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   Chapter 5 Not in the good mood 'boss'

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6231

Updated: 2019-06-25 12:06

Gabriel's POV:

"What the---- that stubborn woman! Who does she think she is?'-

I formed my fists as i clenched my jaws when she walked out from me.

I just placed some cash on top of the table before standing up and walked towards the exit.

Some eyes were watching our little act, but i just ignored them. I know for sure they were thinking that we just had a little 'lover's quarrel' and my girlfriend walked out from me.

I admit, the amount i offered her was really a huge amount of money. I was more shocked when she declined my offer and the money.

I mean, who would refused such that big amount at this time? I've known her for just quiet two months, and i can say she and my secretary doesn't belong to my fan's club of girls in the office.

Well... i think she's perfect for the role. She's beautiful and smart. She's not into my looks, not like those girls that can be easily distracted by my stern look. But for her... she has the audacity to raised her eyebrow at me. She didn't noticed it everytime i caught her doing that. I can see her through my lashes when she's not looking at me.

And she even rolled her eyes sometimes, but I'm just ignoring her because for the first time in my existence as the CEO of WEC, she was the first one as my PA that's not showing her body and cleavage infront of me.

She's not even showing a flirtatious smile or act whenever she's around me. Staying neutral, smiled often and even treat me as a professional as if i don't really have an effect on her.

And after this night, i am even more convinced that is the perfect candidate for my act. She's not just smart, she also has a strong personality and has a 'brain' on her mouth.

I won't let go of her, even if i have to double the prize just to convince her, i won't hesitate to do it.

And a mischievous smirk formed on my lips.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Madi's POV:

At the office, 20 minutes early as my everyday time arrival, i was surprised to see Sandy already seated in her office.

It's the first time of her being earlier than me.

"Is this what we called 'miracle'? i asked her peeking on the door frame.

When she see me, she let out a loud and tired sigh.

"Why were you so early?"

I am about to sit down on the chair infront of her desk but she immediately stopped me.

"No! Go to your office."

My eyebrows crunched a bit.

"What? Why? It's only 7:40 and it's still early. What's happening with you?"

"No, Madi! It's not me, but the boss."

"What do you mean the boss?"

"He's already here exactly 7:00 o'clock. And he's not in the good mood."

"Ohh.. really? Well, i don't remember the time when he came in the office in a good mood. So what's new about it?" i said chuckling while shaking my head.

"No, Madi. I'm serious, I'm telling you."

I sighed. "Fine. So, why did he came so early?"

"I don't know. And you know what, he called me early in the morning to tell me to go to the office before 7:00 o'clock."

My eyes darted in confusion.

"What? Are you serious?"

"Yes. He called me early. He freaking called me at 5

:00 o'clock in the morning while me and my boyfriend were on the middle of our intimate something! Forgodsake, Madi!"

I have to cover my mouth not to burst out my laughter.

"And i haven't even reached my first orgas----"

"Okay fine! That's enough! I -I got it, you don't have to elaborate all the details between you and your boyfriend!" i cut her off before she can continue elaborating all the things that they did this morning. Gross!

"You're such a virgin!" she huffed. "Anyway, as i was saying... it's the first time, Madi! My God! He wanted me to come to work early to maked his coffee and his schedules."

"W-Wait.. but that's my job." my eyebrows furrowed again.

"I don't know what happened to him. That's why I'm really waiting for you to explain all this to me. You're his PA and you were the one whom he supposed to call first thing in this morning and not me. And his coffee---- i had to make it twice to get the taste that he wanted. He even ordered me to make his schedules for today. I swear Madi, I'm gonna lose my mind if this continue until tomorrow!"

"He maked you do the job which was for me. His coffee and his schedules?"

"My God, Madi! What did i do for him to punished me?"

-'Or the right question is that what did i do for him to let you maked my job?'- i asked myself as an idea popped in my mind.

"What else did he ordered you... i mean, more of my job?"

"Well, aside from answering some phone calls, faxing these documents." she pointed the thick folders with a lot of papers inside. "And replying to the emails that keep on popping on my computer screen." she sighed again.

"Okay, let me take these from you." i said getting the 3 folders on top of her desk.

"No! He strictly ordered me not to give this to you and let you do it."

"What?" my voice raised a bit. I don't know if i am going to be happy because he's letting me rest or to be insulted because he indirectly told me not work in this company anymore.

"So, what am i suppose to do---- counting all my hair one by one until afternoon?"

She chuckled at my crazy idea.

"I bet he wants you to do that, because he didn't even left you a single job."

Well... i need to know what is

The reason behind this changes. Is it connected to what happened last friday?

"Let me take these and i'll talk to him."

"No, Madi. Why don't you talk to him first to make sure i won't lose my job after this."

"No, Sandy. This is not stated in the contract that we signed before we started our work here. Don't worry, I'll handle this. I'll just talk to him later and don't bother yourself making his coffee, I'll also take care of it."

"Are you sure, Madi?" i can see through her eyes her being afraid and hesitant.

"Yes. And by the way, don't worry if you lose your job. There's still waiting for you outside." i said winking at her.

I get the 3 folders including some papers to check and e-mail for those new investors of the company.

I returned to my office and started to arrange all the documents per category.

If he wants a game, well i can also play with it.

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