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   Chapter 1063 Complete Emperor Island

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"I don't know... Before he left, he told me not to look for him, and he also asked me to tell you to work hard and wait for him to come back," Mason told the others.

"We understand." Soar and Pearl nodded firmly.

They believed Mason's words because they had a hunch that Ricky might have been badly hurt, but they were sure that he wasn't dead.

Otherwise, they would have felt his death, and it would be like a phantom, piercing pain in their hearts and the faintest echo of emptiness that could never be filled.

'I will wait for you, Ricky. I believe you will come back to fight against the Sky-breaking Dome and return to the Eastern Land to ruin the Nether Manor!' Soar said inwardly. He had to work hard and give his best in his training, otherwise, he would just drag Ricky down with him.

At this moment, both Pearl and Amelia thought the same way.

The news about the battle between the Sky-breaking Dome and Ricky quickly spread through the entire Western world like a storm.

All of a sudden, the creatures began talking incessantly about Ricky while all the greedy and powerful warriors were looking for him.

However, to their dismay, no matter how hard they tried, not a single trace of Ricky could be found.

This was because Ricky was in the Divine Manor, and the Divine Manor was in the Sky-breaking Abyss.

He had to abandon his original body since his blood and blood power were both greatly harmed by the after-effects. It was so bad because even the slightest after-effects would block his way of cultivation.

He was bound to go through this painful and long-lasting torture.

But he knew that he must hold on. His belief, his promise, and his dream to become an undefeatable warrior gave him the courage to overcome any difficulty he would encounter.

His strong will power aided his focus, and it gradually became easier for him to ignore the passing of time during the painful refinement.

In his heart, there was only one goal, and that was to return to his peak state.

The whole Western Land eventually regained its peace after the battle in the Sky-breaking Palace. All the forces stayed low profile for some reason. It seemed that a peace and development age had come.

At first, there was still some disturbance caused by some warriors' who were searching for Ricky, but as time passed, their search turned out to be futile, and they lost their interest in him soon.

The martial world was quite cr

allowed to enter the Complete Emperor Island when it opened its entrance.

According to them, it made no sense that it appeared now because the records of the ancient books suggested that it was supposed to open in two or three months.

No matter how resourceful they were, those completed spiritual kings couldn't make a breakthrough and become demi-spiritual emperors in two or three months. Only those who had reached peak state could make it.

In sharp contrast to their bitter grumblings, all the demi-spiritual emperors were extremely excited.

Once they heard about the Complete Emperor Island, they hurriedly traveled all the way to the island to wait for its opening.

"I didn't expect that the Complete Emperor Island will appear here! According to the records of ancient books, every time it appears, many demi-spiritual emperors can instantly become spiritual emperors," some warriors commented and discussed with each other.

"That's right. The Complete Emperor Island hasn't appeared for thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years. Luckily, we are here to bear witness to it."

"It doesn't matter to the five major forces. They all have middle spiritual emperors, so their position as the major force will remain unchallenged. After the opening of the Complete Emperor Island, the new spiritual emperors will compete against each other and fight for the territory, and by that time, there will be a major reshuffle in the standing of the forces."

"Yes, I can't wait for the fierce battles to start once the Complete Emperor Island opens!"

"Me too! I'm anxious to see who will stand on the top."

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