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   Chapter 1069 Killing Without Mercy

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"Ha-ha, you don't have to look for me. I'm standing right here. If you want to kill me, just come at me and stop talking!" A grey-haired young man appeared out of nowhere while the young arrogant man was speaking. This grey-haired young man was none other than Ricky.

"Cassidy, I didn't expect you to call helpers in such a short time! How efficient of you!" Ricky said as he looked at Cassidy.

"Kenney, give me the ruling essence and the ruling compass, and maybe you can survive today," answered Cassidy.

"Ha-ha, I don't have the habit of handing things over when they are already in my hands," Ricky said with a smile.

As he spoke, he also checked out the young man and the woman who was wearing a glittering dress from the corner of his eye. He took special note of the woman, as she gave Ricky a complex feeling.

Besides, even his Devouring Mutant was reacting to her presence strangely.

'Does she cultivate the devouring power?' Ricky thought to himself.

"Don't waste your time talking to him. I'll kill him and give you the ruling essence and the ruling compass," the young man said arrogantly. Then he turned toward Ricky.

"You are that Kenney appearing two years ago. I couldn't see any difference in you except for the disgusting grey hair." After saying these words, he rushed toward Ricky swiftly, ready to attack.

"You can try, but I can't promise you'll survive what comes after," Ricky sneered at the arrogant but ignorant young man.

He didn't even care about the young man's name because at the rate he was going, his arrogance and stupidity would kill him before he became powerful enough to be a real threat to Ricky.

All that mattered at that moment was that the young man had strong killing intent for him.

"Kenney, I don't want to kill you, and I don't want any enmity between my Three-colored Sacred Python tribe and the Spirit Sect. So hand over the ruling essence and the ruling compass. They originally belonged to us after all. I promise that if you do, you can leave here safely," Cassidy suddenly said to Ricky through telepathy.

"Do you know who that young man is?"

"No. Why? Is there anything special about him? You just piqued my interest. Who is he?" Ricky asked curiously.

He was a little surprised by Cassidy's words. The fact that she initiated this conversation implied that she did not mean to kill Ricky at all.

Cassidy should be glad that she showed this attitude because this would save her life la

o that with only a punch, and Terrell would have died even though he is a powerful demi-spiritual emperor!' Cassidy and her siblings thought in shock.

At this moment, dark and immense fear clutched their hearts like thorned chains.

They finally understood that they were only alive because Ricky didn't want to kill them, and the disdain for killing that he showed was actually true.

Their hearts were seized with fear.

Terrell's screams were the only sound in the clearing, as none of them dared to move or speak.

This silence was broken by Ricky. He looked at Terrell who was lying on the ground and said disdainfully, "You are far weaker than Gerald and Carney. If it were them at this moment, they wouldn't be as useless as you, who couldn't even withstand my first punch.

If I am guessing it right, you just let the Sky-breaking Emperor see something of you that is similar to Gerald and Carney. Am I right?"

After saying that, he jumped on to the ground and stepped on Terrell's mouth so that not even a scream could escape his lips.

Terrell was filled with nothing but despair.

As a person who had never experienced life and death, now, he could feel nothing but despair and fear for his pitiful life.

"Do you want to beg for mercy now? But I can tell you that I will kill everyone who belongs to the Sky-breaking Dome because I know that the Sky-breaking Dome will do the same to me," Ricky sneered again.

After that, he didn't hesitate and was about to crush Terrell under his feet.

However, the woman who was wearing a glittering dress spoke at this moment. She said, "Kenney, will you please show him mercy?"

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