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   Chapter 1157 Fusion Of Two Trees

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When Ricky heard the Evil Mandragora's words, he hastily turned to Queenie and said, "Can I have the seed of this grand evil tree? I need it for something. If you give it to me, I'll owe you one!"

"Why would you want the grand evil tree?" Queenie eyed Ricky with a puzzled look on her face, and she tried to see why Ricky wanted the grand evil tree. As far as she knew, he was not compatible with it.

But she soon realized what he needed it for and said with a smile, "Oh! You want to give it to the Evil Mandragora, am I right?"

"Exactly!" Ricky nodded.

"In that case, we can say that the grand evil tree's seed truly belongs to her. After all, the grand evil tree is not suitable for any living being on this continent, and only those of the devil race are fit for it. Since the Evil Mandragora is on your side, it will be the best for her to get the grand evil tree," Queenie said, nodding her head in agreement with Ricky's decision.

After that, Ricky took the seed of the grand evil tree and entered the Divine Manor. There, he handed it to the Evil Mandragora.

Then, he returned to the core area where he and Queenie began to cultivate in seclusion.

Queenie aimed to merge with the grand humanoid evil tree, while Ricky aimed to integrate with the grand humanoid tree.

Ricky's mind entered the seed of the grand humanoid tree, as he communicated with it first.

As he spent more time on it, it became clear that the grand humanoid tree was very similar to the Void Tree. They both had their own will, although they did not have psychic intelligence.

At the same time, Ricky infused the tree with primitive power and chromatic energy.

The grand humanoid tree had already recognized Ricky. And with the help of these two powers, Ricky ultimately merged with the grand humanoid tree within just one day.

As it absorbed more and more power, the seed began to change. It rapidly sprouted healthy, green leaves and soon towered over Ricky. Within a short while, the small tree had grown as tall as the Void Tree.

The Void Tree had a gray tinge over it, and every place was filled with heavenly power. Therefore, since Ricky owned a Void Tree, his cultivation speed was several times faster compared with other living creatures.

Of course, the most important thing with the Void Tree was that it could bring the person who owned it close to the heavenly law, and it could also allow that person to comprehend the heavenly law effectively. With its help, that creature could see his martial art's path more clearly and, thus, pave the way to become the strongest one.

On the other hand, the grand humanoid tree was white, and it was filled with the continent's purest power.

Once Ricky had fused with the grand humanoid tree, the way to beco

se to the chaos. And you can feel all kinds of primitive powers inside. It is a gray space."

"I wonder which heaven I can communicate with as I am a spiritual emperor without Heavenly Meridian," Ricky queried d again, hoping for an answer this time.

"You have extraordinary spiritual meridian, and you have also become an emperor. I suppose the heaven you can communicate with is, at the least, the outer heaven!" the Dragon Intent Grass answered confidently. "You should integrate your whole body and mind into the heavenly law and follow the heavenly power to enter your heaven."

Concentrating his mind and activating the Void Tree,

Ricky quickly integrated his entire mind and will into the heavenly power in the surroundings.

However, what Ricky did not expect was that at this time, the chromatic energy in his body automatically enveloped his mind and will like a spiritual shield.

"Is the chromatic energy guarding me?" Ricky asked, a puzzled expression on his face.

However, he did not think about it too much because he didn't have a lot of information on chromatic energy.

He silently tried to communicate with the heavenly law in a natural way. After a long time, his mind and will finally come to a strange space. There was no doubt that this was the heaven he could communicate with.

However, after observing for a while, Ricky was a little stunned. This heaven was not similar to the first to the ninth heaven, nor did it look like anything that the Dragon Intent Grass described. In fact, it looked different from the descriptions of the outer heaven or the legendary heaven that he was given.

This heaven was colorful, and there was no complete space or broken space. It was totally invisible.

"What happened? Where am I?" Ricky asked aloud in confusion, hoping that somebody would give him some answers.

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