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   Chapter 10 His reaction to my resignation letter

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 5341

Updated: 2019-06-28 13:14

Madi's POV:

"What is this?"

I instantly stood up when the jerk himself barged in my office. He threw the folded white paper on my table. It's my resignation letter and this is Noelle's idea.

As she said the last time, i should accept the challenge. Well, i listened to her and maked my fake resignation letter. She said on this way, i will see what would be his real reaction against my refusal to his deal.

I put it on his desk early this morning, and now i can't believe my two eyes seeing him infront of me with a 'perfect' sour face. I contained myself from smiling and looked at him straight.

"Good morning, Mr. Wilsons. It's my immediate resignation letter." i proudly answered.

-'See? You can't take to eat your words.. hmp!"

But his sour face now turned darker. His eyes formed a straight line as he narrowed it at me.

"I'm not an idiot not to noticed that's a resignation paper Ms. Davis!"

-'Opps! No, You're not.'- my mind screamed inside.

"Why are you resigning?"

He slammed both of his palms on my desk.

I really want to raised my eyebrow.

"Because i thought that's what you wanted me to do."

He blew an annoyed breath as his eyes full with raged.

"What are you talking about Ms. Davis? Have i told you to resigned? Did i asked you to do it?"

-'Now.. you know my name again. Huh! Do i need your permission?'-

"Because you don't want me to do my job anymore. So i thought, you don't longer need my service and that you just can't tell me directly. That's why i filed that resignation notice so i can find another job as soon as possible." i

rom me." he pulled my arm and brought his mouth near my ear before he continue and now by whispering.. "Accept my offer. If i have to doubled or tripled the money to convice you more... i will. But let me tell you, i don't easily accept 'no' for an answer."

His warm breath tickles my neck and bring shivers down my spine. I gulped and took all my control not to close my eyes.

-'Oh my! What is this feeling?'-

I silently asked my inner self when he let go of my arm.

When i looked up at him, his eyes held a different emotions and it's my first time seeing those from him. But as usual, he masked it immediately in not even a second.

"Bear that in your mind, Ms. Davis."

Wearing a smirk, he walked again towards the the door without any looking back.

When he finally out of my sight, i suddenly felt my knees buckled and i had to sit on the nearest chair before it give up and i end up falling to the floor.


I let out a heavy sigh as i put my right hand over my raising heartbeat.

So, that was his real reaction.


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