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   Chapter 1070 The Sky-devouring Sacred Python

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"What?" Ricky responded gently after hearing what the girl in a luxurious dress had said.

"Young lady, you are a wonderful and gorgeous woman. However, I can't just follow your orders and spare Terrell's life."

"Please, I'm being serious, Kenney," the girl replied. "I am Dale from the Sky-devouring Sacred Python tribe, and I am friends with Cassidy."

"I didn't expect she to be from the Sky-devouring Python tribe," the Dragon Intent Grass murmured under his breath.

"Ricky, this Sky-devouring Sacred Python tribe is very similar to the Three-colored Saint Python tribe. Let me explain. Above the Three-colored Saint Python tribe, there is the Four-colored Imperial Python, and the Five-colored Holy Python; while above the Devour Sky Sacred Python, there is the Sky-devouring Imperial Python and, the Sky-devouring Holy Python.

In fact, these two kinds of python beings on the land, are considered to have the best chance of evolving into Great Dragon."

"The Sky-devouring Python!" Ricky exclaimed in a low voice. "So does that mean that the Sky-devouring Python cultivated the devouring power?"

"Yes, the Sky-devouring Python is born with the ability of devouring power. In addition, it has the primitive devouring power in the world. In my opinion, the devouring power of the Sky-devouring Python may be as powerful as that of your Devouring Mutant," the Dragon Intent Grass clarified.

"In that case, it's not very odd that I felt the resonance of devouring power from Dale at the very beginning," Ricky muttered.

"Dale, even if you're a member of the Sky-devouring Sacred Python tribe, I can't just listen to you and let go of him.

Can't you see? He desires to peel my skin and drink my blood!" Ricky said as he tried to convince Dale.

"Kenney, I am positive that Terrell will never be your opponent again. After all, you have superior strength and talent. But since he came with me and Cassidy, I do not think that his death would please the Sky-breaking Dome. If that happens, then I am sure that the Sky-breaking Dome will make our lives miserable," Dale explained.

"So that is why I am begging you to spare his life. If you do, then consider our two clans to be indebted to you. Expect us to repay your kindness if you do this."

"Hmmm. If I can spare his petty life under one condition: both of your clans will owe me a favor each, I only think that it's a fair and good deal for me." At that moment, Ricky gave a sinister smile after hearing what Dale had just said. All of a sudden, he became more interested in what he could gain from the deal.

But soon after, Ricky's to

rm, was coiled in the void. Soon after, she instantly merged three bloody giant mouths with each one being a world on its own. The first mouth contained all living beings that had evolved, while the second mouth, showed the boundless earth. And in the third mouth, it showed the infinite heaven.

Afterwards, the three mouths combined into one and formed the strongest devouring power, pressing down on Ricky. On the other hand, as Ricky was being pressed down, he could clearly feel everything on his body being swallowed up.

Soon after, his devouring runes encircled and fought back, and Ricky's body instantly turned into a bloody giant mouth to resist. The giant mouth met with Dale's attack.


The next moment, an infinite roar echoed through the sky as the two fierce devouring attacks consistently crashed into one another.

The rampage devouring power was unstoppable at that time, sweeping everything that was on its way.


All of a sudden, Dale and Ricky were thrown back from a humongous air wave. Despite being thrown off, their powers remained at their peak states.

At that moment, the two sides were completely neck-and-neck in the battle, pushing each other to their powers' limits.

"She really lives up to her fame as a powerful Sky-devouring Sacred Python. At this point, it seems that her strength is actually comparable to my devouring power. Her Omnipotent Skill is really remarkable so that even I want to own such skill as well," Ricky said softly as he wondered.

"That is true, but clearly, you won this fight. Look, you haven't exhausted your full strength yet, while Dale had already done her best. There's no other clear winner here than you, Ricky," the Dragon Intent Grass confirmed.

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