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   Chapter 1156 A New Discovery

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At once, Ricky also eased his power down.

Since Rodger could not destroy his array, Ricky naturally won the battle. In fact, even if he hadn't used that array, he believed that he would still defeat Rodger in the end.

He was that confident of himself.

"That explains it. However, I didn't expect you to use it on me. Anyway, regardless if you used it or not, this power still belongs to you. I am defeated, and your incredible strength has sincerely convinced me," said Rodger.

Ricky nodded gratefully in return, answering, "Thank you!"

"I hope you two can join us after you finish your task here and get out of this place. We will wait for you in the forest outside. If you don't mind that our talent is not enough, Ricky, we want to make friends with you. What do you think?" proposed Rodger in a friendly manner.

Honestly, they weren't happy that they had failed to obtain the chance of obtaining the grand humanoid evil tree, but they had no regrets. After all, they got to fight Ricky, and it was an honor to be defeated by such an incredible fighter.

"Ha-ha, it will be my pleasure!" Ricky replied with a bright smile.

Then, Rodger and the other three left the core area, for it was better that they weren't there for the next part, which was the process of refining the grand humanoid evil tree. After all, it was a top-secret process.

What was more, if they were present, they would envy Ricky and Queenie and feel upset.

"Queenie, the grand humanoid evil tree belongs to you now.

Hurry up and refine it while I can still control myself. Otherwise, I might fail to restrain the greed in my heart," Ricky said in a teasing tone.

"Thank you. Without you, I might have already died," Queenie told Ricky sincerely. "From now on, you have my approval. I've said that I'll do three things for you, and you can count on these words."

"My, my! It's not your style to say these words," Ricky teased her as his lips curled with an evil smile, making Queenie frown in irritation.

"Humph!" she snorted and rolled her eyes at Ricky, knowing that he was just goading her for fun.

She turned away from him and jumped to the core area to take the seed of the grand humanoid evil tree.

By this time, Queenie had been accepted by the grand humanoid evil tree, so the suppressive force on the seed had disappeared.

"Finally! The grand humanoid evil tree is mine!" Queenie couldn't help but yell in her excitement, as she clutched the seed in her hand.

"Just refine it quickly. You can be excited after you do that," Ricky urged with a smile, walking to her. "I will stand guard for you."

"Okay!" Queenie nodded, intending to merge the seed at o

ur word, even though I take this grand humanoid tree," Ricky said with a faint smile.

"Don't worry. I never break my promise to someone I have approved," answered Queenie.

Then, she was quiet for a moment as if she was deep in thought. But soon, her curiosity got the better of her, and she suddenly asked, "Ricky, I just realized that I don't know you as well as I thought. How did you get the Void Tree?"

"Of course, I entered the Heavenly Void and got it by chance and lady luck's help!" Ricky answered with a smile, although his answer was kind of vague.

He didn't want to share the details, so he changed the topic. He asked, "This white seed is the grand humanoid tree, right? What do you think about the black one?"

Seeing that Ricky was purposely changing the topic, Queenie didn't push him for more. She knew that Ricky must want to keep his secrets close to his chest.

"The one you got is the grand humanoid tree, so this one must be the grand evil tree," she answered, going along with the new topic. "Judging from the infinite evil spirit in it, I'm sure of that."

"So, this is the grand evil tree..." Ricky murmured.

"The grand humanoid evil tree accepted you, and the grand humanoid tree has appeared because it accepted me. But why did the grand evil tree appear?" he asked in confusion.

"Ricky, I've been cultivating in seclusion in the Divine Manor. Have you forgotten me?" The Evil Mandragora's familiar voice sounded at the moment.

"Evil Mandragora!" At the sound of her voice, Ricky got it at once.

"You don't need to think anymore. I'm sure the grand evil tree has appeared because of me. And I woke up from seclusion because I felt the grand evil tree's power of resonance with me," the Evil Mandragora said, sounding excited as well.

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