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   Chapter 1082 The Combined Power

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"Sort of. They will possess some blood power of the Chaos Green Dragon. However, it will be a small portion. But that doesn't matter. Their combination can greatly improve their fighting power. Therefore, both of them will be strong enough to defeat the three elders from the Sky-breaking Dome. In fact, they can already deal with the elders without you getting involved," the Dragon Intent Grass expounded.

"I see. Then that would be great," Ricky answered.

After all, he was also looking forward to seeing the combination.

"What? You just put the three girls inside your spiritual weapon zone? You know what the consequences will be! It seems that you want your Shadowy Replication to be destroyed!" At that moment, Zayn descended from the sky and walked towards Ricky.

He believed that the mysterious object that Ricky was carrying was more valuable than the Emperor Light.

"Enough of this! I'll send your Shadowy Replication straight to hell! Just remember to tell your real body to come here right away. Otherwise, there will be no good play for him to watch," Zayn sneered as his power started to rise from his body.

"We are your opponent but not him!" Soar said grimly.

"What the hell! Why are you people asking for your own death?! It has been a long time since the three of us showed up last time, and I believe that the younger generation has forgotten who are the most powerful among the demi-spiritual emperors," Zayn said bleakly.

"Humph! You are nothing but a bunch of useless old men who even dare not to draw the Thunderstroke Doom, but here you are very willing to fight with us for the Emperor Light. I bet that even if the Emperor Light is given to you for free, it will go to waste because you still don't have the guts to draw and break through the Thunderstroke Doom," Soar taunted.

When the three old men heard his scarring words, their eyes all darkened in fury. As a matter of fact, what they hated the most was the fact that other people claimed that they didn't dare to draw the Thunderstroke Doom and break through to the imperial level.

What Soar just said stung them worse because he was telling the truth. They might have accumulated and comprehended enough, but they still weren't confident enough to break through the Thunderstroke Doom.

As a matter of fact, the Thunderstroke Doom for a spiritual emperor to go through was very different from that for a spiritual king.

In order for a warrior to break through the Thunderstroke Doom to become a spiritual king, he could be assisted with pills and Treasures from Heaven and Earth. However, this method did not apply to the Thunderstroke Doom for a spiritual emperor. Once a demi-spiritual emperor used any external force as assistance, the Thunderstroke Doom would surely expand exponentially and thus add


"It is not a simple fusion. After all, the Omnipotent Skill left by the Chaos Green Dragon is truly powerful and remarkable! At this point, it's already impossible for the three old men to defeat them. Soar and Autelan would surely win this," the Evil Mandragora also sighed with emotions.

"Fight!" Autelan and Soar yelled loudly after merging.

At that moment, they did not think twice and immediately dashed toward their opponents.

In the blink of an eye, they had already appeared in front of Steward, striking him violently with their fists.

Autelan and Soar acted too fast at that moment that Steward was caught off guard. Soon after, he condensed the thunder power into his arms and crossed them over his body to resist their attack.

Afterwards, a dull crash echoed all throughout the space, sending Steward back away like lightning.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As soon as this happened, two dull sounds were heard from their opposite sides as both Norton and Zayn were thrown backwards as well.


All the other warriors' eyes were wide open as they witnessed this sudden change.

It was truly a sight to be seen! Just as they hit Steward, they had already hit the other two elders even before the warriors realized what was going on.

"And I thought lightning was already fast! That was an amazing cultivation method! The fusion makes the two of them burst out such a strong power!" the warriors around commented.

The three elders of the Sky-breaking Dome were caught off guard. The display of power from the two dragons only was proved to be extremely powerful once they combined.

"But at this point, it still seems hard to tell the winner."

Soon after, all the people present in the area turned their eyes to the three elders of the Sky-breaking Dome who were thrown far away from their initial positions, waiting for their reaction.

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