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   Chapter 1066 Three-colored Sacred Python

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"The ruling essence is even better than the ruling spirit," the Dragon Intent Grass said.

"In the Complete Emperor Island, the most precious opportunity is the Emperor Light, which is condensed by the ruling spirit, while the power of the ruling essence is at the stage between that of the Emperor Light and that of the ruling spirit.

There is only one way that the ruling essence can be formed. First, tremendous ruling spirits have to be merged with the blood essences of spiritual emperors, and then, they should be condensed for thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

Although the Emperor Light can transform a strong demi-spiritual emperor into a spiritual emperor instantly, it's also necessary for the demi-spiritual emperor to pass the Thunderstroke Doom to make it through. The ruling spirit may help the demi-spiritual emperor make a breakthrough, but with the ruling essence, the demi-spiritual emperor's breakthrough will be assured, and his chance to become a spiritual emperor will increase further."

"Oh, I see. So, you are saying that once I get this ruling essence, it's a sure thing that I will have a breakthrough and reach the upper demi-spiritual emperor realm," Ricky said excitedly, and the momentum in his body immediately honed in on the ruling essence.

"You are really lucky because you have just entered the Complete Emperor Island, but you have already met the ruling essence. Other people entered the island a day earlier than you, and yet, some of them probably haven't found any trace of ruling spirit," the Dragon Intent Grass said.

"Well, there is an old saying that goes: Luck will follow if you can survive the disaster." Ricky was grinning brightly when he brought out an Omnipotent Skill in the next moment. It was the Space Splitting Cage.

The chaotic fire instantly surrounded the ruling essence, and through it, he captured the ruling essence easily and put it into the Massacring Zone.

It could take the initiative to attack, but it had no intelligence, and its strength was homogenous and weak.

"I got the first one! Now, I'm going to find the second one. If this goes smoothly, I can break through to the strong demi-spiritual emperor realm soon," Ricky said as he eagerly looked ahead to what his plans were.

"Brat! You are daydreaming again. You are lucky enough to get one ruling essence, so stop daydreaming about the second one," the Dragon Intent Grass immediately said when it sensed that Ricky's head was in the clouds. "You have to refine this ru


"Oh, I see now!" Ricky murmured.

"Be careful. The cultivation method they are practicing is the dual cultivation method. Besides, they are siblings, so they would surely work with each other very well, and that will greatly improve their combat power," the Dragon Intent Grass warned Ricky.

"Don't worry. It does not matter how many there are. As long as they are not strong demi-spiritual emperors, I can defeat them easily," Ricky murmured as his eyes burned with confidence and determination.

"I don't deserve to fight against you?

Ha-ha. That's funny. Let's try and you will know the answer!" Ricky replied indifferently.

"Ha-ha, really?" The two men burst into laughter upon hearing Ricky's words.


As they laughed, they burst out the power that belonged to the upper demi-spiritual emperors. And just as the Dragon Intent Grass said, they cooperated and launched an attack with a joint fist. One of them stood on the left, and the other on the right, as the fist rushed toward Ricky.

"Well then, I would like to see how your answer right now!" they scoffed coldly.

"Just watch!" Ricky grinned. "This is my first battle after two years. I hope it's not that boring."

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As soon as he finished his words, he threw two punches with so much speed that the two men had no time to react at all. In an instant, they felt that their fist was enveloped by a great pressure as if it was being suppressed by one hundred thousand mountains.

As the strong force swept from their arms to their chests, a dull, uncomfortable ache rattled in their chests. And in the blink of an eye, they were thrown backward like weightless dolls.

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