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   Chapter 1034 Sky-breaking Palace

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"Of course I believe you, sir. If you have any good ideas, I will be more than happy to hear them out!" Ricky answered.

On the other hand, Ricky thought that Mason must have had his own idea. And Ricky believed that he would never treat him awfully.

"Young man! What do you need to agree to stop this fight?" Arthur's voice echoed through the air. Although his voice was soothing, Ricky still felt the strong killing intent embedded in his tone.

"Arthur, it appears that my disciple lacks sufficient knowledge about your Sky-breaking Dome. To make things fair, I will raise the condition for him," Mason said as he waved his hand to catch Arthur's attention. "I hope you won't mind."

"Humph! Come on, tell me!" Arthur laughed coldly after hearing Mason's words.

At that point, the Sky-breaking Emperor felt cornered, as if he had no other choice but to concede. The array drawn by Mason and Easton really threatened his life. Moreover, the Spirit Sect ruled this place, and he would not know for sure if other arrays were present in the area.

With that being said, Arthur mustered up all his courage as he was ready to make a great sacrifice.

He might have put in a lot of efforts to save Carney, but this was not only because they had the same bloodline. Apart from saving Carney, he also wanted to save Carney's talent. He knew that once Carney grew up and became more powerful, he might even be qualified to be the next chief of the Sky-breaking Dome.

"Carney's Holy Fire Pill is very effective. I believe that you also have one. Kindly take it out and let my disciple have a look at it!" Mason smiled as he instructed Arthur.

As Arthur heard his words, his eyes grew dark in anger. Knowing better than to lash out, he kept his cool and did not say anything. Flipping his palm, he showed a Holy Fire Pill and shot it to Ricky.

'Wow, I can't believe it! It's the Holy Fire Pill!' Ricky thought excitedly as he took the Holy Fire Pill from Arthur's hand, feeling the energy contained in it.

Meanwhile, all the warriors who saw this became jealous instantly. Right in front of their eyes was the Holy Fire Pill, and they had only heard great things about it. Surely, they could never be blamed for wanting it all to themselves. At that moment, all the other warriors were so distracted by the beauty of the Holy Fire Pill that they would grab any opportunity to t

red to him that the chromatic energy was attractive to weapons and Treasures from Heaven and Earth.

'Can I put the Iron Justice Saber into my soul sea so that the chromatic energy can nourish it? I wonder.' At this moment, Ricky thought of the possibilities that could help him achieve greatness.

"Arthur, I am just asking for two positions.

It's absolutely worthwhile because they can save Carney's life. In fact, I don't think that this requirement is too much," Mason said.


Meanwhile, a roll of beast hide emerged in Mason's hand. Soon after, he handed it over to Arthur.

"This is a protection array at the peak level of the = middle spiritual emperor. Keep it for it will be very useful for the Sky-breaking Palace. As there are few such arrays in the whole Western Land, you should know its value." Mason then gave it to Arthur.

"Now, I think this is a great deal for both of us!"

Hearing Mason's words and looking at the hide in his hand, Arthur fell silent. Mason taking out such valuable arrays meant that he was very insistent on getting those two positions now.

'If they get two positions, then Kenney will go to the Sky-breaking Palace. That would surely be the perfect time for Carney to kill him, ' Arthur thought in his heart.

'After all, they will only get two positions, and it does not mean that people from the Spirit Sect can benefit from that.

As long as I have a good plan, I will let the two people from the Spirit Sect get nothing and let them die there.'

After thoughtful consideration, Arthur finally agreed. "Okay, I agree."

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