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   Chapter 1065 The Ruling Essence

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Without a doubt, the young man with ash-grey hair was no other than Ricky. In a span of two years, he had just returned to his peak in the martial arts.

During these past two years, endless pain tortured every part of his body as he cultivated to return to his former glory.

Not long ago, he tried to reconstruct his body, and he was successful in doing so. In fact, his body gained more power than before due to the golden blood power and the chromatic energy that he used to refine it.

At that time, twenty percent of Ricky's golden blood power had already awakened. In the past two years, he had not only returned to the demi-spiritual emperor realm but also reached its peak.

Moreover, with the help of the golden blood power and the chromatic energy, his foundation of the martial arts was completely restored.

Fortunately, it seemed that Ricky was blessed this time around. This was all due to the chromatic energy and the golden blood power that he was able to be completely reborn.

Soon after, his body changed its shape, along with his visage. Despite the changes that kept happening in his body, his eyes and his evil smile remained the same.

However, after undergoing a major overhaul, there seemed to be one unexpected thing that happened. As it turned out, his grey hair did not revert back to its original color.

But he did not care at all. Instead of being saddened by this, he chose to be glad about it. "Well, this kind of suits me. This will be the mark of my rebirth," Ricky said.

In addition, his grey hair would also symbolize and remind him how he fought the Sky-breaking Dome and the Nether Manor.

Meanwhile, as Ricky set foot on the Complete Emperor Island, a chaotic battlefield met his eyes.

Cracks on the ground could be seen, which looked like real dragons that puffed out air waves from afar.

But what caught his eyes more were the mountains that had been demolished.

There, he laid eyes on the smoke-laden place that was filled with traces of ashes from the previous fights. Even after years since the last battle, Ricky was able to see through the scenes of the intense battles that took place in the area as if he were there.

Moreover, the entire area felt hot to the touch, an evidence that intense battles had taken place in the area.

"No wonder that this was once the battlefield for spiritual emperors. Numerous traces of war, bloodshed, gunpowder, and smoke are very visible in this area. The fighting spirit in my heart inspires me more when I see them," Ricky

ints are divided into five realms."

"I see!" Ricky nodded.

"Then, what level has your strength reached?"

"As far as I can tell, my strength is close to the two-star middle spiritual emperor realm," the Evil Mandragora answered.

"As you have noticed, Arthur's combat power is at the same realm as mine."

Soon after, without hesitation, Ricky took all thirty ruling spirits away.

However, when he was collecting them, something strange happened. These ruling spirits merged into one gigantic ruling spirit. Apart from this, he could clearly feel that this huge ruling spirit contained more ruling power than the sum of all the minor ruling spirits combined.

Without a doubt, such fusion could reach the result that one plus one was greater than two.

But at that moment, Ricky felt the offensive intent from the huge ruling spirit for the very first time.

"Wait, what happened? How could these ruling spirits fuse? Plus, this huge ruling spirit is infiltrating power! I cannot help but feel attacked," Ricky said gently.

"As far as I can remember, ruling spirits won't take the initiative to launch attacks. What's more, odd is that even those ruling spirits in the Dragon Cave have never integrated into one."

"It's true that the ruling spirit won't take the initiative to attack. However, after fusing, they are no longer the ruling spirits but instead, the ruling essences," the Dragon intent grass clarified.

"I can't believe how lucky you are. You should be happy and thrilled to meet a ruling essence as long as you came in."

"Is this the ruling essence?" Ricky asked after hearing the Dragon Intent Grass's words. "But what is the ruling essence?"

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