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   Chapter 18 Let's go where

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7764

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As far as i remember, i was the one pulling Sandy outside the CEO's office, but now she's the one tugging my hand inside of her office.

As soon as we both stepped inside, she closed the door and i chuckled when she even locked it.


My eyes widened a bit... i looked like a dog who was being ordered by her owner to sit. Ohh.. maybe the next moment she would also want me to roll over. Arf! Arf!

"Madielyn Davis! Is there something that i need to know? Or you would want to tell me?"

I bite my lip to control my laugh. "What?" i acted innocently.

She glared at me as she put both of her hands on her hips.

"Don't you ever what--what me Madielyn Davis! What was that in the CEO's office?"

"Ohh.. that one?"

"Madielyn!" she pulled down her hair in frustration. And seeing her face in that state maked me laugh so hard. I really love teasing her.

"Wait, i told you I'm gonna share this to you after----"

"No! I can't wait any longer! Just go on spill it right now! My god, you almost kissed. What was that? Don't tell me...." her eyes widened before she screamed.

"Oh my God, Sandy! Lower your voice!" my face turned red as i looked outside the blurred glass panel of her office.

"Oh come on, I locked the door."

"You locked the door, yes.. but we're not in a soundproof room! What are you thinking?" i glared at her as i motioned her to go on her seat.

"Fine, sorry." she immediately walked towards her swivel chair. "Now spill it!"

"Sandy, let me remind you, this is not a real relationship, not a real engagement and not a real marriage."

"But why did you call each other 'love' earlier?"

I sighed as i looked in her round eyes before i speak.

"He wants me to call him love, i mean.. this would be our endearment term when he introduce me to his family and when we're infront of his 'so called ex-fiancee'."

"Ohh.. but why there's a bitterness in your voice when you mentioned 'his so called ex-fiancee'?" she mimicked my words and i frowned.

"Bitterness? What are you talking about? As i told you, this is only a 'fake' relationship." i emphasized the word 'fake' in front of her face.

"Ohh.. okay! 'fake' relationship." she put her right thumb on her chin as she nodded. "Anyway, what makes you agree? I thought you don't want to get involved with his 'so

lo.. it's only three minutes and you're already there."

"Opps! Of course we're going to slow down our walk so you can start to share the other part of the story."

I rolled my eyes as she winked at me.

"I see... great! You're really smart."

"Of course------"

"Ms. Davis, let's go." she was cut off when our boss came to our view.

"Sir?" i stand up immediately after seeing him walked inside.

"Mr. Wilsons." Sandy also stand and greet him.

"Let's go."

His face was full of seriousness and i can't help but to raised my eyebrow

"Let's go where?"

"Lunch meeting." he said casually.

"Lu-Lunch meeting?" my eyes snapped at Sandy's face. I wanted to laugh when i seeher expression as if she's in the burge of crying.

"Yes. Lunch meeting, let's go."

"But Sir, i don't remember you have a lunch meeting today on your schedule?" i am really confused where is this lunch meeting came from?

"Oh yes. It's not on the schedule, because Mr. Enriquez called me directly about this meeting today."

"Mr. Enriquez of southern project?"

"Yes. That's it."

Why do i feel that he's not telling the truth? Since when he approved this kind of meeting without informing me to set on his schedule?

"Ohh.. Okay Sir."

I said nodding and looked back to Sandy who is now secretly glaring at me.

-'It's not my fault.'-

I smiled at her before i collected my things.

"So, what documents do i need to bring, Sir?"

"No need to bring anything. They just want to have lunch with us."

"Ohhkay."  -'Lunch with us'-

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