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   Chapter 1155 Heavenly Saber Stunt

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At this time, the remaining two battle rings had wholly merged. Molly and Eric then left respectively, but neither of them left the core area. Instead, they prepared to watch the last battle for the grand humanoid evil tree not far away.

"Hey, Eric. Who do you think will win this battle?" Molly whispered.

"Who do you want to win?" Eric asked instead. He didn't give a straight answer.

"Of course, I want it to be Rodger. Don't you see how disdainfully Queenie looked at me?"

Molly answered back in a cold tone. Eric didn't say anything more, but a small smile pulled at the corner of his lips.

"Why are you smiling?"

"Nothing. I just thought that it might be quite difficult for Rodger to win this time, even though he has the Heavenly Saber Mutant. As for Ricky, you already saw what he managed to do," said Eric with a shrug.

After that, the pair grew quiet as they both focused on the upcoming battle.

The fighting spirit and tension between Rodger and Ricky continuously thickened with each passing second. Suddenly, Rodger broke the silence. "Ricky, I have felt the blade intent from you, and it's probably more than forty percent. You must have been a saber master, too."

"I'm flattered, but I wouldn't call myself a saber master, especially not in the face of a blade master like you. After all, you can manage fifty percent blade intent." Ricky threw a faint smile to Rodger.

He had to admit that his saber skills were not as outstanding as Rodger's, and he could even go so far as to say that Rodger was far superior to him in this respect.

"I assure you that this is not just lip service. I am merely stating a fact I gathered from my observations today. By the way, have you regained your strength at peak state?" Rodger asked.

"Sure, tackling ten more battles would be fine for me now." Ricky smiled.

"That's good to know. Okay, let's cut to the chase! I will take action first," declared Rodger. He was keenly aware of the rules: the one who took the shot first would usually take the lead in all probability.

"Ha-ha, I'll be much obliged to see how powerful your Heaven Saber Mutant is." Ricky laughed boisterously, as the inner energy inside him was bursting out.

With the buzzing sound, his array, the Wail of Ghosts and the Howl of Wolves, was revealed.

"You have seen it earlier, Rodger. This array is combined with my power at the peak state. If you can destroy this array, you will win the battle," Ricky uttered sincerely as his figure was merged into the array in an instant.

Rodger didn't mind his words and declared at the top of his lungs, "Heavenly Saber Stunts!"

At this moment, the real power of the Heavenly Saber Mutant was revealed. Everything around Rodger h

ded, and a golden world appeared. A golden giant rose from the ground and fused with the power of the array. The golden giant then threw a punch.

"What the hell!" Rodger was shocked by the punch; he couldn't believe his eyes. A shocked expression froze over his face, even as the sound of fighting continued to rage around him.

Of course, the people around him, including Rodger, recognized Ricky's eyes immediately. "Eyes of Heaven and Earth!" shouted Ricky with all his might.


Under the attack of Golden Spirit Eyes, Rodger appeared inferior to Ricky, which was a sharp contrast to their earlier situation. If Ricky defeated him with this move, he would have no more chance to destroy Ricky's array.

Just like Scales, Rodger was a decisive person. He knew that there was no chance for him to win, so he retreated all his power.

"Wow, Ricky! I can't believe you also have a pair of Eyes of Heaven and Earth. How enviable!" Rodger shook his head while gathering all his vigor.

The sudden change of the Heavenly Saber Stunt had granted Rodger the chance to break Ricky's array by surprise. However, Rodger didn't expect that Ricky owned a pair of Eyes of Heaven and Earth.

"At every critical point, Ricky showed so many trump cards that made me jealous!" Eric commented not far away.

Since Ricky had just fought with Scales, nobody expected him to bring out more impressive moves.

They had all thought he was exhausted, so they were naturally stunned when they saw Ricky showed off his another trump card.

"Actually, Rodger, I intended to show that move to Scales in the first place," Ricky remarked as he faced Rodger. "But Scales was quite decisive. He preferred to admit defeat and leave at once, so I was able to reserve it for my next deserving opponent, which turned out to be you."

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