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   Chapter 12 The woman from his past

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6729

Updated: 2019-06-29 12:02

Madi's POV:

Earlier this morning, i received a phone call from my three bestfriends-slash- managers. Noelle, George and Arielle. Well not actually from all of them, it's just from Noelle... they want to go to the mall for shopping, and shopping and non stop shopping.

It's saturday today, and it's supposed to be my 'no work', 'no stress', 'no waking up early' and 'no rolling my eyes' day. See? even rolling my eyes is included to this early moment. I usually do that 'mentally' at the office when i am infront of my jerk of a boss and sometimes in actual when i know he's not looking.

But you know... thank you to these three girl-friends of mine, i had to wake up early, take a bath early and prepare myself for their non-stop pulling there, and everywhere.As if i had a choice.

Uhm.. have i told you that i am a fan of shorts? Especially denim shorts. And that's what i chose to wear today, blue denim shorts with white spaghetti strapped-top. I just paired it with ny nude flat-sandals and a very light make up.

After checking myself in the mirror for i don't know how many times since this morning.. but i promise this i the last time, uhm... i winked at myself.

"Tsk.tsk.tsk. Why do i looked so beautiful?" i asked my reflection as i shook my head.

Does it sounded like i am bringing up my own chair again? Well, if i wouldn't tell myself first, then who would be? My mom? Of course she will, she's my mother. But since she's not here, let me take her job for a while.. for me.

"Good morning, Jamie." i greeted my flat-mate when i found her in the living room.

"Wow! Is that the new version of you, Madi? Getting up early at saturday morning?"

She asked smiling after putting down her mug of tea.

Argh! I bite my bottom lip.. I hate tea. As much as i hate mornings, i also hate tea. Well, not literally hate.. it's just not favorite.

"No. You know i hate mornings." i get my favorite mug and poured it with coffee from the coffee maker.

"Yeah, so.. where are you going?"

n. She raised her eyebrow at me and shook her head.

-'Huh!'- i mentally huffed as i get back my attention to the two.

So, it's true. She's back. And i can't believed Mr. Wilsons is spying on this woman personally? What happened to his investigator? Ohh..poor boy, maybe he got fired because this arrogant man who still can't moved on from his past didn't satisfied by the reports he submitted, and now he's doing it by himself. Tsk.Tsk.Tsk.

I don't what happened the next second.. but there's a man who came from nowhere and kissed the woman on her lips... hard.

"Ohh! Foul!" i unconsciously muttered when i saw Mr. Wilsons formed his fists. A sudden feeling of pity and hurt surged inside me by just looking at the man who can't looked away from the scene not so far away from him.

How does it feel to be still inlove with someone who loved you ones but left you afterwards? Does it really hurts that he can't moved on after that? Does he loved her that much that he can't go on with his life?

How much pain does he suffered after knowing that the one he shared his life with, betrayed him with someone else. And how much of that pain is he suffering from now as he continue watching the woman he once loved and cherished in all his life.. but now with someone else's arms.. and that arms were no longer his.


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