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   Chapter 1091 The Sudden Thunderstroke Doom

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"Could it be that these guys are devils, but they chose to cultivate the martial arts of the continent?" Autelan said loudly.

"No way! Creatures from the continent can't cultivate the evil spirit fully, and the upper limit is thirty percent. Even Norris, who is likely to have sold his corporeal body to devils, cultivated the evil spirit only up to fifty percent. And the opposite is also true. Even if devils sell their corporeal bodies to our continent, it is still impossible for them to completely remove the evil spirit from themselves.

Of course, maybe there is some other very special way that we don't know yet,"

Ricky protested at once, shaking his head vehemently.

"Ricky, this means that the people behind these men in black must surely have something to do with devils. This time, the matter is no longer because of personal conflict," Autelan said.

"You're right, Autelan. Since devils are involved, the matter is not as simple as a personal conflict. I am sure that something bigger is at play here," Ricky agreed, nodding his head sagely.

"Ricky, you know that I have followed you for a while now, and I have encountered a lot of things related to devils even since then. It seems to me that, in this era, devils are going to invade the continent once again," the Dragon Intent Grass said from Ricky's Soul Sea.

"The devils will invade?" Ricky replied to the Dragon Intent Grass curiously.

At the same time, he wondered what it could have meant.

"What should we do next?" Soar asked worriedly.

"Of course, we should find out who the person behind these men in black is. This will be our only goal before we leave the Complete Emperor Island. After all, almost all the members of the Sky-breaking Dome have died," Ricky answered at once, seemingly undaunted by the great task before them.

"Are we going to look for that person aimlessly? We know nothing about them after all," Autelan said.

"Not necessarily. If these men in black fail to return to whoever set them on us, the people behind them will likely take action. There is a great chance that he or she might come to us voluntarily," Ricky explained.

"But before that, let me wake up Fein, Payne, and the four people from the Great Jade Dynasty first."

After saying that, Ricky sucked the remaining water toxins in the six people's bodies and woke up them with the Life and Death Fire.

He had already depicted the Ancient Water Toxin Array, but its power depended heavily on the toxin.

The toxin was limited. Every time the Ancient Water Toxin Array was used, toxins would have to be consumed.

Therefore, the user had to

estructive auras radiated all over the place, and from time to time, lightning flashed across the sky from out of nowhere.

Dark clouds were rolling in the sky outside the Complete Emperor Island. Thunderstroke clouds also materialized, as the destructive thunder surged as if it was ready to strike.

Such a scene naturally attracted all the creatures, and they all gathered in that place quickly.

"This is the Thunderstroke Doom for a spiritual emperor. Who is going to break through the Thunderstroke Doom and become a spiritual emperor?" said a spiritual emperor.

"The thunderstroke clouds are targeting the inner part of the Complete Emperor Island. It must be a genius on the Complete Emperor Island."

"It's very possible that a genius has obtained the Emperor Light but failed to use it properly, and the Thunderstroke Doom is drawn here instead."

"How reckless that guy is! He has to consolidate the current strength after absorbing the Emperor Light. How dare he try to break through the Thunderstroke Doom so soon?"

"I don't know if he is confident or reckless!"

"Someone wants to break through the Thunderstroke Doom on the Complete Emperor Island.

Is he courting death? This is the Complete Emperor Island, where a spiritual emperor is not allowed to exist!" Warriors lingered around the areas, heads turned to the west, as they talked about what was happening heartily.

"I don't know what it will be like to break through the Thunderstroke Doom on the Complete Emperor Island. Will it cause any harm to us?"

Meanwhile, Ricky and the others' faces darkened slightly. They all thought that the person who was most likely to be breaking through the Thunderstroke Doom at this moment must be the master of the men in black.

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