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   Chapter 19 From Lunch Meeting to Spying His Ex.

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8516

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"Bye Sandy."

I smiled as i kiss her cheek.


I laughed at her reaction.

I know how she feels right now. And I'm sure she's going to cut all my hair after this.

I followed Mr. Wilsons at the elevator. As usual, i need to use my athletic side just to match his giant steps.

"So, where is this meeting, Sir?"

He looked down at me in his serious face but didn't say anything.

-'Okay, Thank you. Got it Madi. He's not in the mood. So, don't waste your saliva by talking to this grumpy man.'-

I just silently talked to myself.

Until we stepped out from the elevator and we reached his car, i didn't hear any comment or word from him.

"Passenger side."

"Huh?"  i asked him confused.

"I said passenger side. Hope in!"

Wow! what happened again to him? He can't even form a complete sentence? What happened to his mood? He's being playful this morning and suddenly became cold and grumpy again? Tsk.tsk.tsk. old habits are hard to die.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It's been twenty minutes of us in the car with him on the driver side.. but he just keep on driving. I really feel bored and hungry. I want ask him and form any conversation but he seemed so serious.. so i focussed my eyes on the front.

But five minutes passed, i noticed a red car not so far infront of us. What's this, we have the same way?

When it turned right to the stop light, we also turned on the same direction. I glanced at him and back to the car.

"Are you following that red car?"

I can't help not voiced out. Why? Because i can feel my friends inside of my stomach, they were growling and crying. -'feed us Madi'-

But as like earlier, i also didn't get any response.

"It's a simple question answerable by a yes or a no. Are you following that------"

"Yes! We're following that car! Happy?" he shouted at me annoyed.

I didn't expect this kind of answer from him. Does he really need to shout at me?

And what did he ask--happy? How could i be happy.. i am so hungry!

I inhaled deeply.

'-Come on, Madi.. relax. Maybe he's just suffering from his mental illness or dysmenorrhea.'-

Haha.. since when does a man suffered from dysmenorrhea? Well.. not all of them, just this one who's sitting on the driver seat. I rolled my eyes. If only i could chop this man and put it on my stomach, i swear i did it from the first time my stomach growled.

-'Oh thanks God!'-

I silently prayed when the freaking red car pulled over infront of the restaurant.

-'Maybe it's Mr. Enriquez.'-

I sig

? Because i am in my all out smile, while the grumpy head infront of me.. almost eat him alive.

When the poor waiter already out of our site, he started his grumpy speech.

"What was that?" his eyebrows almost touched each other.


"What do you mean if I'm done?"

"If are you done! If are you done glaring at the two or are you done om choosing your orders? But since, you're done with both, just ignore it."

"And what was that smile? You're flirting with the waiter!" he whispered-yelled at me while his eyes were boring holes on my whole face.

-'flirting? What is this.. de ja vu?'-

"Flirting? Excuse me... 'love' i didn't flirt with that waiter." i emphasized the word love.

"Why did you know his name?"

And with that, i really laughed with his question.

"Is there something funny with my question?"

He asked me in a serious tone but i just shake my head as continue laughing.

"De ja vu, love. Do you know what is de ja vu?" i laughed again. "This scene was already happened before. You said i was flirting with the waiter and you asked me how did i know his name.. and i will answer you, 'it's because his name was written on his name plate."

I noticed his lips curled up into smile and after a while he also laughed with me. I wanted to stop and seize the moment because this is the first time he laughed together with me. But i know if i do, he will also stop and continue to being cold again, especially that we're in the same restaurant as his ex.

And as we laughed, we didn't notice that some people are now watching us, some with amusement in their eyes but some are irritation including the two people which was the reason why we're here.

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