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   Chapter 1003 The Blood Devil

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"Dragon Intent Grass, why are you hesitating? If you have anything to say to me, just say it!" Ricky spoke with impatience and urged it to speak plainly.

"Okay. When we were in the Dragon Cave, you said that you had seen a Great Dragon. Is that true?" the Dragon Intent Grass asked seriously, and Ricky was greatly surprised to hear such a question. He seemed to be thinking of what he should say, and then he asked, "Dragon Intent Grass, have you found something?"

"Ricky, please answer my question first," the Dragon Intent Grass said, brooking no arguments.

"Well, it seems that I can't hide it from you. After all, you are a Dragon Intent Grass," Ricky said frankly. "Yes, I have seen a Great Dragon, and that Great Dragon is a close friend of mine."

Ricky had an inkling that the Dragon Intent Grass had somehow sensed Soar's identity, and that was why it asked such a question.

He suspected that the Dragon Intent Grass could sense the existence of a Great Dragon, besides the creatures of the Dragon tribe, and it could probably do it better than some Great Dragons.

"I knew it! Soar is a Great Dragon—a Heaven Melting Dragon, isn't he? No wonder his Heaven Melting Fire is so close to the original and the most primitive Heaven Melting Fire," the Dragon Intent Grass exclaimed happily.

"It's unbelievable! I met the Heaven Melting Fire and a Heaven Melting Dragon, one of the five kinds of Great Dragon, here."

Although it had already guessed the possibility, the Dragon Intent Grass still could not help but sigh in astonishment when Ricky admitted it.

"Dragon Intent Grass, I have a lot of questions about the Heaven Melting Dragon tribe to ask you, but it's not the right time for me to do so yet. Let's talk about it after I defeat this King Blood Spirit Snake," Ricky said, cutting off the conversation, so he could redirect their attention back to what was more urgent.

"I understand. I also want to ask you for help later!" the Dragon Intent Grass said.

And so, they suspended that particular topic for the time being.

Ricky didn't dare to underestimate the King Blood Spirit Snake, who was a lower demi-spiritual emperor, so he activated the Chaotic Fire Mutant quickly. He murmured, "Now, I'll let you have a taste of my current fighting power!"

He stood high in the air, and he was followed by the King Blood Spirit Snake, who appeared to cultivate gravitation power. The places that its huge body passed through were smashed into pieces.

Swish! Its thick tail seemed immovable like a mountain, and it swung straight toward Ricky with pure power in a move that could sweep away thousands of enemies.

It was an Omnipotent Sk

ower, while the Blood Devil burst out its moves one after another, as it tried to destroy and escape the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. Unfortunately, nothing happened, and the two sides were locked in a stalemate.

"The Blood Devil evolved by the King Blood Spirit Snake is so powerful. It can even resist the suppression of my Furnace of Heaven and Earth!" Ricky remarked loudly, as he learned during this confrontation that the Furnace of Heaven and Earth wasn't enough to help him kill the King Blood Spirit Snake.

"The strength of this King Blood Spirit Snake is on par with yours, and the strength of the Blood Devil includes the real evil spirit, so you can't defeat both of them in one move," the Dragon Intent Grass said.

"I think you need to put more strength behind your attacks to defeat the King Blood Spirit Snake."

"Dragon Intent Grass, I did want to have a good fight with the King Blood Spirit Snake, but now the situation has changed. I can't spend too much time and energy on this King Blood Spirit Snake," Ricky said in a flat tone.

"Ha-ha, it seems that your sensibility is indeed extraordinary. You have sensed it as well?" the Dragon Intent Grass asked in a smiling tone.

"Cut the crap. If I had poor senses, I would have died millions of times already," Ricky said bluntly.

Then he stopped talking nonsense and concentrated on the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. The King Blood Spirit Snake was so powerful that the power of the Furnace of Heaven and Earth was not enough to fully suppress it, much to Ricky's frustration.

Fortunately, this King Blood Spirit Snake didn't have psychic intelligence, so it knew nothing about battle tactics or techniques. As a result, although they had equal strength, Ricky thought that he could easily kill it.

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