're also here. What a coincidence. Are you alone?" and he smiled at her.

-'Huh! Coincidence your face!'- i tried not to rolled my eyes.

"Can i talk to you, Gabi... in private?"

My eyebrow automatically arched itself. 'Gabi'? And what's the other one? 'In private'?

He was about to stand but i tightly hold his hand under the table. He looked back at me with a question written on his eyes.

I smiled at him, silently giving him a signal not to go with her but the Stacey-ex.. speak for him.

"Don't worry, Miss.. I won't eat your boyfriend." her smile has a hint of evilness.

I also smiled at her. So, she already forgot my name...huh?

"Miss, I have my name. It's Madi. I want you to remember that, so for the next time we crosses our paths, you know who i am. And about my 'fiance'.. ohh i don't need to worry if you want to talk to him. I trust him. I know he won't cheat on me.. right love?"

I can see how the two emotions shifted on his eyes, from confusion to amusement.

"Of course, love." he said holding my hands tightly.

"I love you." i looked into his eyes and before he could answer, i gave him a peck on his lips. His mouth formed an 'O' shape.

And when he composed himself, he smiled before he kissed me a light and quick kiss on my lips.

"I love you, too. I'll be back in a minute." he said before he stand and go with his ex... ex in his life but not in his heart.

Then i was left alone in our table. I don't know what is this feeling, i don't know how to explain. Why do i feel affected when he go with her? Why is there sudden heaviness in my chest?

I sighed when i looked back at the food on the table. How could i eat this food, i already lost my appetite after that.

I called the waiter and asked him to pack the remaining food. I know it will only goes to waste if i left it there. There were lot of unsheltered people in the streets who can't buy their own food and any meal for the day. So why would i let these food goes into a bin for rats and cockroaches?

When the waiter came back, he now have the packed food and our bill. I got my card from my wallet and give it to him.

He came back again with my card and the receipt. I decided to wait for him in the car, because i don't want to wait for him on the table doing nothing. With the packed food on my hands, i walked towards the exit.. but to my surprised... i saw the man i am waiting, with his ex.... kissing in one of the corner of the restaurant.

I blinked several times to cleared my thoughts.

-'Madi.. just go and ignore them'-

And that's what i did. I immediately walked towards the exit. I sighed loudly as i tried to calm my nerves.

Maybe, they will take this time on what they were doing so i decided to walk on the busy streets near the restaurant. I have my bag, my phone and my wallet in me, so i can go back to the office anytime or go anywhere to clear my mind.

Why do i feel this things? Why do i feel hurt? I shouldn't feel this way.. he's not my boyfriend, forgodsake!

As i continued to walk, i found an old man sleeping on the sidewalk. I smiled as walked towards him.

I didn't disturb his sleep, i just put the paper bag on his side so when he wake up, he will notice it.

I heard my phone ringing inside my bag. And when i checked who's the caller, it's him. I just smiled bitterly and put it into silent mode before i put it back inside my bag.

I called a taxi and give him the address of WEC building. I don't know how many times i sighed when i was inside the cab until we reached the building. I gave the driver my payment and told him to keep the change.

I walked towards the entrance, with the non-stop vibrating of my phone. I don't know how would i explain this to him but I think he wouldn't even care about this.. because he's been with his beloved ex.

Now i know what exactly i feel when i saw them.. kissing..

Disappointed. Why? Because we were boyfriend and girlfriend in an act. He even kissed me infront of her and i even told that slim-Stacey woman, that he wouldn't cheat on me.. but then i saw them kissing? What was that? I looked like a fool. Yeah.. i am fooling myself with this deal.

I gave my best acting in this deal, i lost my first kiss, i got a boyfriend in an instant, someone to call 'love' and to say i love you. How i wished he warned me before he kissed her or he kissed me so i can withdraw what i said earlier.

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