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   Chapter 1064 A Young Man With Grey Hair

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Soar and Autelan had also come near, and they were now hiding in the space around the Complete Emperor Island.

"It has been two years, and there has been no news about Ricky at all. If my Heaven Melting Fire and my intuition didn't tell me that he is still alive, I would think that he had died," Soar said as his voice quivered with emotion.

"It's a pity that he is going to miss the chance to make a breakthrough in the Complete Emperor Island."

"Perhaps he has already left the Western Land," Autelan guessed. "In the past two years, the Sky-breaking Dome hasn't had any conflict with us, but they have arranged many people to look for Ricky secretly.

So, it is good for his sake if he ends up missing this. The Sky-breaking Dome will not leave him alone, and you know that we cannot underestimate them. They even have the Earth Seal Array. Who knows what other trump cards they have?

On the other hand, Ricky can only burst out that strong power once, so he is at a disadvantage."

"Don't worry. Even without such a good chance like the Complete Emperor Island, he won't fall behind us. What we need to do now is to seize this chance to make a breakthrough. When we become spiritual emperors, we can finally have what it takes to help him fight against the Sky-breaking Dome and the Nether Manor," Pearl said, her eyes flashing with fierce determination.

"You are right, Pearl. We don't have to worry too much about him. He is a genius who has cultivated the chaotic power, so he won't fall behind us," Autelan echoed.

"Instead, we need to focus on getting the Emperor Light and dealing with the people of the Sky-breaking Dome."

As he mentioned the people of the Sky-breaking Dome, they could not help but exchange looks with each other, and even from far-away, they could see that all of their enemies were eyeing the island with greedy interest.

"That's right. We have to take precautions against the Sky-breaking Dome. This time, they will not let us go easily," Soar said firmly as he, too, stared at the void where the people of the Sky-breaking Dome stood with enormous murderous intent.

"Don't worry. Fein and the elders will help us!" Autelan tried to comfort him, although there was also wariness in his bones that stiffened every move he made.


Although the Complete Emperor Island hasn't opened yet, all the warriors around are starting to become fully alert and ready to fight for their chance," some warriors commented.

"You mean the Sp

air must be no natural. He is just faking it," some of the warriors said in annoyance.

"What's more, the Complete Emperor Island has opened for one day and a half. He must have come here late on purpose. I think he just wants to attract our attention. He must be much weaker than all the other demi-spiritual emperors."

"Keep your voice down. At least, he is stronger than all of us!"

"What? The Complete Emperor Island has opened for one day and a half?

It seems that I came at the right time. I wonder if the Emperor Light can help me overcome the obstacles so I can become a spiritual emperor," the grey-haired young man murmured.

"But my current appearance is really good. No one can recognize me except the people I am extremely familiar with."

"Hey, lad! I didn't expect you to have a totally different appearance." A voice rang in the grey-haired young man's mind.

"Ha-ha, I'm lucky to be blessed in misfortune. I like my current appearance. At least, I've become more handsome," the grey-haired young man replied with pride.

"It seems that not only your face has changed, but you are also even more thick-skinned than before.

Just as I expected, you rebuilt your body as soon as you recovered to a peak state. That is how you changed your face completely, am I right? In this way, you don't need to disguise yourself manually anymore. Those people cannot recognize you as Kenney, let alone Ricky," another voice said, and the tone was quite impressed.

"Ha-ha, no one would have expected that I would come back with such an appearance," the young man laughed loudly. After a few leaps, he entered the Complete Emperor Island.

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