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   Chapter 1002 Blood Spirit Beast

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"Don't worry. There was once a passageway here. It was chaotic, like the original form of space. Despite the passageway not being here any longer, the middle spiritual emperors are still unable to detect it," the Evil Mandragora explained.

"Even if they deploy an array here, they can only control and monitor all the things that happened outside. However, they aren't capable of seeing what's going on here."

"That's good news!" Ricky exclaimed.

As a daughter of a holy being, Hannah was cultivating in the Divine Manor and had the ability to refine the divine power. Even though she was still unable to use such great power at the moment, with her talent and the divine power she had refined, she made tremendous progress in a short time.

By now, she had reached the level of a lower grade demi-spiritual emperor at its peak.

In fact, the Evil Mandragora was not Ricky's only ace in the hole for Hannah was also his best-kept secret.

"Sure enough, I kind of like this place. It suits me, don't you think?" The Evil Mandragora emerged in the air. Shaking herself lightly, she greedily absorbed all the evil spirit and blood vitality in the passageway that she could get her hands on.

Suddenly, she smelled the precious fragrance of blood from all the blood vitality that she had absorbed, which in turn, made her clear eyes transform into bloody red out of excitement. Driven by such a strong desire and love for blood, the Evil Mandragora could not help but lick her lips in anticipation.

"Hey, Evil Mandragora!" Knowing what was happening to the Evil Mandragora, Ricky called her attention and reminded her solemnly of what she was not supposed to do.

Upon hearing Ricky's warning, the Evil Mandragora seemed to have awakened from her trance and tried to control her craving for blood.

"Evil Mandragora, help me look for the Blood Spirit Beasts, and as a reward, I promise to give you their corpses," Ricky added.

He really wished that the Evil Mandragora could refrain from absorbing blood. However, he also understood the fact that it would take her a lot of effort and time to achieve such abstinence. As a solution, he decided to allow her to suck blood less often than to make her quit her habit all at once.

"Wait, are you really serious about that, Kenney?" the Evil Mandragora asked in disbelief upon hearing what Ricky had promised her.

Due to the presence of the disciples of the Hong Clan around them, the Evil Mandragora called him Kenny instead of referring to his real name, Ricky.

On the other hand, the Blood Spirit Beasts, condensed by the evil spirit and blood vitality from powerful warriors, helped the Evil Mandragora with her cultivation. With this, she could refine the absorbed blood and use it to strengthen her power.

"Oh, come on. Why would I even lie to you?" Ricky said.

group of python-shaped Blood Spirit Beasts that gathered in a dark valley to breed.

The strongest one in the group was a two-hundred-meter long python, whose body looked like a hill due to its size. 'This must be a King Blood Spirit Snake with the power of a lower grade demi-spiritual emperor, ' Ricky thought.

Hiss! At that moment, Ricky and his companions were immediately surrounded by the Blood Spirit Snakes as soon as they arrived.

"Soar, Amanda, I'll deal with the King Blood Spirit Snake while you two go and handle the rest of them," Ricky said hastily as they had no time to lose.

"I see. Great! I can finally have a good fight here today!" Soar replied with glee. All of a sudden, the Heaven Melting Fire in his body instantly surged out, transforming into phantoms of fire dragons and finally condensing into the Dragon Battle Technique.

On the other hand, Amanda, Amelia, and the other disciples of the Hong Clan had been concentrating on the fight and doing their parts as well.

"Good!" Ricky nodded slightly. At that moment, he flew in the air and hovered on the King Blood Spirit Snake. Intentionally, he broke out his power to provoke it badly.

Roar! But the savage Blood Spirit Beast was not able to stand Ricky's taunt. As soon as Ricky's momentum fell on its head, the King Blood Spirit Snake roared violently, activating one of its most powerful killing blows.

Boom! Meanwhile, Soar transformed eight dragons and charged into the group of the Blood Spirit Snakes. At that moment, Soar did not waste any time as he started to kill them one by one mercilessly.

What Soar used against these beasts was the best choice. After all, the Heaven Melting Fire was the best weapon to handle the Blood Spirit Beasts.

"Ricky, I just have a question to ask you, and I hope you can answer it honestly." The Dragon Intent Grass's voice echoed at this moment.

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