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   Chapter 13 It started with a Coffee and Kiss

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 10278

Updated: 2019-06-29 16:36

Madi's POV:

I continued to watch the two kinds of scenes in front of me. The first one is the continuation of eww-kiss from the slim woman and from the man whom i can't see the face until now, because he's really busy on eating... i mean kissing the woman's face.

And the other one is the furious Mr. Wilsons who also continued watching the hurtful sin infront of him. Is he really that fool to continue watching them? I'm sure if there's ever a parade of those fool and martyr right now.. I'm going to pick him as their president and leader.

Or if i just can build a statue for someone like him for being a stupid and dumbest person, i swear I'm not going to waste any second.

Can you get my point? You know.. he's in pain. He knows he's still in pain, but he chose to stay and watched them. My holy God!

I intake a deep breath before i stepped forward to where my stupid boss stood.

Well.. we're not in the office.. so God help me, i will cut what they called 'formalities' and 'professionalism'.

I stand beside him, but since his focus is on the two, he didn't noticed me.

"Ohh.. so she's the girl. What's her name?" i asked not looking at him but also to the two who can't detach their lips from each other.

He looked down at me. I swear i looked like a dwarf from his towering height. He took of his shades and my breath hitched at the sight of his mesmerizing brown eyes.

-'God! I have always seen his eyes everyday, but why is it different right now?'-

I mentally slapped my head from being distracted because of his freaking eyes.

He crunched his eyebrows and checked me from up and down. His mouth formed an 'O' shape.

-'Yeah, i know I'm sexy and beautiful.'- i need to bite my inside cheeks to control my very 'Madi' smile.

"Hi Sir." i greeted him with my wide smile and his eyes widened in i don't know if in surprise or whatever.

Opps! Did i sounded like a slut? Okay.. repeat.

"Good morning Mr. Wilsons." i smiled again.


My smile dropped by the way he mentioned my name.

Holy shit! Why does it sounded so sexy when he's the one mentioning my name?

"Sir.. opps! Can i also call you, Gabriel? We're not in the office."

-'I wished i can close his mouth with my lips... oh shit! Stop that, Madielyn!'-

"What are you doing here?" we looked at each other as we asked in unison.

"Just looking around."

"Hanging with my friends."

We answered again in unison. But my eyebrow raised by his answer. 'Just looking around'.

"Uhuh.. looking around?" i looked at him through my eyelashes. "Or looking for someone.. i mean, looking at someone?"

His head snapped at me with his serious looking eyes.

"It's none of your business!" he said through gritted teeth.

I admit, i am not expecting this reaction from him. But take note.. I am Madi, and i never easily back down.

"I see, none of my business." i arched my eyebrow. I noticed a mug of coffee on his hand. And i don't know what comes into me.

Before i could think of anything, i snatched it away from his hold and i walked towards

it's your fault, you tempted me." he said with a shrug.

"I did what? Tempted you?" for sure i am wearing now a horrified look.

"You looked into my eyes, you touched my face, you said you loved me and then you smiled as if asking me to kiss you."

"Ohh! Forgoodness sake! This is ridiculous!"

I can't stand in front of him anymore. I decided to walked out to find the girls, but he immediately grabbed my hand.

"We're talking about this later, Madi."

"What are you talking about? I already acted once for you!"

"Yeah, and it's not yet over. I'm going to pick you up tonight at 7:00pm."

"No! No way!" i said taking my hand but he just tightened again his hold.

"Ohh.. love, you already forgot.. i don't take no for an answer."

"Argh!" i want to scratch his face, if only i could.

"Tonight. At seven pm."

"I'm gonna wait for your driver."

"No. I said 'I am' going to pick you up and not my driver. Be ready by then."

I can't help not to laugh.

"Excuse me, Gabriel. Have you also forgot that we're not in the you can't order and boss me around." i smirked at his shocked face.

"Then let see. If your not ready by seven, I'm gonna forcefully open your door and sleep in your house. How about that.. love?"

"Argh! Jerk!" i pulled my hand with a force and i walked away from him.. the second time.

I can hear his voice and his laughs on my head, even though i am inside of the girls' restroom in the mall.

I am now starting to hate him. But more to myself. What am i thinking when i grabbed his coffee. It's started with that freaking coffee and that slim woman-Stacey.. and her arrogant boyfriend.

Gosh! What comes in her mind that she chose that not-so-handsome frog over Gabriel? Hello.. he can never beat Gabriel with his squared face! Gabriel has a perfectly sculptured nose, mesmerizing brown eyes, a cute dimple, a perfect and thick eyebrows and eyelashes.. and of course his pink and soft lips.

My hands automatically lifted up to my lips as i remember my first kiss.


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