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   Chapter 1033 Save His Life

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Carney had disappeared. He had been transferred to Arthur's Small World for the purpose of healing. Meanwhile, a figure showed up right at the spot where he disappeared.

That was a burly old man with white hair.

Although he was old, he exuded an aura of confidence with unparalleled energy. As he stood there, his strong aura stood out so intensely that no one could move their eyes away from him. Langston, Calvin, and all spiritual emperors in the void became background in contrast to him.

Arthur, the Sky-breaking Emperor, for whom all creatures in the Western Land had a sense of respect, admiration, and even fear, could probably be qualified to be the strongest warrior in the Western Land.

As the previous chief of the Sky-breaking Dome, he was claimed himself as the Sky-breaking Emperor. It only meant that he was the most powerful warrior in the Western Land.

"I didn't expect the Sky-breaking Emperor to save Carney. He left a Space Sign on Carney's body so that he could take him away from Langston's Small World. After all, Langston is just a lower grade spiritual emperor," the warriors whispered.

"I don't think the Spirit Sect will let this go. It would be too shameful for them. Besides, the warriors from the Spirit Sect hate Carney so much because every time he made a breakthrough, he would always go to challenge the Spirit Sect!"

With Arthur's appearance, the two Dominant Top Elders of the Spirit Sect also arrived consecutively to each other.

The two old men who were dressed in burlap cloth emitted powerful energy comparable to that of Arthur.

One was the Mason, who was called the Spiritual Mountain Emperor, and the other was Easton, who was called the Spiritual Water Emperor.

"Mason," Arthur called out, "creating Space Signs such as this is one of my defense methods and is therefore not illegal in this competition." He looked at the two Dominant Top Elders with cold indifference.

"Arthur, you have your methods, but our Spirit Sect also have our rules. Since Carney and Kenney have signed a deathmatch contract, they should fight to the death," Mason stated.

"Now that your method has broken our rules, we must settle this."

"Is that so? How exactly should we settle this?" Arthu

concession, Ricky did not want to drag the battle on any longer.

He didn't have a better choice.

As for Carney, Ricky would never take someone so pathetic as a real opponent.

He must kill Carney, but not now. Ricky knew that Carney was wild for revenge and was guaranteed to always come back to haunt him down. After all, he was responsible for Carney's inner demons that hinder the latter from future cultivation. If Carney did not kill Ricky, the former would never make any further progress.

"Sirs, the battle is over. I'll deal with everything here," Ricky said to the two Dominant Top Elders.

"Very well. You're a great blessing." The two Dominant Top Elders were both relieved and impressed that Ricky dared to stand up and speak out his opinion by himself.

Both of they understood that even if the two of them used their full strength, it was still impossible for them to take Carney away from Arthur that easily. Ricky agreeing to Arthur's proposition only proved that he was the kind of genius who was reasonable and able to size up the situation quickly and accurately.

"You are quite delightful, sirs," Ricky replied respectfully.

It was a great achievement for Ricky to have obtained appreciation from the two Dominant Top Elders.

"However, if I may ask, what request I will make do you think is suitable?" Ricky furrowed his eyebrows in concentration.

"Well, if you would trust me, I will make the request on your behalf," Mason said with a slight smile.

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