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   Chapter 2 His Cold Voice

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 13859

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'Ohh... Thank God, the coffee in my hand didn't freeze by the coldness of his voice.'


Madi's POV:

Answering some phone calls and checking his new schedules, almost occupied half of my day.

I didn't notice how the time passed and it's already our lunchtime.

Sandy appeared in my office door wearing her hungry smile.

"What's up? Work over food?"

I smiled. "Fine. I didn't notice the time."

"Hmp! That's your dialogue every day, " she said rolling her eyes.

"Really? I didn't know that." I said smiling widely while cleaning my table.

I just get my phone and my purse before we walked to the elevator down to the cafeteria of the building.

"You know what, I have a wonderful story."

I glanced at her while entering the busiest side of the building at this hour.

"And what is it?"

"About our boss." she covered her mouth on the other side so no one can hear her voice except us. And it gets me intrigued. I arched my eyebrow.

"That's gossiping!" I told her even though it really intrigued me to the bones.

"His cold behavior has a story." she continued whispering.

"What story?"

"I heard, he was betrayed by his ex. The one that he loved but also the one who got away. She left him."

I don't know but hearing him already loved someone gives my heart a slight pinch. But I just ignored it and open my ears to the additional information from her.

"How did you get that?" I asked her all ears.

"I just heard it when I went to finance department earlier. And you know what, after of that incident, that's when he accepted the position from his father to become the CEO of WEC."

I turned to her, trying to gather more of her story.

"Plus... they said, after his ex betrayed him with another man, he became cold and heartless."

"Hey! You heard it from someone who's talking behind his back?" I eyed her.

"Yes, but I didn't mean to. They were already talking when I walked past them. And don't tell me you're not interested, because everyone in this building loves to gossip about his life."

"I'm not interested." I lied. "I'm just intrigued."

She chuckled behind me as I walked inside to where the line's starts.

"Girl, that's the same. It's a synonym of interested."

So, he was betrayed? I am wondering if his behavior that he's showing us today is different from his personality before he's been cheated by his ex. Wait? What kind of ex? Ex-girlfriend or ex-wife?

"Ex-fiancee." I was shocked and my head immediately snapped at Sandy's direction.

"You heard it?" I asked my eyes widened. I'm just asking it to myself.

She chuckled again. "Of course, silly! Your thinking ao loud!"

"Ohh.." that's all I've said and I bite my bottom lip due to the slight embarrassment. I hope no one heard me talking to myself except her.

"So... that's what you're calling 'not interested', huh?"

She's smirking but I rolled my eyes.

"Hi, Madi."

Saved by the bell when Troy from HR department greeted me over two persons in the line ahead of me.

"Hi, Troy." I smiled at him.

"Hmmp! The flirting began."

Sandy muttered to herself but I just laugh. She keeps on insisting that Troy has a big crush on me but I just also keep on ignoring her.

The thing is, even though he has a crush on me, I can't see anything wrong with that. And that's not a valid reason for me to avoid him. For me, as long as I am not giving him any motive to bring his 'crush' on me at any level, I don't need to stay away from him. Besides, I also considered him as my friend.

He joined us on our table as he always did every day. Of course, sitting beside me.

"I really love their chicken sandwich."

Troy said while unwrapping his second sandwich on his hands.

"I can see that."

Sandy said while grinning.

I twirled my spaghetti on my fork and shoved it to my mouth.

"Troy, where are you from?"

Sandy asked him suddenly.

"Me? I came from Florida." he answered and Sandy and I shared a look.

"You also came from Florida?" I asked facing him.

"Yeah, that's where I lived before I tried my luck here in Chicago. Why? Don't tell me you were also from Florida?"

"Well... yeah." I shrugged. "That's my birthplace."

"Wow, great." we both looked at Sandy. She just shrugged and take a sip of her juice. I know that kind of look.

"Yeah, destiny." my eyes widened by Troy's word, but widened more when Sandy spit out half of the juice from her mouth and cough.

"Sandy!" I glared at her. Thank God, I already finished my food.

"I'm sorry." she said still coughing.

"You did it on purpose!" I accused her.

"What? Of course not! Can't you see I'm coughing my life out? Blame him!" She pointed Troy beside me.

"Wait? Why me?" Troy asked confused.

"Because you mentioned the word destiny!" she snapped at him.

"And so? Maybe it's a real destiny that Madi and I came from the same land." he countered back with a loud voice.

"Yeah! So, it's really your fault!" she snapped again with a louder voice than Troy.

"Wait! I can't see my fault on that! What if I said that Madi and I were brought here by destiny?"

-'Oh God!'-

I just bite my bottom lower lip while massaging my temple. I looked around to see almost all the eyes of the people sitting inside the Cafeteria were now on us. And the pair of brown eyes that owned by Mr. Wilsons also staring at us -- coldly... well, staring at me.

"Hey! You two, stop bickering over your food. You're creating a scene and gathering attention!"

They looked around and smiled to those who were raising their eyebrows on them. But they didn't notice the cold stare of our boss from the corner--not--so--far from our table.

Sandy continued her food while Troy scratching his neck. After finishing our lunch, we headed back to our desks, while Troy returned to his department.

I didn't found Mr. Wilsons on where he's seated earlier.

I checked the time from my wristwatch and found it 5 minutes before 1 pm. I need to go to the pantry to make another coffee for my boss. I also bring my notepad to remind him of his scheduled meeting at 1:30 pm.

After 5 minutes, I am knocking again on his office door.

"Come in."

Ohh... Thank God, the coffee in my hand didn't freeze by the coldness of his voice.

-'Why does he have to be so cold?'-

I pushed the door and found him on his phone. He's talking to someone on the other line, so I didn't greet him. I put the mug on his desk and wait for him to finish his call.

"I didn't ask your opinion regarding this matter!"

I gulped as he yelled that someone on the other line.

"I am paying you to investigate her, to monitor her and not to interrogate me! Understood?"

Maybe he didn't wait that someone to answer as he ended the call immediately after he yelled.

-'Wow!'- I mentally arched my eyebrow. -'Not so arrogant!'-

"Your coffee, Mr

. Wilsons." I said with a slight smile, pretending I didn't hear anything. Liar!

"What's my next schedule?"

He seated on his chair. I remained standing as I opened my notepad.

"You have a meeting with the Cordova's Marketing at 1:30 pm. Their COO will be the one to meet you together with his secretary. As per his secretary, they will present their project presentation regarding the new product they want our company to buy."

I stated fluently. As I finished, I looked at him to see him staring blankly at the bookshelves on his left side.

I waited for him to speak but minutes has passed, he didn't move any a bit. Then there's a new notification on his phone and he unconsciously swiped it by his arm. And since it's on the table, I abled so see the picture that popped up on it. I gulped as I saw the picture of a woman with a man's arm over her shoulders.

I averted my eyes away from it and focused on my notepad. I remembered Sandy's story earlier. I looked at him through my lashes and I didn't miss how he clenched his jaws and his knuckles turned white by the handgrip that he's giving to his phone.

-'Poor phone. I'm sorry for you and for your sufferings.'-

"Mr. Wilsons."

I tried to call his attention. His head snapped towards me and I flinched slightly by the look on his eyes. But when he noticed that it's me who's standing in front of him, his eyes softened a bit and he let out a sigh.

"What's my next schedule?"


My mouth fell open by his question. So, I became really invisible for him earlier? I just mentally rolled my eyes and repeat what I said earlier regarding his next meeting. As if I had a choice.

"Okay. Be ready at that time."

"Yes, Sir. Anything else?"

"Nothing more."

I nodded and walked out of his office.

Walking back at my desk, my mind was left on the picture of the woman I saw from his phone. I can't help but to think again what has Sandy told me about Mr. Wilsons' past.

As long as I don't want snooping other people's lives, I can't help myself being intrigued by his past. Maybe the gossip was true, because of his cold behavior. Was that woman really the reason of him being distant?

Does he still know how to smile? Ever since I started working at this company, I have never seen him laugh or even smile. Whenever his employees greeted him, he never even greet them back. His face always masked of seriousness and coldness.

My thoughts were interrupted by a text message from George, one of my manager from my second restaurant. She's also my friend from college.

George: 'Madi, can you drop by here before you go home? We just need your signature for the renewal of permit of the restaurant. Thanks.'

Me: 'Okay... thanks, George.'

I replied back. I checked my watch and it's 5 minutes before 1:30. I gathered my things and walked out the door.

I saw Sandy walking towards me, she came from the elevator. For sure she just checked the conference room where the meeting will be held.

"The meeting room is ready." she said smiling.

"Thank you, Sandy."

"Yeah, good luck."

Before I could answer, the door from the CEO's office opened and there he walked out the Greek God himself, I mean... Mr. Gabriel Wilsons, wearing his signature cold demeanor.

"Let's go." he said walking past at me.

Sandy winked at me when I glanced back at her.

I always thanking God for giving me the ability to walk fast. I was a track in field athlete when I was in elementary and high school. So, I can follow the long strides of this giant.

He entered the elevator with me trailing behind him. I pressed the close button and our designated floor.


It's been almost one hour since the presentation began. I am always attentive in listening on this matter because sometimes, my opinion was being asked by my boss himself during the meeting.

It continued until 2:45 pm. That means the discussion lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes to be exact.

All throughout the meeting, there was a pair of eyes that keep on staring at me. It was from Mr. Emerson Solivan, the secretary of the Cordova's COO. But I am busy listening to the discussion in front of me, so I just ignored him and I acted oblivious of his stare.

When they all stand up, I collected my things with some of the mess from the table.

They were congratulating each other and exchanging their handshakes.

I was about to walk to the next chair to collect another folder that was used from the meeting when someone bumped me on my shoulder. Not just the folder from my hand fell on the floor but also me. I didn't expect the sudden force, and since I am wearing heels, I hadn't balanced well my body so I end up falling on the floor with my butt first.


I groaned in pain and I don't know if I said it loudly. Thank God, some of the people walked out of the room already.

"Oh! I'm sorry, Ms. Davis. I didn't notice you."

Mr. Solivan explain as if I am going to buy his foul excuse. I know he intentionally bumped me for me to talk to him, as I didn't spare him a glance since I found him staring at me.

"It's okay Mr. Solivan."

I managed to say with a smile. I am wearing a skirt and I noticed him gulped when he saw my legs. I tried to stand on my own, and he bends himself to help me but he was stopped by a cold and serious voice from behind me.

"Don't touch her, Mr. Solivan! Or I swear I'm going to break your arms!"

Mr. Solivan gulped nervously as Mr. Wilsons came in front of me glaring at him. My eyes snapped at him as his two hands now in front of me, offering help for me to stand.

When I am sure of his intention, I didn't hesitate to grab them. He helped me to get up, and when I am on my own feet, he faced the paled man who is now also sweating from nervousness.

"I saw you, how you eye raped my assistant while we're all discussing your proposal! And you intentionally bumped her, for her to fall and for you to act as if helping her to stand!"

"N-No... S-Sir. It's just ----"

"One more word Mr. Solivan, and I'll swear this would be your last job in your life! And if you continued standing in front of me!"

"O-Ohh... I'm sorry Sir, Ms. Davis."

And he ran out of the door.

"Thank you, Sir."

I gulped as I bend down to pick the folder from the floor. But to my not--so--lucky day, my forehead bumped into another forehead. Mr. Wilsons forehead to be exact.



We exclaimed in unison as we both rubbed our forehead.

"What a shity day!"

I slowly muttered to myself before picking up again the folder.

"I'm sorry, Sir."

I managed to say before collecting all the folders from the table.

He didn't say anything, he just walked past me towards the door.

'-What would I expect?'-

After gathering all my things, I followed him and exited the room.


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