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   Chapter 1068 Kenney Is Back

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8505

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"Ha-ha, you know what? I respect the people who are brave enough to mess with me, but you have to prepare more Treasures from Heaven and Earth next time you come here. If you don't, you will lose your life," Ricky warned gently with a smile on his face.

"By the way, what's your name? So that the next time you give me the treasures, I will know what to call you."

"I am Cassidy. Remember that name for you will soon kneel before me," the woman said furiously after hearing Ricky's words.

After those parting words, she threw a dark glare at Ricky once more and finally left.

"We'll be in trouble if we just let them go like this!" the Evil Mandragora said.

"Well, I have two reasons for doing that. First, I need them to spread the word to others that Kenney has returned. The second reason is that they did not have any intention of killing me, so in return, I want to spare them as well. Besides, I'm sure they only said those harsh words to me because they were upset that I took their possessions," Ricky explained in defense of his actions.

"You know, sometimes, I don't know if you are truly merciful or not. There are times when you treat your enemies so ruthlessly that even I feel scared. But now you are treating these people so well," the Evil Mandragora confessed, shaking her head.

"Ha-ha, I just follow my heart." Ricky smiled at her disarmingly and then turned his attention to their previous opponents' belongings.

He took all of them in his arms easily, and then he entered the Massacring Zone.

"This black compass is a demi-spiritual sacred weapon. It has the ruling power. They probably rely on this to find the ruling essence. I can also take advantage of it later," Ricky said as he checked out the black compass.

"It's not that simple. If my guess is right, this compass depends on the ruling power on it to find another source of ruling power. Blood essence is needed to activate its ruling power. Three drops of blood essence can activate it, but that is not enough to find the ruling essence," the Dragon Intent Grass said.

"Three drops of blood essence!" Ricky was upset upon hearing that.

Three drops of blood essence could activate it only once, and it was likely that the compass was unable to locate the ruling essence. That only meant a large quantity of blood essence was needed. But even if he was reborn several times, he would not have that much blood essence.

"Well, I'd better refine the ruling essence first!"

After that, Ricky began to refine the ruling essence. H

We have to go to meet him as soon as possible," Soar said with a somewhat worried look clouding his face.

"Yes, I think Ricky exposed his identity as Kenney so that he can attract the attention of the Sky-breaking Dome's disciples. In that way, he is also trying to keep us safe. We have to go and look for him first," Autelan said in agreement promptly, as his mood was sobered by the thought that Ricky was putting himself in danger to help them once again.

"Soar, why don't you use the Heaven Melting Fire to search for Ricky, and I will use the Heaven Slaughtering Fire to do the same."

Seven days had passed, and Ricky had successfully refined the ruling essence in the Massacring Zone. He reached the upper demi-spiritual emperor level, just as he planned, but it was still not stable.

He also wanted to consolidate his realm, but at this time, some unexpected guests had entered the area where he was staying.

Among these unexpected guests, Ricky knew four people, and those were the siblings that he had encountered last time.

This time, they brought two groups of people with them. One group was led by a woman dressed in expensive and fancy-looking clothes, while the other group was composed of an arrogant young man.

This young man looked younger than Ricky, but he was already a strong demi-spiritual emperor. However, it seemed that he had just made a breakthrough.

"Cassidy, is Kenney really here?" the young man asked impatiently.

"Yes, he is here. He has got the ruling essence I was looking for and our ruling compass," Cassidy answered immediately.

"Let's start looking for him here then. I must kill him myself!" the young man declared coldly.

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