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   Chapter 15 Accepting His Deal

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 10088

Updated: 2019-06-30 10:16

Madi's POV:

"Nice dress, love."

My head snapped at his direction.

"Don't call me that! We're not lovers for you to give me that endearment!" i am starting to get annoyed.

But he didn't say anything. He just smirked and continue to drive.

I am really wondering what happened to the cold and lifeless man from the office. He's now full of arrogance and and the air he breathes were like a tornado that can blow you around! Egotistical jerk!

I can't help rolling my eyes everytime i glanced at him. Maybe he really loved that slim woman---Stacey that he easily got back into life again.

I honestly like this side of him than the lifeless--zombie walking around the building of WEC. But you know what the problem is? He almost----almost became narcissistic!

"I can see your eyes, love. You keep on looking at me."

My eyes widened not in surprised but into an annoyed one.

"Excuse me! I'm not looking at you!" i huffed crossing my arms over my chest.

"Yes love, don't worry.. I'm all yours today."

-'What the actual fuck!'-

If it's not for my seatbelt, i swear i forgot be a human! I probably chopped this man into pieces.

But i chose not to react or to say anything. I just take a deep breath and look outside the window.

I am now thinking what would be the result of this 'talk' again, because the last time wasn't a good one. And how would i tell this to my mom if ever? How would she react?

It's been thirty minutes of him driving, but we're still on the road and he's still not stopping to any of the establishments we passed by.

"Are you going to bring me in Africa?" i can't help myself asking. I can feel the numbness of my butt.

"What?" he asked in a bit surprised and an amused smile.

I rolled my eyes. "Where are you taking me? Where are we going?"

"Just wait and relax, Madi. We're going to get there."

I leaned again on my seat as i sighed loudly. Enough for him to hear.

Another fifteen minutes passed and we finally came to stopped infront of a Chinese restaurant.

My eyebrow arched at his direction. I didn't know he likes Chinese food. But anyway, i should be thankful he didn't bring me into one of my restaurants again. I swear i really don't know what to explain if it happened to be in George or Arielle's outlet. It's only Noelle who knows about Mr. Wilsons deal.

When he umbuckled his seatbelt, i also did mine. He eyed me.. when i am about to open my door. I know what does that mean..'wait for him to open my door'. Hmp! No way. He's not my boyfriend to do that. I just ignored him and immediately pushed the door before he can lock it or he can say anything.

I inhaled the cool breeze that fanned on my skin after stepping out of the car.

"Why didn't you wait for me?" asked an annoyed Mr. Grumpy...ohh... it's Mr. Gabriel Wilsons when he walked over to me.

"I am still here. What are you saying?" i laughed just to annoyed him.

"Why didn't you wait for me to open your door?"

"Ohh.. that one? I can do it on my own, M

accept any cents from your pocket until this contract ends."

This time, he's the one who laughed at me. I just watched him till he composed himself.

"If you're not going to sign any contract and won't accept any amount of money from me.. then why are you accepting this deal?"

I'm also asking myself why am i willing to accept this deal.. but my mind can't answer any of it.

"Let's just say.. I'm just going to help you. I loved challenges. You challenged me, and I'll accept it!" i said with a shrug.

He looked at me as if examining if what i had said was true or i am just blabbering.

"Why?" he asked me again.

"What do you mean why?"

"Why you don't want to sign any contract and accept the money?"

"Because i don't want to be tied with you for that long. As soon as you get her back, i can go myself away without thinking any contract or papers to be sign of. And about the money, i don't need it. I don't want to be your charity who accept your money after my service."

"But it wouldn't be fair if you don't accept the money."

"No. It would be. I'll just going to help you. Let's say, a friend will going to help her friend. And lastly, i will only help you to get her back but I'm out with your plan of revenge."


"No. Gabriel! No contract, no money, no revenge, and I'll accept your deal, meaning... I'm in. But with all of those, no!"

He just stared at me for how many seconds.. and i stared him back. I want him to know that I'm serious with no money and no revenge on this contract.

He sighed after a while.

"Fine. No money, no contract."

"And no revenge." i added.

"And no revenge." he also added.

"And last one, this contract would only be between us, and and some people that we trust."


"Then deal." i offered my hand for a handshake to seal our deal and he accepted it.


He stared at me intently as i stared him back with the same expression.

Now, i finally---directly--- and voluntary accepted his deal.

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