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   Chapter 17 The 'love' endearment

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7730

Updated: 2019-06-30 22:56

Madi's POV:

"Why are you late?"

The first thing my boss asked me, the moment i entered his office. He's face masked with the old 'Gabriel's demeanor.

I put the coffee on his desk and tried to act normal as i smiled at him.

"I'm sorry, Sir. My mom called me late last night so, i also sleep late. It won't happen again."

He stared at me in few seconds before his lips curled upward for a devilish smile.

"It's okay 'love'. Since it's your first time being late, I'll just let it passed."

Huh! To hell with the professionalism---- i raised my eyebrow at him.

"Don't call me that, Mr. Wilsons! We're at the office, and we already talked about this!"

"Oh, yes love. We talked about the deal already. But.. calling you love was not included to that 'talk'. We agreed that we keep our relationship in this whole building and that's your idea. I also have mine. We're going to call each other the 'love' endearment whenever we are alone."

"Huh! Why didn't you tell me that last saturday night?" i bite my lip to control my voice from raising.

"Don't raised your voice at me, we're still in the office. I'll just let you know.. you can talk to me the way you want outside this company, but i am your boss while we still inside." his voice turned back into cold and serious.

Honestly, i was taken a back by his sudden change of tone. From being playful then to become serious again? Is he suffering from Identity disorder?

"Yes, Sir." i straightened my body but never on planning to say sorry. Why would i? He started this one.

"Did you bring my schedule, love?"

-'Again? Is he playing with me?'-

"Mr. Wilsons, i thought------"

"Madi, listen. This is a part of the deal. I have to call you that endearment so i can avoid calling you with your last name infront of her and of my family. Just play along the role, Madi. I can see nothing wrong with that. We're just going to do that when we're alone and not infront of the employees here."

I sighed as i nodded. "Okay. But please Sir, avoid calling me that in public especially in this building with so many people eyeing our moves."

"Okay. But start calling me that now, Madi. You should also practice yourself."

My eyebrows knitted in one line. "And why do i need to practice on calling you 'love'? I'm not a forgetful

t right, love?"

I rolled my eyes.

We're both oblivious of the person standing exactly at the door.

"Yes, love. It's not difficult." i continue to glared at him, but the sudden sound of the things fell on the floor catched both our attention. It's a white folder.


"Ms. Aguilar!"

We both mentioned in unison but in a different tone. Mine was in a question form but for him... an accusing tone.

But Sandy, of course being Sandy, lowered her head in nervousness. And i can't help shaking my head. Why is she so nervous?

"You don't know how to knock, Ms. Aguilar?" Gabriel turned back into his arrogant self. So far away from his playful side earlier.

"I'm sorry, Sir. But, believe me.. i knocked on more than five to six times, but i got no answers so-----"

"So you let yourself entered without my permission?"

"No Sir, I'm sorry." she lowered her head again.

I don't know but i grabbed Gabriel's hands and shake my head on him. Silently telling him that he doesn't need to worry about Sandy, because she's on me.

"I have to go, Sir... i mean 'love'." i purposely raised my voiced to tease him and to let Sandy know. "I'll leave your schedules on the table, love.

And i slightly nudged his stomach, causing him to winced in a bit of pain.

"Ohh.. I'm sorry love. Did i hurt you that much?" i asked grinning. I am now back to myself again.

He glared at me but didn't say anything.

"Okay, bye love.. call me if you need me." and i winked at him before i pulled Sandy outside of his office.

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