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   Chapter 1062 Bathe In Divine Energy

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"I don't know. He is seriously hurt this time. His whole body, flesh and blood and all, has been depleted. He really suffered a huge blow to his life," the Dragon Intent Grass said as it wore a worried look on its face.

"Even though we have advanced Treasures from Heaven and Earth, it would still be very difficult to save him because his foundation has been seriously damaged."

"Indeed! No matter how seriously a creature gets hurt, advanced Treasures from Heaven and Earth can help them recover. However, it's too difficult to restore the foundation of martial arts. It would take a one in a million chance or even a miracle," the Evil Mandragora said in a low voice.

"The only thing left that he can rely on is that mysterious object and his resilient chromatic energy. I really don't understand why his mother left him with this kind of power. He is able to severely hurt enemies with his power, but at the same time, it causes more damage to him in return."

"You two, stop talking about it now. Just hurry up and find a way to save him. Can you refine the Treasures from Heaven and Earth and infuse them into his body to help him recover?" Tina anxiously said.

"Tina, we understand how you feel. But right now, the only thing we can do is to wait. Only when he wakes up can we help him refine the Treasures from Heaven and Earth. Only then can we see if he'll be able to recover," the Evil Mandragora mournfully said.

"Why not now?"

"His body is as fragile as a thin sheet of paper. We don't know what's going on inside his body. If we infuse the treasures into his body, I'm afraid the result will be the opposite of what we are hoping for," the Evil Mandragora replied.

"Only when he has the strength to control the treasures can he avoid all dangers."

"But when will he wake up?" Tina couldn't help feeling distressed about the situation.

"It all depends on his perseverance and chromatic energy. Look, his chromatic energy has been constantly surging out to repair his body," the Dragon Intent Grass pointed out.

At that moment, the chromatic energy was pervading over Ricky's almost lifeless body. It was the only thing that was preventing his injuries from worsening further.

"We should probably wake Hannah up. As the daughter of a holy being, she is born with the ability to control the divine energy. Maybe she

cadence any longer.

It didn't matter that his life span had been consumed, his blood and flesh essence had been exhausted, and his realm had descended. At the end of it all, there was his little group of friends by his side and with their help, he believed that he would soon be able to return to his peak state.

There was absolutely nothing that he should worry about.

After everything was ready, Ricky began to recover. Tina, the Evil Mandragora, and the Dragon Intent Grass helped refine the Treasures from Heaven and Earth to offer him energy. Hannah provided the divine power to bathe his whole body.

Ricky activated the chromatic energy and infused it into his heart to awaken more blood power.

In order to recover, he must have enough blood and blood power. That was the most important premise. In this case, he could restore his flesh and blood and gradually repair the foundation of his martial arts with the help of the divine power, as well as the energy from the Treasures from Heaven and Earth.

He bathed in the divine energy and constantly awakened his blood power, hoping to return to the peak state.

Meanwhile, in the meeting hall of the Spirit Sect, Mason and his people had just returned.

Soar, Pearl, and Amelia immediately rushed towards him to ask about Ricky.

"Ricky is still alive, but I don't know where he is." Mason looked dolefully at the three. "I don't want to lie to you. He might be seriously hurt."

The three of them let out a worried gasp. "Oh, Elder Mason, didn't he tell you where he would go?" Soar lamented.

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