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   Chapter 1071 The Blood Essence Pill

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"I have lost this battle." Dale admitted her defeat as she stood there calmly. However, by the look on her face, it was clear that she was reluctant to accept her defeat.

The Sky-devouring Strikes that she released were already at maximum power, meaning she could no longer push it further. Even if she merged her blood essence to boost the power, she knew that she could not take down Ricky's Chaotic Fire Mutant, which Ricky had not yet used against her.

Moreover, she didn't think that he had already released his devouring power to the extreme and expected that he could still strengthen his attack towards her.

At that moment, she knew that her opponent could do more damage now that she saw how he easily resisted her attack.

Meanwhile, as Dale stared into nothingness, she came to realize that the reason why Terrell lost was not that he was too weak, but rather that Ricky was too powerful.

"Thank you," Ricky uttered as he smiled.

At that time, Ricky had been thinking about how to get Dale's Omnipotent Skill—the Sky-devouring Strikes.

Obviously, Dale's Sky-devouring Strikes were not very powerful at all due to her lack of comprehension. In fact, during the previous fight, Ricky was certain that he could feel the extraordinary power of the Sky-devouring Strikes. Moreover, he knew that it would not be weaker than his Evil Devouring Mouth if he could pair it up with his Devouring Mutant.

"There is no doubt that your Devouring Mutant is stronger than my innate devouring power," Dale praised while cupping her hands.

"Thank you for your compliment. Don't worry. I'll cover up for you. I will personally tell the leader of the Sky-breaking Dome that I was the one who killed Terrell. Plus, this meeting never happened if you know what I mean." Ricky winked at her.

"I can never thank you enough for this," Dale replied.

Soon after, she got ready and prepared to leave with Cassidy and the others.

"Hey, wait, Cassidy! Did you already forget what I told you last time? If you come to me again, then you are welcome to join my team. But if you want to leave now, you must leave something behind," Ricky reminded.

Hearing his words, Cassidy and the others automatically had their happy faces upside down.

"Kenney, you have already taken all of our belongings. What else do you want from us?" Cassidy said in an annoyed tone.

"This is none of my business. But you must leave something behind," Ricky said. "Think about it. If I don't get strong enough today to beat Terrell, then I will be more miserable than I already am!

I won't kill you only because you did not intend to kill me at first. But don't consider this to be

other hand, are naturally formed. And we call these pills the blood essence pills."

"Oh, the blood essence pills!" Ricky murmured as soon as he heard that.

"Yes. I'm assuming that you already know how the blood essence pills work since you seem familiar with them," Dale guessed.

"Dragon Intent Grass, is this true?" Ricky asked the Dragon Intent Grass in secret.

"Yes, she's right. A blood essence pill is as good as twenty drops of ruling essence. I never expect that such a place exists. But after all, it's the battlefield of the spiritual emperors. So it just makes sense," the Dragon Intent Grass said.

"We're not the only ones who found this place. In fact, we should also give credit to those talents from the other spiritual-emperor forces. As a deal, I'll exchange the cultivation method of my Omnipotent Skill with you if you can help us get the blood essence pill," Dale said, wanting to seal the deal.

"Of course. We don't have to worry about any conflict we may have because we can divide the pill equally!"

"Without a doubt, the blood essence pill is attractive," Ricky said lightly. "So, I accept your request. But please don't try to pull any tricks on me this time, or else..."

"Don't worry. Relax, I don't even have that strength to plot anything against you right now," Dale reassured as she gave a little smile.

Soon after, she felt relaxed. She thought that now that Ricky was playing for their team, their chances of winning were very high.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go to that secret place," Ricky yelled as he tried to call the attention of the others.

Soon after, he turned to Cassidy and said with a smile, "Let's take off now, Cassidy, shall we?"

"Humph!" But to his dismay, Cassidy only responded with a sneer.

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