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   Chapter 1158 A Deal

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All of Ricky's sense, including his intuition, told him that this place didn't belong to any of the nine heavens. It was also unlikely to be the outer heaven or the legendary heaven.

He looked around in confusion but quickly recovered because he had experienced things a lot more shocking than this.

'I think there are two reasons that this happened. First is due to the chromatic energy, and the other is that I don't have the Heavenly Meridian,' Ricky thought to himself.

'The color of this place resembles the chromatic energy, and I remember that I was wrapped up in the chromatic energy at that time. So I think this is most likely due to the chromatic energy.

Maybe my martial arts path is doomed to be different from that of any other living creature the moment I got the regained spiritual meridian. After all, my martial arts path is not within the heavenly law, so I don't need to communicate with the heavens within the heavenly law. Instead, I need to commune with my version of heaven, which belongs solely to me.'

After that, Ricky integrated all his mind and will into this special heaven.

Just as the Dragon Intent Grass had said, everything he had, including his comprehension and perception ability, rapidly improved. He could also feel that the speed of his cultivation had promoted a lot.

However, it was too difficult to improve the realm while he already became a spiritual emperor. It might require a month of similar cultivation to achieve a noticeable effect.

If a mortal creature cultivated under such circumstances, he would undoubtedly make a breakthrough from the Skin Refinement Level to an innate spiritual king in a month.

"I see that only when a spiritual emperor communicates with his heaven can he improve his cultivation speed. In this way, the cultivation speed will be at least three times faster. And I can feel that it is multiple times faster than what it was before," Ricky excitedly noted.

Unconsciously, he had indulged in such a cultivation state.

Time passed swiftly in his meditation, like a passing cloud.

When Ricky woke up, Queenie was already beside him.

"How long have I spent in cultivation?" Ricky asked.

"Just a few days."

"Only a few days? Wow. I feel like a few years have passed!" Ricky blurted out in amazement.

"It seems that you have communicated with your heaven. Tell me, what is your heaven like?" Queenie asked curiously because she really wanted to know more about the heaven that a once incredible demi-spiritual emperor communed with. And she believed that any other creature

f his tribe's powers. Every creature of his tribe depended on it!

If the Sacred Unicorn Fire's purity would be increased, it would not only increase their strength, but it could also stimulate their blood power to a certain extent.

Ricky's proposition also astonished Rodger, Eric, and Queenie.

As a creature who just became a spiritual emperor, Ricky was not supposed to know any method to increase the sacred fire's purity, even though he was once an incredible demi-spiritual emperor.

"Are you serious, Ricky? You're not just pulling my leg, right?" Gage asked seriously again, looking extremely excited.

"We haven't known each other for long, but I promise I don't joke about such serious matters," Ricky reassured him.

When he spoke, his tone was firm and confident, and the others could not help but trust in him.

"If you're telling the truth, you must be my savior. Just tell me what you want! I will try my best to do whatever you want me to do," Gage said seriously.

"Ha-ha, don't worry! I don't want anything big, just want a cluster of your fire!" Ricky smiled warmly, pleased at Gage's reaction since it was now obvious he would get the fire that he needed.

"Rodger and Eric, please watch over and protect us while we do this," Ricky said, turning to Rodger and Eric.

The two immediately stood straighter, flattered by the trust he was now giving them. "We are glad to do that. We would like to see how incredible you can be."

"Ha-ha, thank you so much!" Ricky smiled.

"Now, Gage, please release the tension in your body and concentrate. Gather your Sacred Unicorn Fire. Don't resist my power."

"I got it!" Gage nodded enthusiastically. Then he closed his eyes and focused.

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