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   Chapter 6 Facing Mr. Grumpy Boss

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6104

Updated: 2019-06-25 16:00

Madi's POV:

It's 10:30 on my wrist watch, when the intercom in Sandy's line buzzed. She immediately rushed towards my office to tell me that Mr.Grumpy... i mean Mr. Wilsons needs another cup of coffee and the documents that needed on his next meeting.

"Okay, I'll do it." i said standing up.

"But Madi----"

"Sandy, relax. I also want to talk to him. I want to clear this things. He should have told me directly or atleast call me. I am his PA and not you. And this job is supposed to be mine. If he doesn't want me any longer as his PA, then so be it. I'll go."

She just sighed and i walked. passed at her. I'd make first his coffee before i got the papers that he need.

I take a deep breath before knocking on his door. I already practiced my speech.

When i heard his voice inside, i pushed the door and walked towards him. His not looking at me so i can watched his facial expression. His eyes were focussed on the computer screen.

"Good morning Mr. Wilsons, coffee Sir." i just greet him when i am exactly infront of his desk.

He immediately looked up when he heard my voice. Maybe he wasn't expecting me to bring his coffee.

"And the documents you need for your next meeting." i informed him putting the folder in front of him and wearing my professional smile.

"Where is Ms. Aguilar?" he asked and he looked back again to the monitor. "I clearly instructed her to do that."

I really wanted to roll my eyes but all i did was smile.

"Ms. Aguilar is currently checking the meeting room, Sir. So i took all the documents and made your coffee as part of my duty as your P.A. And excuse me, Sir. Thank you for letting Ms. Aguilar in helping my work... i appreciate it. But, i think she has some other works to do, so I'd love to take it back again. Honestly Sir, thank you."

I showed him my

unning up to my head.

"I am not questioning you, Mr. Wilsons. I am just asking."

"Really, Ms. Davis? But i think it's just the same."

"No Sir. There's a difference between them." i said standing straight and proudly. "Asking is to request information or an answer to a question while questioning is the act of challenging, doubting and interrogation."

He stared at me in a challenging stare and i didn't back down.

"I'm just asking, Sir." i repeat again.

"Well.. let me tell you this Ms. Davis, for once and for all. Let me remind you again whom are you talking with and whatever you may call it, asking or questioning.. i have all the rights to give an order to anyone with or without your permission. Is that clear to you, Ms. Davis?"

And he arched his eyebrow. He freaking arched his eyebrow.

"Of course, Sir. I clearly understand. Yeah.. if that's what you want, then who am i to disobey your order? Good morning, Sir. I'm going to call Ms. Aguilar."

I said in my sweetest 'fake' smile. I know i can't win this discussion. I am not in a place to ask him anything because for him.. he is our arrogant, jerk, and cold boss.

And i take the cup of coffee and bring it outside to my desk.

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