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   Chapter 1086 An Incredible Path

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Meanwhile, as soon as Ricky sat down, he felt the stress disappear from head to foot. Soon after, he activated the Supreme Skills as he prepared to absorb and refine the Emperor Light. But at that moment, he suddenly realized that he did not know how to absorb the purest ruling power.

In fact, the Emperor Light was so rare to spot that it could also be considered as a Treasure of Heaven and Earth. Moreover, it was needed by a warrior to become a spiritual emperor, and the only way to absorb it was absorbing it through a Heavenly Meridian.

But the problem was that Ricky didn't have a Heavenly Meridian.

"Hey, Ricky, why aren't you absorbing the Emperor Light?" asked the Dragon Intent Grass as it sensed Ricky's frustration.

"Well, how do you expect me to absorb it then?" Ricky sighed as he felt so helpless.

"As you already know, you need to absorb it through your Heavenly Meridian. After that, the ruling power in the Emperor Light will help you open up the path to the Imperial Level," the Dragon Intent Grass answered. "Wait. Don't tell me you don't even know this!"

"I know that! It's just that there is no Heavenly Meridian in my body," Ricky responded shyly in a low voice.

"What?! Are you serious?" both the Dragon Intent Grass and Evil Mandragora exclaimed in disbelief upon hearing Ricky's words.

"Oh, come on. Do you think I'll ever lie to you? I'm telling you the truth!" Ricky said. "If you don't believe me, then I'll just show you. I can open my mind so you can feel my spiritual meridian."

But at that moment, the Dragon Intent Grass and the Evil Mandragora were still in disbelief. However, they also knew that Ricky wouldn't lie to them, especially about serious matters such as this one.

"Ricky, as far as I know, you got more than one Heavenly Meridian from the Heavenly Void in the Eastern Land. Don't tell me that you gave all of them away," the Evil Mandragora could not help but ask.

"No, I didn't give all of them away. It's just that every time I tried to merge the Heavenly Meridian, my spiritual meridian would destroy one," Ricky explained.

At that moment, he felt that he didn't have to hide this secret from the Dragon Intent Grass and the Evil Mandragora any longer. After all, he considered them to be a part of his life now.

On the other hand, both the Dragon Intent Grass and the Evil Mandragora were still out of words to express how confused they were with the whole situation. That was why, at that moment, no one spoke out a single word.

After all, nobody knew what to say to Ricky to make him feel better.

But after a long and painful dead air, the Dragon Intent Grass finally had the courage to say something. "You know what? I have always thought that your spiritual meridian was out of the ordinary, but I didn't expect it to be this extraordinary! I mean, it could even destroy Heavenly Meridians, and if you don't find that exceptional, then I don't know what exceptional means to you. You know, a Heavenly Meridian can only be destroyed by the heavenly law, and it can't be des

axe spirit could evolve the chromatic energy, he thought that it must have the capacity to refine all kinds of power as well.

Generally speaking, the ruling power in the Emperor Light could only be absorbed by a Heavenly Meridian. But at this moment, it seemed that the mysterious axe spirit served as a Heavenly Meridian.

Meanwhile, at that moment, Ricky was in the state of cultivation. Soon after, his momentum and strength started to rise again.

Given his previous cultivation in seclusion, he had already become an upper-grade demi-spiritual emperor at peak state.

For demi-spiritual emperor, the most critical point was that he must have a good comprehension ability. He would make swift progress as long as he had a deep understanding of the rules.

With the Chaos blood power, the five zones, and the regained spiritual meridian, Ricky had an extremely excellent comprehension ability. Perhaps everyone held a high standard on him that no one could challenge him in this respect.

As a result, his progress reached its peak with the help of the mysterious axe spirit.

In ten days, he made a breakthrough and became a stronger demi-spiritual emperor.

Soon after, he spent another ten days to hone his strength at this level.

On the other hand, once he became a stronger demi-spiritual emperor, Ricky found that he no longer had any room for improvement. All he could feel was that the invisible heavenly power was suppressing his progress.

Undoubtedly, the heavenly law didn't recognize him and allow him to make further progress since he didn't possess a Heavenly Meridian.

Without Ricky being acknowledged, the heavenly law would definitely suppress him.

'It seems that my path of martial arts has come to an end, but only for now. From now on, I'm going to find the unique path of becoming a spiritual emperor that truly and only belongs to me, ' Ricky thought to himself.

Before he could move on to his new goal, he first had to find out where the men in black were from, and what they wanted with him.

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