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   Chapter 1004 Gerry

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After Ricky had used the Furnace of Heaven and Earth to suppress the King Blood Spirit Snake, he formed an array with his hands, and he activated the Shadowy Emperor Replication to produce two Shadowy Replications. As soon as the two Shadowy Replications appeared, they activated the Space-shrinking Pace and arrived at the other side of the furnace.

The final strike was launched in the blink of an eye. They used the Furnace of Heaven and Earth as the medium, and they merged with it and launched a sneak attack from behind the King Blood Spirit Snake.

This sneak attack was effective and fatal.

There were two reasons that it proved effective. The first reason was that the King Blood Spirit Snake didn't have psychic intelligence, and it only cared about the opponent that it could see and ignored everything else. Its fatal weakness was knowing nothing but killing other creatures.

The second reason was that Ricky's Space-shrinking Pace was too strong for the King Blood Spirit Snake, as it was a technique that was effective even for warriors that were more powerful than Ricky. The King Blood Spirit Snake, which had no psychic intelligence, was helpless before it.

And with these two reasons, the King Blood Spirit Snake inevitably died.

All the gravity and power of the Blood Devil faded away inside the Furnace of Heaven and Earth until only the corpse of the King Blood Spirit Snake was left. Before it, Ricky stood like an avenging angel with not even a speck of dirt on him after such a hard battle.

At the same time, Soar and the others' battle also came to an end.

"Ha-ha, Ricky, we have gained a lot this time, and in less than three days, we already obtained three hundred Blood Spirit Beads. If things continue like this, we will all have the core qualification with no problems!" Soar said excitedly after he collected the bodies of the Blood Spirit Snakes.


Suddenly, huge soles appeared from out of nowhere and crashed down towards the Furnace of Heaven and Earth.

Almost everyone was taken by surprise, except for Ricky who had already expected this to happen. He swiftly activated the Chaotic Fire Zone, and then both the Furnace of Heaven and Earth and the corpse of the King Blood Spirit Snake were taken into the zone, while the two Shadowy Replications merged with Ricky's real body. Flames swept all over them and turned into a pillar of light, and it hit the top in the guise of a fireball.

Boom! A deafening explosion sounded with the collision, and Ricky and the unknown figure were both thrown into the distance.

They landed on their feet steadily, a few meters away at the same time. The owner of the soles was a young man, who seemed to be a bit older than Ricky, but his body was as big as a mountain.

He was a real gian

lided. Gerry's body trembled like a mountain shook by earthquakes, and then the whole area was occupied by the gravitation world.

In that instant, Ricky felt like gravity had increased a thousand times, and his body grew heavy and difficult to move, which made his attacks slower and easier to dodge. The difference in his speed was minute, but it could still prove fatal for him, as a single second of weakness could lead to his defeat.

'Although the gravitation power is simple and crude, it is indeed one of the most powerful offensive skills, ' Ricky thought to himself. 'The gravitation power that Gerry released is much more complicated than that of the King Blood Spirit Snake.

Especially since he uses gravity to limit my speed, which is quite smart, but unfortunately...'


At the moment, while Ricky was being suppressed by the strong gravity, Gerry launched his strongest move. The Giant blood power broke out again, and his body grew exponentially bigger, while his right hand was clenched tightly into a fist. With this fist that held the strength that could level mountains, he punched Ricky.

Although the attack looked ordinary, the powerful warriors could feel the great gravitation power that it contained. With its power, a warrior could even shatter the whole Small World of a demi-spiritual emperor at a lower grade.

"Kenney, try my powerful Gravitation Fist!" Gerry shouted, full of fighting spirit.

"Let's see if your gravitation can destroy my Chaotic Fire Mutant," Ricky also responded aggressively.

After that, his Chaotic Fire Mutant burst out and turned into the Flame Torrent, which divided into several streams. These streams rushed to the direction of Gerry's huge fist.

Boom! In the next moment, the raging power collided with the gravitation power, and its force drowned out everything in its wake.

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