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   Chapter 1006 Blood Power

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It meant that Gerry had no similar resonance for the blood power like him, which showed Ricky's blood power and the Giant blood power came from the same branch, but his blood power was much stronger than the latter.

And since they came from the same branch, the superior blood power could feel the resonance of the inferior blood power, while the inferior blood power could not feel the resonance of the superior.

'It seems like my blood power is of the same branch with the Giant blood power, ' Ricky thought to himself as he felt pleasantly surprised when he realized this.

'The Giant blood power is nothing more than enhancing the body and strength, so even in its strongest, it can't be the top blood power in the world.

On the other hand, the Holy Three-Saber even feared my blood power.'

Ricky's mood was pensive, but no matter how much he thought, his doubts wouldn't seem to disappear.

But now, the most important thing for him was to fight.

Boom! When the Galaxy Saber combined with the five kinds of runes and collided with the Gravitation Fighting Hammer, the whole space was submerged into a turbulent ocean that swept and intertwined violently.

Gerry and Ricky disappeared beneath the crashing waves of power.

After a long time, the waves retreated and their disheveled bodies were exposed. They were equally injured, with their clothes torn and wounds scattered all over their bodies.

"Kenney, let's stop here. Maybe you have a powerful trump card, but I think you should use it for fighting against Carney," Gerry said, panting harshly.

He also had a trump card, but he didn't feel the need to expose it since he didn't intend to take the King Blood Spirit Snake's body from Ricky for free. He planned to exchange the Treasures from Heaven and Earth at the Sage Level for it.

"Okay, let's end in a draw. Anyway, you have decided to exchange a Treasure from Heaven and Earth at the Sage Level for it." Ricky nodded and smiled.

They restrained their momentums at once. When there was no conflict of interest, they were trusted friends to each other.

Without any hesitation, Gerry took out the Treasure from Heaven and Earth at the Sage Level to exchange it with Ricky.

It was a Heavenly Spiritual Fruit.


hat signified some kind of resonance turbulence.

Gerry was slack-jawed, as he watched this fantastic phenomenon.

'Just as I thought! My blood power is resonating with his, so it must have something to do with the Giant blood power, ' Ricky thought to himself.

Boom! Suddenly, both of their eyes widened when Ricky's blood essence tried to devour Gerry's blood essence.

Ricky quickly took it back before it could succeed.

"Gerry, do you understand now why I asked you about this?" Ricky asked as he looked at the stunned Gerry.

"It seems that your blood power is of the same branch with the Giant blood power. But why is your blood power still hidden? You are almost at the demi-spiritual emperor realm, but it has not awakened yet," the Dragon Intent Grass said doubtfully.

Inside the Massacring Zone, Tina was also confused because she knew that the Holy Three-Saber had said that Ricky's blood power was terrifying.

However, the Giant blood power was only a very ordinary one in the whole continent.

So why did Ricky's blood power and the Giant blood power resonate?

Gerry was in a daze, and he only seemed to come to his senses when he heard Ricky's question. He looked at Ricky with surprise, disbelief, and excitement in his eyes.

"I'm so lucky to meet you, Kenney!" Gerry suddenly exclaimed, and he looked ecstatic.

"What do you mean?" Ricky asked, utterly confused.

"Kenney, just now, your blood essence was going to devour mine, right?" Gerry asked expectantly.

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