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   Chapter 3 Do you have a boyfriend

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 11922

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Madi's POV:

It's been one week since the conference room incident. I mentioned it to Sandy and she never does anything but to laugh her life out everything she remembers it.

"I wish I was there to capture the moment."

That's what she always saying. I also laughed with her, but Thanks God the issue has died suddenly.

And here we are again at the Cafeteria, having our lunch with Troy .. again beside me.

"Ahm.. Madi?" Troy caught my attention while munching my gingerbread.


"I have a question."

"What is it?" I looked at him. He's wearing a sheepish smile on his face.

"D-Do you have a boyfriend?"

Sandy and I stopped our trance and I subconsciously swallowed fast my food.


"Uhm, c-can I i-invite for a d-dinner sometime?" he asked stuttering and scratching the back of his neck. He's really cute when blushing.

"Are you asking her for a date?" my eyes snapped at Sandy's direction when she thankfully voiced out my question.

Troy scratched again the back of his neck.

"Uhm.. I guess?"

"You guess? You mean you don't know if it's a date or not?"


"Sandy, let him talk." I cut what Troy was saying and glared at Sandy. She just rolled her eyes.

"If that so... I mean, if that's what you call it, then yes. I am inviting her for a date." Troy said looking at me. "I just thought since I'm still single and you don't have a boyfriend, uhm... why don't I invite you for a date. Don't worry, not tonight. But some other night, if you agree."

I was about to say something but Sandy opened her smart mouth again.

"Wow! I am starting to like your braveness, Troy. You had really asked a girl on a date in front of her friend. Just wow!" she said nodding while grinning.

"Ohh, thanks." Troy said proudly. "So, can I have the honor to date you, Ms. Madielyn Davis?"

He acted like a prince asking his princess to dance with him.

"Okay, just tell me in advance where you are going to take me so I can prepare."

"Yes!" instead of Troy, Sandy exclaimed loudly.

"Your voice!" me and Troy warned her in unison. We didn't notice the same pair of eyes watching our conversation intently until we finished our lunch.


Same as my everyday routine after lunch and every 4 pm, I brought Mr. Wilsons his coffee. And it's now his 3rd coffee of the day. I am wondering how can he drink too much coffee in a day and take note--- every day. Wouldn't he become high in caffeine?

Yeah.. not in drugs but from coffee. Wouldn't he become acidic or have an ulcer?

My thoughts stopped when I am standing right in front of his door. I knocked 3 times before he answered 'come in'.

I found him standing at the large window behind his desk with hands both on his pants pockets. He's staring at the busy streets down the building.

"Mr. Wilsons, you're coffee, Sir." I put it on top of his table.

He watched my every move before he walked towards his desk and get the cup of coffee. I averted my eyes away when he brought it to his lips to take a sip.

When he put it down again, I asked him the same question after giving him his coffee.

"Anything else, Sir?" although I know he would just answer me with his the same answer.. 'Nothing more.'

"Do you have a boyfriend, Ms. Davis?" my eyes widened in a bit surprised as I gulped. For all the questions that he would possibly ask me about in this world... really this question?

"I'm sorry, Sir?" I asked him again, maybe I was just played by my own ears.

"I said, do you have a boyfriend?"

-'So he really asked me that question!'-

Actually, I don't have an idea why suddenly he's asking me a very personal question which is not related to my work. But since I don't see any problem with that, I still answered him in a polite manner.

"No, Sir. I don't have a boyfriend." I answered although my voice laced confusion.

"Are you dating with someone, right now?"

"I'm sorry again, Sir?" ..where is this question going to?'-

He sighed loudly. I can see he's tensed and annoyed. Well, it's not my fault. I was just shocked, you know.

"Do I really have to repeat myself, every time I am asking you, Ms. Davis?" now he's annoyed.

"I'm sorry Sir, but I was just shocked by your questions. And I was taken aback because I'm not expecting you to ask me such those questions." I reasoned on him in all honesty.

"Is it difficult to answer that? It's just a yes or a no!" he snapped ignoring what I said. "Are you dating someone right now, Ms. Davis?" he looked at me intently.

"No, Sir. But I am about to -------"

"Good." he cut me off but I didn't control myself to raised an eyebrow.


"What?" I voiced out confused.

"Because I have a deal to offer you, Ms. Davis. My driver will pick you up by 7 tonight. Be ready by then."


"You're dismissed, Ms. Davis." he said completely ignoring me by dialling on his phone

But of course me being also a boss myself, I insist on asking him.

"Excuse me Sir, but may I ask the deal that you are talking about?"

His eyes immediately snapped at me. "Ms. Davis, it's not work-related, so I won't discuss it with you right here in the office." his cold look gives shivers down my spine.

"Exactly Mr. Wilsons! If it's not work-related, then why do you have to offer me your deal? And why did you have to ask me about having a boyfriend or if I am dating? Does your offer something connected with it?"

"Ms. Davis, don't push me on telling you right now. because it won't happen! You're dismissed!"

-'That's it?'-

He completely ignored me by turning around his swivel chair after getting his phone. And now the back of his chair is the one facing me...

-'Wow! What a rude attitude! What if I tell you, I won't go and listen to what you will say?'-

I didn't bother to ask him again and to say goodbye. I just walked out of the door and headed towards my desk.

"He doesn't r

eally know how to talk in a nice manner! Oh God! I'm going to have wrinkles because of you, Gabriel Wilsons!" I groaned as soon as my butt touches the soft pad of my chair.


At 5:00 o'clock, I peeked again at his office. Although I know I will just get the same response, as an act of professionalism, I knocked on his door. And after his saying 'come in', I just stand on the door frame saying my goodbye to him.

"Okay, be ready at 7:00 pm." he said not even giving me a glance.

I just nodded and didn't bother if he see me or not.

At 6:30 pm, I finished taking a bath and drying my hair with the blower.

"What do I suppose to wear? He didn't even mention where he's going to take me or talk to me. My God!" I pulled my hair and sighed in irritation.

I pick my mascara and applied it to my lashes. And since it's not a date, I just add an eyeliner and nude lipstick.

"That's it! This would do. No need to put more make up. He's my boss and this is not a date." I told myself in front of the mirror.

For my dress, I just wear my simplest sleeveless-navy blue floral dress that ended just on my mid-thighs. I add some curls on my hair to make it more bouncy, and that's okay. Two inches black sandals for my feet. I don't want him to think that I really put an effort to this 'Set up", although I did a little...

Just a little.

At exactly 7:00 pm, I heard a knock on the front door. I headed down the stairs to open it, but I found Jaime (my apartment mate) talking to someone at the door.

"Here she is." she said looking at me, smiling. I walked towards them.

"Good evening, Ms. Davis. I'm Jhon and I am Mr. Wilsons driver. I am here to pick you up."

"Oh, okay." I smiled at him and turned to Jaime but she has an arched eyebrow.

I winked at her and exited the door following John to the car. He opened the passenger's seat door for me.

"Thank you, Jhon." I said before he closed the door.

"Your welcome, Ms. Davis." he closed it before I could speak again.

When he's already seated at the driver's seat, I called him again.


"Yes, ma'am?" he looked at me waiting for my next statement.

"Just call me Madi, please. Calling me Ms. Davis can makes me feel old. I'm only 26." I smiled to ease his tension.

"Okay Madi, if that's what you want."

"Thanks." I smiled at him and he started the engine.

I didn't bother to ask him where we are going. I just wait till we came to our destination.

After 20 to 25 minutes of sightseeing the streets that we passed by, the road seemed very familiar to me. And I closed my eyes tightly when we stop and he parked at the parking lot in front of the very - very familiar fine dining restaurant.

"Ms. Davis--- I mean Madi, we are here. Mr. Wilsons is waiting for you inside." John informed me.

"Where are we exactly?" I asked not opening my eyes.

"At the restaurant where Mr. Wilsons told me to take you."

I take a deep breath. "What is the name of the restaurant?" I asked him again still in closed eyes, silently praying not the same restaurant I've been thinking.

"Maiden restaurant."

"Oh, shit!" I muttered under my breath.

Maiden in short for Madielyn and it's my Dad's nickname to me when I was young. It's the first restaurant I built out of the three.

"Is there any problem, Madi?" he asked sounded concern.

I opened my eyes, take a deep breath and smiled at him.

"No, Jhon. I'm okay. Thank you for picking me up."

"My pleasure." he would just going to take his seatbelt but I stopped him.

"It's okay, Jhon. Let me." I smiled again before opening the door and stepped out.

His eyes held the silent protest but I just waved at him before walking to the entrance of the restaurant. But of course, not before calling Noelle. I am shaking my head for the scenario I am imagining in my head after this.

I told her to talk all the staff not to greet me when they see me inside, which I know a bit impossible. I don't know how she will manage to do that but I texted her again that I will explain it all once I have time.

"Good evening ma'am----- Ms. Madi?" the security guard at the entrance greeted me with widened eyes.

I put my forefinger to my lips to show him to be quite. I think he got it and he smiled before he nods.

When my feet stopped at the entrance, "Good evening------Ms.Madi?" Susan, one of our waitress held the same expression with the guard. "You're so beautiful Ms. Madi, " she said in excitement. She has the reservation book on her hands.

"Good evening, Susan. Ahm.. is there a name of Gabriel Wilsons on your lists tonight?" I asked smiling and her eyes light up more.

"Let me check it, ma'am." she scanned the lists. "Oh, yes ma'am. You want me to show you where the table is?"

And my eyes widened. "Oh no, it's okay. Just tell me where the side he's in."

"Okay, ma'am. He's in the left-wing. Third table before the corner."

"Okay, thank you."

"Are you sure ma'am, you don't want me to show you the table?"

"No, it's okay. No need to do that. Thank you, Susan." I said smiling.

"You're welcome, Ms. Madi." she smiled back at me.

"Uhm... by the way, Susan. Please after this, go to Ms. Noelle. She has some instructions to all of you. Go now, just left the reservation book to the guard for a while."

"Yes ma'am." she nodded without asking back.

After that, I walked to where Mr. Wilsons table at. And I found him on his phone frowning and talking to someone on the other line.

I am wondering if that's the same person he's talking with on his phone a few days ago. An investigator as I remember.

-'Ohh, tsk..tsk..tsk.. poor someone whoever you are, I pity you for getting hired by him. Until now, he can't get over with his ex-girlfriend that he needs to hire an investigator to monitor her?'-

And then, there's again the sudden 'pangs' in my heart.


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