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   Chapter 1081 The Combination

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The two strangers that just arrived were both old men who were about the same age as Norton. Like him, their auras and blood vitalities appeared very strong despite their advanced age. In particular, the old man in the crimson robe looked like his clothes had been drenched in the blood of his enemies.

"Are those Elder Zayn and Elder Steward from the Sky-breaking Dome?" It seemed that most of the warriors recognized them immediately.

"The three strongest demi-spiritual emperors of the Sky-breaking Dome are all here! They are really determined to obtain the Emperor Light if they are willing to go this far."

"I didn't realize that Elder Norton was deliberately delaying the fight!

So, all this time, he was just buying time and waiting for Elder Zayn and Elder Steward to show up."

Meanwhile, the faces of Ricky and his companions darkened with this development.

"What? Are you annoyed by the fact that Fein and the others haven't shown up?" Norton said with a sneer after the anger on his face had receded.

Since Zayn and Steward had come to join him, he believed that as the three strongest demi-spiritual emperors, they were sure to win.

When Autelan heard his words, his face looked somber as a grave. He asked coldly, "Did you attack Fein and the others?"

"I didn't attack them. After all, they are not a weak bunch, and we are not stupid. We only sent someone to make trouble for them, so that they couldn't come here to assist you," the old man in a purple robe answered in a flat tone. He was Steward.

"Are you Kenney, the man whose appearance has been changed?" Steward immediately shifted his eyes to Ricky.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

As soon as he finished speaking, he sent a strong beam of thunder light that flashed and shot toward Ricky. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from where he was standing and appeared in front of Ricky.

He rotated his body and struck towards Ricky's neck with his leg that was carrying destructive thunder power.

Autelan and his companions saw what was going on, but none of them could do anything about it, as they could not easily get rid of their respective opponents at the moment. None of them could move fast enough to defend Ricky.

Ricky, though he was a replica at the moment, condensed the chaotic power and crossed his arms to resist Steward's strike.

Crack! With a great cracking sound of something breaking, Ricky's arms shattered in their sockets and were almost ground into powder. He was also thrown by the powerful impact to the ground, panting heavily.

All the warriors present looked at the scene in disbelief. None of them could believe that an ace genius like him had been defeated so easily.

But when they saw that Ricky's broken arms were not bleedin

to Autelan and Soar telepathically.

He was asking this because earlier, the two had told him telepathically not to take them into his Massacring Zone with the three girls.

"Don't worry, Ricky. The situation is not so bad yet," Autelan insisted telepathically.

"Ricky, just wait and see. It's a secret skill of our Great Dragon Race—Great Dragon Combination!" Soar said.

"Great Dragon Combination? What is that?" Ricky murmured curiously.

"Great Dragon Combination! I didn't expect that the two of them could succeed in cultivating the Great Dragon Combination within only two years," the Dragon Intent Grass remarked lightly.

"It is said that the Chaos Green Dragon has left a set of inherited cultivation method for the five kinds of Great Dragons, which is the Great Dragon Combination. If the five kinds of Great Dragons could cultivate the method successfully and combine it into one, they could possess the blood power of the Chaos Green Dragon and make it appear again."

"That is so brilliant!" Ricky was quite surprised at this.

He once again marveled at the great power and the extraordinary cultivation method possessed by powerful masters such as the Chaos Green Dragon.

"Unfortunately, there has never been an era when the five kinds of Great Dragons could cultivate the method successfully. Since the Chaos Green Dragon disappeared, none of the powerful warriors of the Dragon tribe has been able to suppress everything.

Apart from the difficulty of this combination cultivation, it is already too difficult for the five kinds of Great Dragons to work together with one mind," the grass added.

"I see!" Ricky murmured in acknowledgement.

"So, the combination of Autelan and Soar make them possess the blood power of the Chaos Green Dragon. Have I understood correctly?" Ricky asked expectantly.

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