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   Chapter 14 My outfit

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6338

Updated: 2019-06-29 23:32

Madi's POV:

"What am i going to wear--- what am i going to wear? Argh!"

I frustratedly asked myself in almost over 10th times this evening.

"I hate you, Mr. Wilsons!" i grabbed my hair in frustration as i walked inside my closet.

"What should i suppose to wear?" I'm asking myself again. "A dress? A short? mini-dress? long dress------" i paused as i smiled at the thought that popped up on my head.

"Great, Madi! You're such a smart woman!" a devilish smirked formed on my lips.

Ten minutes before seven in the evening, i decided to go downstairs and wait for him in the living room. For sure he knows how to knock.

But on my way downstairs, Jaime looked at me as if she saw a clown. I just rolled my eyes but smiled to her.

"What is that, Madi?" she can't stop from laughing.

"What?" i asked innocently.

"What are you wearing? Seriously? A white long skirt down to your ankle and a white-loose blouse? Where are you from? From 16th or 15th century?"

She laughed again clutching her stomach.

"Why? This is passion." i just shrugged my shoulders.

"Yeah, that's a great passion, Madi. That's my great-grandmother's passion when she's at her teenage."

I laughed together with her. Why? Because i can imagine what would be Gabriel's reaction after seeing my 'beautiful' outfit.

"Where are you going?" she bite her lower lip to control herself from laughing.

But before i could answer her question, there's a knock on the front door.

She arched her eyebrow. "Expecting someone?"

I didn't answer her, i just smiled and shrugged my shoulders as i walked towards the door. I take a deep breath before i opened it.

And mouth dries at the sight in front of me. The Greek God himself.. the living Hercules.. the ever handsome.. Gabriel Wilsons in his mouth watering outfit of the night. He's just wearing a plain black shirt and black pants, but you can't denied the Adonis that's hiding on his fitted shirt.

My smile widened when his jaws dropped after seeing my 'kind' of clothes.

Without a second, he pushed me back inside the door and closed it with a loud bang behind. He grabbed my wrist and narrowed his eyes on me.

My eyes widened at his sudden action.

"What are you wearing, Madi? That's my grandmother's dress when she's at your age!"

Exactly Jamie's words.

I am about to open my mouth when we both heard Jamie's laugh. We both looked at her. But when she noticed that Gabriel was wearing a serious expression, her laugh instantly died.

"Opps! Sorry. I'm going to the kitchen. I think i forgot to close the faucet." and she runs back towards the kitchen.

-'Faucet, Jamie? You really didn't come in a better excuse?'- i asked silently on her retreating back.

When she's out of our sight, Gabriel asked me again.

"What are you wearing, Madi? What is this?" he asked in a disgusted tone.

And i just repeat what i had told Jamie earlier.

"This is what we called passion!"

"Passion? Madi, I wasn't born yesterday not to know what is what you called 'passion' or not!"

"Why? What do you know about woman's passion in clothes? You're a man!" i pulled back my hand.

"Where is

your room?"

I looked at him confused.

"Why? What are you-----"

"I'm asking you, where is your room?"

"Upstairs! Why?"

"Let's go!" he grabbed my wrist again and lead me towards the stairs.

"What are you-----"

"We're going to change your fucking clothes into a nice one!"

My eyeballs almost popped out from my eyes after realizing what he meant.

"No! You can't do that!" i stopped from walking and his head turned back to me.

"And why?"

"Because, excuse me! I can do it on my own!" i snapped at him annoyed.

But the jerk just smirked at me.

"You know, i can help you." he shrugged his shoulders and i glared at him.

What happened to the cold Mr. Wilsons at the office? Because the man infront of me is a slight opposite of that man.

"No way, Mr. Gabriel Wilsons! Just go back to the living room and wait for me on the couch!"

"Ohh.. are you ordering me right now, Ms. Davis?" he asked in a challenging tone, but i also smirked at him.

"Ohh yes, Mr. Wilsons. Have you forgotten, you're inside of my beautiful apartment and not in your office. So, whatever you may call it.. ordering you or whatsoever.. i don't care. You're not my boss at this very moment, so i can say whatever i want to say!" i stated proudly with my 'Madi' smile.

His face dropped serious as he gritted his teeth. I raised my eyebrow and looked at him directly, but my face turned into a confused one when his lips curled upward into a devilish smile.

"I liked that feisty side of yours, Madi."

I didn't even formed a word when he turned his back on me and walked towards the living room.

I just let an annoyed sigh before i headed towards my room.

Now... back to my question earlier..'what am i going wear?'

I walked inside my closet again and opened all the cabinet doors for me to choose what to wear. A jeans... because he's also wearing a jeans? A black dress.. because he's also wearing a black shirt and pants?

But in the end, i chose to wear my white spaghetti strapped dress that ended two inches above my knees. I maked my hair in a high ponytail and reapplied my lipstick. When i was satisfied with my looks, i exited my room with my phone and a pouch on my hand.

I found him and Jamie both sitting on the couch. When they noticed me, Jamie gave me her teasing grin and Gabriel continuously stared at me until i am standing infront of them.

"Ahermm! Are we still going or not? Because that's a big favor to me if we're not----"

"Let's go." he cut me off by grabbing my hand. "Thank you, Jamie." he said smiling at her while walking towards the door.

"No problem. Just take care of my friend, Gabriel."

"I will."

I just turned my head on her as my hand continuously pulled by this man towards the direction of the door. She winked at me and smiled like she won in a lottery.

-'Why is she smiling? Is there something that Gabriel told her?'-

He pulled me into his car and opened the passenger side for me.

"I have my own car!"

"I know." and he closed the door with a bang. "Rude! Jerk!" i muttered to myself and glared at his figure outside while he's walking towards the driver's side.

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