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   Chapter 9 Why don't you accept his offer

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 5748

Updated: 2019-06-27 20:18

Madi's POV:

These past few days have been hectic for us, i mean more on Sandy. She had to make Mr.Wilsons coffee not just once but three times a day.

She also had to attend some meetings with him, because he really proved himself what a really jerk he was this week.

But you know what was the funny part of it? He sometimes called Sandy as Ms. Davis unconsciously. But she never even corrected him and she shared it to me and we both laughed.

I didn't show my face to him this last few days. I'm just helping Sandy with her doubled number of files. I also didn't bother myself to say goodbye every afternoon as i go home like i always do everyday.

-'Hmp! This is what he want, I'm just following his wish.'-

It's friday afternoon and since we don't have work for tomorrow, i decided to visit Noelle at the restaurant. I already told her what I and Mr. Wilsons talked about the last time.

And her reaction wasn't something i expected. She wants me to accept his deal.

"Wow! The last time i checked, you keep on rambling on me when i applied to the WEC. And now you want me to accept his offer? What is really happening to your brain?"

We're at the back office and talking again about his life-changing deal.

"Nice. You used the word 'brain', why don't you also use the word 'mind' to make it complete?"

I rolled my eyes as i sighed.

"You loved challenges, right? So, why don't you think about it? Why don't you accept his offer? Besides, he's a good shot, Madi. He's a freaking billionaire, a hot and sexy billionaire. If it's only me whom he offered that fabulous deal, there's no way in hell i would refused it."

"Then go to him and ask him to offer you his deal."

"Hmp! As if tha

rly said that his deal was not related to my work.. to our work in the office. But look at him, he gave half of my workload to Sandy without even informing me after i refused his offer! And when i asked him about it.. you know what he said? Stay in your place! I am the CEO and you're just my PA! Argh!"

The annoyance is creeping me again.

"And since, he doesn't want me to do it anymore, then why staying?"

"Oh no, baby girl. Don't do that. Don't you get it?"

"Get what?"

"Maybe he's just doing all these things to you to challenge you!"

"Challenge me?"

"To make you accept his deal."

"That's ridiculous!"

"Come on! Think about it."

"But by doing that.. it didn't came to his mind that i can also file a resignation letter for this."

"Uhuh..." she smirked and i looked at her.


"Trust me, He's just challenging you."

"Bullshit that stupid challenge thing of him!"

"Yeah.. and this is really exciting! Why don't you accept the challenge.. you loved it right?" she winked at me.

"What do you mean?"

An evil smile formed on her lips.

"I have an idea. A very useful and a brilliant idea."

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