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   Chapter 4 The Offer

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 18354

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Madi's POV:

"Mr. Wilsons. Good evening, Sir." I greet him with a smile when I came to stop at the front of his table.

He looked at me a bit surprised and studied me from head to toe. My traitor heart is pounding fastly inside my ribcage.

"Madi, " he said almost a whispered. I gulped as my eyes widened in a bit surprised.

Did he just called me 'Madi'? Since I started working at the company, this is the first time he called me by my name and not by my last name.

"Sir." I said after my brain recognized it's true.

"Gabriel." my eyes widened again not just by the way he wants me to call him but by the way he mentioned manly his name.

-'Jesus! His voice! So cold and sexy.... wait---- sexy?'-

"Sit down."

I heard him said and I gulped.

"Mr. Wilsons---"

"Gabriel. Just call me Gabriel, Madi. And sit down first, I don't want you to remain standing while I'm talking."

"Yeah." I muttered slowly. -'not even a gentleman. He didn't even pull the chair for me? Great!'- "Why do you want me to call you by your name, Mr. Wilsons?" I asked as soon as I seated.

"We're not in the office Madi, You can call me Gabriel."

-'Ohh.. cut the professionalism and the formalities, I see.'-

"You had a point Sir---- I mean, Gabriel."

Wow, I like how it perfectly sounds from my tongue. I looked at him and he's staring at me, but I didn't look away.

"Let's order first." he's the one who looked away first. He didn't have to call the waiter's attention, because once we touched the menu, one of our waiters came to our table. I silently prayed that this one was already briefed by Noelle.

"Good evening Sir, good evening----ma'am?" It's Tony, our head waiter. I smiled at him as his eyes want to say something. My eyes silently giving him signal not to mention my name and I take a sigh of relief when he continued his spell.

"My name is Tony and I am your waiter for tonight....blah..blah..blah.." I looked back at my menu. He asked what would be our orders and he wrote it down on his customer's order slip.

"Anything else, Sir.... Ma'am?"

Mr. Wilsons glanced at me waiting for my answer. I just shook my head.

What am I suppose to order here that my tongue hadn't taste yet, when all the foods in the menu were tasted by my tongue already. And of course, most of them came from my own recipe style.

"How about desserts, Sir.. Ma'am?"

Tony asked again but looking at me with amusement dancing in his eyes. I smiled at him and was about to speak when the man in front of my seat beaten me with an arrogant comment.

"No, we're not going to order desserts. Just go and get our foods and stop flirting with my girlfriend if you don't want your eyeballs would no longer connected to your body!"

My mouth fell open by his sudden outburst. And wait'-- Me-- girlfriend? What the fuck! Since when?

"I'm sorry, Sir." Tony's frightened face added to my shocked state. He's immediately disappeared at our sight. And Mr. Wilsons act as if nothing happened after that.

"Mr. Wilsons---- Gabriel, what was that?"

He glared at me when I mentioned again his last name but it didn't last when I change it into Gabriel.

I don't know which should I reacted first, the one that he introduced me as his girlfriend or that he snapped arrogantly on my employee? Because that was the first rule I've created since my business operates-- 'Treat every employee in a fair level'--.

"He's flirting with you and you seemed so oblivious with that!"

Ohh.. what should I say? That he's not really flirting with me... and because this is the first time they saw me sitting in my own restaurant with a freaking guy.

"That's not what I mean! What I am asking was why did you introduced me as your girlfriend? And what is it to you if someone's flirting with me, you're not my boyfriend!" I huffed and I crossed my arms over my chest.

He didn't say anything, he's just looking at me as if studying me or something.

"That's included in a deal I am about to offer you."

My eyes snapped at him in a flash.

"What?" my voice was a bit louder so I repeat it this time in a lower tone. "What? What are you talking about? Can we discuss that deal now?" my curiosity strikes from within.

"No. Not until we finished eating."

"But......." I was cut off by the smiling Noelle who's pushing the food cart. She actually delivered our food?

-'Oh my goodness! Really, Noelle?'-

I bite my tongue when I saw her obviously checking Mr. Wilsons whole face and body.

She put our foods in front of us while smiling like an idiot to the Greek God sitting across my seat.

"Do you need anything else, Sir? My name is Noelle, just call me anytime if you need anything." she batted her eyelashes.

But to my surprise, Mr.Wilsons hold my hand which is on top of the table and Noelle's eyes follow his gesture.

"Don't worry Ms. Noelle, I won't bother myself to call you. We don't need anything. This is all that we need. And can't you see I am with my fiancee, so stop your act of flirting with me!"

Both I and Noelle's eyes widened in shock. My hand unconsciously tightened its hold on his hand when I heard what he said. Not with the flirting thing, but with the word 'fiancee'.

What is wrong with this man? Earlier he introduced me as his girlfriend and suddenly I now became his fiancee? What would be the next... I'll become his wife?

"Fiancee?" Noelle's voice laced surprise while repeating the word on her mouth.

"Yes, fiancee." Mr. Wilsons said not looking at her but me.

"I see." Noelle said nodding. I looked at her and she has a 'you need to explain this to me' look on her eyes. "I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't know she's your fiancee."

I gulped as she eyed me. I know what will happen next.

-'Argh! Mr. Wilsons!'-

When Noelle disappeared in our sight, I didn't waste any minute.

"Wow, Gabriel! Earlier I was just your girlfriend and now I am your fiancee all of a sudden? What would you say next, that I am your wife?" I asked in disbelief.

"Let's not talk about this, until we finished. Now, eat." he answered not even bothered if I throw him my knife.

"But this is-------"

"Madi!" I was cut off by his dominant alpha voice. "Just eat first, we will discuss it later."


I didn't open my mouth again. I focused for a while on the food in front of me. And God! I didn't know I am this hungry. My stomach growled at the sight of the food, and let me tell you.. I think I can eat a whole cow.

I didn't even spare a glance on him, I just savored the heavenly taste of the food. I know he's staring at me, my every bite and my every chew, but I don't care I'm hungry. Besides, I'm just following his order 'eat first'. Although it's so creepy having an audience while eating, then so be it.

After finishing my food, my gall bladder wants to ask permission, she wants to see her friend-- the bathroom--.

"Can I just go to the restroom before we started discussing your deal?" that is when I look at him again.

He just nodded and sipped his wine, but didn't utter any word.

-'Madi, expect the obvious.'-

Walking at the hallway to the customer's restroom.

Noelle suddenly pulled me and dragged me to the back office of the restaurant.

"Hey, why did you do that? I'm going to the restroom." I glared at her but she just crossed her hands over her chest and returned the glare to me.

"Huh!" she huffed. "Since when, did you use the customer's restroom?" she asked raising her eyebrow.

"Since now, because I am just a customer right now and not the owner." I explained rolling my eyes.

"Oh, For goodness sake, Madi! What was happened in there? Tony told me, he's been yelled by your date. He was accused that he was flirting with you but

The truth is, he's just acknowledging you. Poor Tony. And you know what, I offered myself to bring your foods on your table just to see what he is talking about only to what? To be snapped by your so-called fiancee? My God, Madi! Earlier that man told Tony that he was your boyfriend, but when I approached you two, you became his fiancee? What was that Madi? I need an explanation!"

I lost count on how many times I sighed while she was rambling her thoughts.

"Noelle, listen. I will explain to you everything, but not now. Honestly, I was also shocked by his way of introducing me. He just asked me to be here because he said he has a deal to offer me. But I didn't know he booked a reservation here."

"Wait, a deal to offer you? First, he introduced you as his girlfriend, then next was his fiancee. Oh my God!" she exclaimed widening both of her eyes. "I think I know what will be his offer."


"To be his wife!"

I nervously chuckled by her statement.

"That's not gonna happen. Why would he offer me to be his wife? We can't consider ourselves as friends."

"So, who was he exactly to you?"

"He's my boss."

"What? Your boss?" she gasped. "You mean the CEO of Wilsons?"

"Yes, that's him."

"Oh my freaking goodness! You had a hot and sexy boss, Madi!"

And not a second, I am confused by her sudden action. She bend searching something on the floor.


are you doing?"

"Wait! I'm searching!"

"And what are you searching on there?" I asked also bending to search for something.

"My panty."

I immediately stopped in my tracks.

"What?" I asked again, not sure if I heard it correctly or it just sounds like.

"Yes. You heard it, my panty. I think I lost and dropped it somewhere when I saw your hot and yummy boss!"

I punched her arm and I started laughing. She also laughed with me.

"You're silly!" I said in the middle of my laugh.

"What? It's true, come on. Help me to find my panty."

"Panty your ass!" we laughed a minute before I decided to go to the restroom. But this time, to our private room at the back office.

"You're still going to share that to me, including your boss, offer." she playfully warned me.

"Okay fine." I said before I walked out of the office and back to our table.

"I'm sorry, did I took so long?" I asked him as soon as I was seated back on my chair.


He said while sipping his glass of water. He really can't form a simple sentence to answer, does he?

"So, what's with the deal that you're going to offer me?" Honestly, I am freaking nervous inside. I want to blame Noelle for implanting some thoughts about his deal on my head.

"Madi, I want you to listen to me carefully. As long as I'm finished talking, I don't want you to interrupt me, am I clear?"

-'Whoa! Really? We cut the formalities but your still ordering me.'-

I mentally rolled my eyes as I straightened my seat.


"I want you to be my wife." he said straight to the point and I almost choke the air inside my throat.

-'What the---am I still hearing Noelle's words?"-

"I - I'm so.. I'm sorry?" this time I brought the glass of water to my mouth because it suddenly went dry. I gulped three times.

"Be my wife."

Thank God, I already swallowed the water. If not, I am sure I spit all of it to his face. I need to inhale more air because his words cut my air passage.

"What are you talking about?" I asked when my breathing relaxed. "Are you proposing to me right now? Wow, so where is the ring? And why are you not on your knees?" I tried to throw a joke to ease my nervousness but I was just the one who laughed at my own joke.

His face was masked of pure coldness and seriousness. And I gulped hard.

"Listen, I am not offering you to be my wife forever. What I am offering you is to pretend my loving wife for a certain someone and a certain period of time.

I raised my eyebrow as my eyes followed his hand when he clutched his phone. I am not sure of that certain someone is the same someone that Sandy told me and the one I saw on his phone.

"Okay....?" I urged him to continue.

"I want this certain someone to make jealous and regret what she did."

I saw how he clenched his jaws by mentioning the word 'regret'.

"But in the end you also want her to be back in your life." It's not a question, it's a statement. I looked directly into his eyes and I didn't miss the frowned that suddenly formed on his eyebrows.

"How did you know that it's a 'she' i am talking about and not he?"

I don't know but his question made me laughed. Is he actually serious?

"I didn't know Gabriel, you're also a comedian, " I said between my laugh. "Why, if not she, that means you want a man to make jealous."

He didn't say anything but I heard him sighed.

"I want to punish her. I want to return to her all the betrayals that she'd given me. I want her to suffer the pain until she begs me to stop."

His words sent goosebumps all over my body. It's the first time I am seeing him with a death look on his face. But I don't know why I can't see the same hatred on his eyes.

"You want to punish her, I see." I said nodding. "So...who exactly is this certain her in your life, and what she did to you, for you to make her jealous and to punish her? Was she your ex? Because if she is, that means you still not get over from her. And you want revenge."

The glare he's now giving me after of what I've said almost made me shrink in my seat.

"Madi." he whispered my name so cold as if it's his warning for me not to ask some questions or to say something, but I'm not convinced with his little story. I want more.

"I think it's none of your business."

"Oh, none of my business, yeah. And I'm sorry if I am asking some questions out of my curiosity. But you're offering me a deal, a deal I don't know what will I enter into. And if you want me to agree, you have at least give half of the story so I can have at least a piece of idea."

I explained myself while staring directly to his eyes. That's true, I really don't know what kind of a deal he's offering me. Because if it's true, it would change half of my life.

"And the deal you are offering is not that simple. To be your wife?"

"How would I know if you're going to agree the time I spilt to you my story? How can I be sure that I can trust you? That you're not also going to betray me?"

"Wow! Big word--- betray! Then try me. I mean, you're offering a life-changing deal so why don't you added some trust? Even if you're betrayed by someone, doesn't mean the next person you'll meet would also betray you. If you lost your trust to that someone, it's not a reason to mistrust everyone or anyone that will walk in, into your life. Besides, how could I also trust you if you yourself doesn't trust the one you want to agree with what you are offering with."

He looked at me intently and I do the same. We are now in a staring competition.

"And by the way, what would I get in the end if I happened to agree with your deal to be your pretend wife?"

"You spoke like a businesswoman, Madi."

I was taken aback by his words, but I immediately masked it. "That I am, Gabriel." his eyes turned a bit darker. "I am working in a business company, so I consider myself as a businesswoman.

He smirked.

-'Shit! Even its a smirked, he really looked so hot and handsome. I couldn't blame Noelle if she really lost her panty by just looking at him.'-

"Here." he pushed a check towards me on top of the table.

I crunched my eyebrows. "What's this?" I asked picking the check.

"You asked me, what would you get if you agreed with my deal."

I read the amount, and my eyes widened in surprise. ($100, 000, 000.00) One hundred million dollars. A very huge amount. I am shocked and surprised not by the number of zeros on the check, but by the fact that I've realized how desperate is the man in front of me with his plan.

"$100 million?" I asked shaking my head in disbelief. But he took it in a different way.

"What... is it not enough? I'm going to add-----"

"That's not what I mean, Gabriel!" I cut him off with a hard tone and with a snicker. He was a bit surprised but I ignored him. "What I mean is, $100MM is really a huge amount. And you're going to spend that amount just for her?"

"Listen, Ms. Davis!" I flinched a bit when he stomped his palms on the table with a loud thud. "I'm not asking any of your opinion. I don't need it! And it's not for her, it's for you! I'm going to pay you that money if you just agreed with this deal!" his voice laced with anger and seriousness. Take note, back with the formalities, I guess.

But I held my stand. "Exactly my point! You're going to give me that money to pretend as your wife, for what? To get even, to get revenge and to get her back! So still, the main point of this plan is for her. You're doing this for her!"

I am not into his money, honestly. I can also have that amount of money on my hand, although not as fast as like this, but I can have in through my business.

"And why do you need to do this? What will you get after you punished her? And what kind of punishment are you planning to give her after your plans? Making her jealous and then what--- getting her back into your life------"

"I think that questions are not really a part of your business! You're stepping out of your line here, Ms. Davis!"

He glared at me, his face was as red as tomato... not by blushing but by anger. And if ever looks could kill, you can find me six feet under the ground now.

"Ohh, is that so?" I paused and stand on my feet. "Then, take your deal with yours, Mr. Wilsons. I'm sorry, but I can't accept your deal. As you said, we're not in the office so that means, you can't order me and boss me around here. And I suggest, take your check back...." I pushed it back towards him. "Also, take your deal with yours or offer it to someone who will listen just to the side of your story. Goodnight, Mr. Wilsons. Thank you for the invites and also the food."

Standing up, I smiled at him and take a deep breath before walking away from him.

The look on his eyes after my little speech brought shivers down my spine.

I know it's a bit rude, walking out with anyone. Especially at him as my boss. But the same words came exactly from him.. we're not in the office... so, we can really cut the formalities.

Meaning, he's not my boss at the moment. Actually, since I owned the restaurant, I am the boss in my own place.


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