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   Chapter 11 He smiled and laughed

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 9172

Updated: 2019-06-28 15:45

Madi's POV:

The next morning, the intercom that connects from the CEO's office beeped. And i couldn't help not to raised my eyebrow. He's now calling me?

"Ms. Davis, where are you?"

His voice rang from the device.

"Huh?" i unconsciously asked.

"Where's my schedule and my coffee?"


"Coming Sir." my smile widened as ran towards the pantry. I won.

After making his coffee and getting my note pad, i knocked on his door.

"Come in."

-'Opps! Welcome back to me!'- i smiled as i pushed the door. His familiar scent meet my nostrils when i entered his office.

So it's true.. there's always a first time for everything. Everytime i entered on his door.. he's always busy either on paper works on his hands or his eyes on the monitor. But this time, he's not doing anything. He's just leaning on his chair and his hands were crossed over his chest.

He watched me walking towards his desk, eyeing my moves as if he wants to say something but never opened his mouth.

He smirked after i put his coffee infront of him...on his desk.

I found it creepy but i ignored his stare. I intake a deep breath and smiled at him.

"You wanna know your schedules for today, Mr.Wilsons?" i asked checking my note pad.

"You haven't greet me, good morning, Ms. Davis."

"Ohh!" i mentally slapped myself. "I'm sorry, Sir. Good morning." how did forget to greet him? Well, this is also my first time.

"Good morning too, Ms. Davis."

And my eyes widened with his words. Did he just greet me too? Whoaa!

And i froze when he picked up his coffee.... smiling.


I slowly cursed unconsciously.

He smiled! He still knows how to smiled! Thanks heavens!

"Did you just cursed me?" he asked furrowing his eyebrows.

"What? D-Did i? I mean......shit!" and my eyes widened again. I said it out loud. "Ohh.. I'm sorry Sir, i mean that's just for myself. I didn't mean to say it out loud. I'm just confused, you know. Because i found it true that there's always a first time in everything...Ohh...I'm sorry."

When did i started to rambled such words? Gosh! This is embarrassing.

But after putting his coffee down, he chuckled! I gulped as i watched him clutching his stomach.

-'God! what did i do for you to let me witnessed his smile and laugh? He's so handsome when he smiled.. and God! he's so sexy when he laughed. And he has dimple on his left cheek, so cute.'-

After of his moment of 'laughing for i don't know the reason'.. he straightened again his seat.

"Are you okay, Sir?" i asked subconsciously still looking on his face.

"Yes. Why did you asked, Ms. Davis?"

"A-Are you sure you're really okay? You don't have fever or anything to caused you like that?"

"What do you mean?

e told me, that if i accepted his offer he's going to give me a lot of works. Cooking for him, polishing his shoes and bringing his suitcase! My God! He just wanted me to be his maid! I mean.. this beauty and brains that i have? No way!"

She ended up coughing after she laughed so hard on me.

"I love you, Madi!" she said still laughing.

"I know." and i rolled my eyes.

"That's what I'm talking about, Madi." she suddenly became serious.

"What do you mean?"

I also asked seriously.

"You two had a different personality. He's cold and you're warm to people and easy to approach. He's sometimes rude and bossy but you're down to earth.. and he's kinda distant, loner.. let's just say introvert. But you Madi, you're his total opposite. You're adventurous and love to accept challenges!"

"Wow! That's long." I'm talking about her speech. I was right when i told Noelle, that she and Sandy have the same personality. But i love them both.

"Was that all you can say?"

"Uhm.. thanks for your long speech but you forgot one thing." a smile formed my lips.

"What?" she asked confused.

"You forgot to mentioned that 'I am beautiful." i proudly stated.

She glared at me first but after a while, we were both laughing our life out.

"But.. Sandy, no matter how long and nice your speech was, my answer is still 'no'."


"No. This is not just a simple offer, Sandy. This is marriage we're talking about here. A life challenging offer. If i accepted it, how would i explain that to my mom?"

She sighed and just shrugged her shoulders.

I never wished to get married at this age.. not if i found the right one for me. And i never planned it to be a marriage of convenience. If i am going to marry someday, it should be my dream wedding. To the man of my dreams and to the man i loved.

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