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   Chapter 1094 The Real Blue Water Mutant

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6710

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"Your bright future? Created by you? Ha-ha! What a big joke!" Oswald let out a loud laugh, mocking Ricky. "Please enlighten me—how can you, who is going to die here, create a bright future?

Anyone who rebels against me shall die. Only those who obey me have the right to create their own bright future!"

With these words, his momentum exploded at once. The power of the blue water condensed into strong blades and hacked at Ricky from multiple directions.

It could be felt that the power of each blue blade had reached the extreme level of an demi-spiritual emperor. At that level, it could possibly even destroy the Thunderstroke Doom. No demi-spiritual emperor could be able to withstand it.

As they strongly felt the terrifying power of the blades, a strong sense of fear washed over all warriors present. Such power could only perhaps be found from a spiritual emperor.

"How is this possible? When did he possess such great power so close to that of a spiritual emperor's?" Soar said in a deep voice. He pressed his lips together. "Although I hate to admit it, I'm certain that even just one of those blue blades can easily defeat me."

Fein slowly nodded in affirmation. "Oswald concealed his real strength well. Is this the power of the Blue Water Mutant? If so, then Kenney is in danger now."

"Let's launch our strongest attack together and try to kill him in a split second. Only in this way can we defeat him," Ted advised.

"But we absolutely don't stand a chance! There's still a huge difference in our strength versus Oswald's. Although we've all grown strong enough to pass the doom, even with all our strengths combined, we're far from being able to rival against him! Well… That is unless we also trigger the Thunderstroke Doom!"

Autelan stated.

The others fell silent because Autelan's words were true. If they wanted to defeat Oswald, they had to trigger the Thunderstroke Doom.

In that case, their incomplete ruling power would change in an instant into the compl

ly subdued him.

'So is this how powerful the ace genius is?' Oswald thought grimly.

Ricky also looked solemn. He could feel Oswald's strength just through one move.

He had broken out his extreme power with the Chaotic Punch, but it was matched by just a casual attack from Oswald.

'This is indeed the power that can trigger the Thunderstroke Doom! And that water power is the power of the real Blue Water Mutant!

The last avatar of mine cannot compare with this at all!' Ricky exclaimed in his thoughts.

"Ricky, your strength has come close to the incredible demi-spiritual emperor, but it's still a long way to reach it. You have to travel that road by yourself," the Dragon Intent Grass said.

The powerful demi-spiritual emperor possessed the power to trigger the Thunderstroke Doom, which was a clear sign of becoming the incredible demi-spiritual emperor.

But to make it, one still had to make a most important breakthrough—a breakthrough that only himself would be able to know what it was like.

The road to becoming the incredible demi-spiritual emperor only belonged to himself and not anyone else.

'Incredible demi-spiritual emperor? So this fight is likely to be an opportunity for me to become that!' Ricky murmured to himself.


I'll let you know what the real Blue Water Mutant is!"

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